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Welcome to day 4, where we’re going to talk about the second manifesting ritual, which is developing a connection to source.

Connection is vital to attracting money and whatever else you desire quickly.

Why Developing A Connection To Source Is Important


When you are truly connected, you can access the source of “infinite creation”. Being able to connect and live in the moment is essential.

In fact, connecting to and tapping into the source of infinite creation is the most beneficial thing that you can do to quickly multiply your manifesting money power.

Repeat this aloud to yourself, and let it sink in.

If you develop the ability to connect and tap into the source of “infinite creation” you can quickly multiply your manifesting power.

Manifesting Power

I am actually going to tell you exactly how you can connect with this source of creation quickly.

But first, let’s talk about the opposite of connection, that can hinder your progress.

How does it NOT work?


The Negative Opposite of Connection will force you to be cut off from the flow of what you desire.

It will isolate you from the source of everything and will take you out of the state of being where everything is possible.

  • This negative opposite often presents itself in the form of constricted breathing.
  • You will feel panicked, like you are in it alone and that no one is supporting you.

When you are feeling these things, refrain from judging yourself or criticizing the way you are feeling.

Instead, say the following out loud:

“I am now going to let myself effortlessly redefine how I connect with the infinite source of creation.”

Also, be aware of how you are breathing and if you are beginning to feel as though you are alone.


When these symptoms of doubt and isolation begin to show themselves again, then you can take five minutes to shift your attention away from them and focus on being connected again.

That simple shift is exactly what we are going to talk about in Ritual #2:

Ritual 2: Staying Connected


You are going to practice Ritual #2 immediately after you finish your Morning Gratitude.

The Gratitude that was focused on during the first ritual will put you in a receptive state to quickly tap into your infinite source of creation, and following it up with ritual #2

(which should be practiced immediately after you finish your Morning Gratitude) will carry that momentum.

How does this ritual work?


I’m going to walk you through a meditation/visualization that can help you to connect, or you can even create your own.

Before you begin this walking meditation, it’s important to make sure that you are completely comfortable, and that you won’t be disturbed.

Once you have assured that you can meditate without any distractions, allow yourself to feel the state of gratitude that you are in from your morning gratitude ritual.

Meditation session:

After you’ve reconnected to this state of gratitude, you will then begin focusing on your breath.

  • Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly.
  • Do this three times.

Imagine that, with each inhale, you are breathing in energy and warmth and letting go of all of the positivity with each exhale.

As you do this, picture that there is an infinite source of energy flowing into the top of your head.

Infinite source of energy

Feel this energy as it wraps around your spine and drifts down your body.

Feel it as it moves down your limbs and into your hands and feet.

Allow for the heat from this energy to envelope you, and feel it fill your chest and encircle your heart.


It fills your lungs and stomach and, once you can feel it in your entire being, it shoots downward into the center of the earth.

It picks up speed as it dives through the earth’s layers, then is reflected back upward toward you once it has reached the very core of the planet.

It enters each of your body’s systems once more, enveloping it in an energetic warmth, into your limbs, into your chest, and then streaming upward from the top of your head.

Now I want to you acknowledge that the energy is drifting down to you from above and below, and is flowing through you.

You are conducting the Universal energy, and allowing for it to connect you to the infinite source.

Energy is pouring into you as well as from you.

You now feel the abundance, and are aware of the fact that you are a part of the beautiful and powerful cycle of energy.

  • Feel how Connected you now are.
  • Feel how grounded you have become.
  • Feel the energy pulsate as you take each breath in and be aware of just how connected you really are.

Once you have achieved this state of connectedness,

I want you to breathe in and out 3 times to end the meditation session.

When you are ready to do so, open your eyes.

What if it doesn’t work right away?

Tomorrow morning you will be adding this ritual to the one that you learned yesterday.

This means that your current daily ritual will be around 10 minutes at this point. In those few minutes, you will have been able to truly connect to your infinite source.

A good number of the people that I have provided this information to have told me that they were able to attract money or whatever it is they really wanted or needed after just integrating these first 2 exercises into their daily routine.

Final words

These exercises act as a foundation for the other exercises, in essence, because they allow for you to begin manifesting positivity and power.

However, the next 3 exercises are just as important.

See also the previous lessons Positive intentionsGratitude is the attitude and gratitude training lessons.

You will find that they are more advanced, and are intended to take you to the next level faster than you ever thought possible.

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