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You’ve been thinking about money attraction and learning how to use law of attraction for money for a while now.

  • But after watching a new inspirational manifesting method everyday on Youtube and Facebook you are now, mentally, and emotionally confused.
  • In your “free time” during the week and on weekends, the last thing you feel energized is to try to get your head around this.

What if I told you that by reading this single blog post, you could double your understanding, get clear on what actually works, and finally start attracting more money using law of attraction?

All you have to do is align your mental, and emotional knowing by taking action throughout the day.

When you do this, you achieve what many manifestors refer to as “manifesting”.

But first…

What is money attraction


Money and money attraction is a tricky thing.

It’s not tangible, it doesn’t show up in your physical world the same way that other things do – and yet it has an enormous effect on us.

Money comes from somewhere but many of us don’t really know where.

And there are so many myths about money:

  • You can tell how much someone earns by what they wear;
  • People who have lot of money are greedy;
  • Rich people think they’re better than everyone else-

to name just three!

The truth is that money does come into our lives in different ways, and we can learn to recognize those opportunities when they arise, as well as make conscious decisions about how we spend our hard earned cash.

Dreammaker will teach you everything you need to know about money attraction.

What if you had the skill to attract money?

How would you feel if you could attract all the money and opportunities that are out there for you?

Do you wish life was easier, more pleasant, and less stressful?

If so, then the Law of Attraction is for YOU.

You can use this powerful law to magnetize your desired situation into your reality.  This means getting what we want in our lives without having to work hard or take huge risks.

We just need to have faith that it will happen!
The best way to learn about how the Law of Attractions works is by reading a book like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or watching a documentary called What The Bleep Do We Know!?

3 Common Money Manifesting Blocks


DreamMaker is a company that helps manifestors get unstuck and moving forward.

One of the most common blocks are money blocks.

Money blocks can be frustrating, but they’re not impossible to overcome.

In this blog post we’ll explore three common manifestations of money blocks and how to overcome them: lack of resources, fear of failure, lack of belief in oneself.

Before we get into that, I want to refer to a previous related article…

Money blocks be a scary words to you (it is to me too!) but it’s actually very easy to get rid of them though almost every newbeginner is doing it wrong.

The previous post talked the meaning of manifestation and the 3 common money manifesting blocks.

Now that we’ve covered the 3 money blocks that you should avoid when trying to attract money, let’s talk about the the 3 key steps to becoming a magnet magnet, which are the 3 money attractors.

3 Law of Attraction Money Secrets

These three essential steps will allow for you to step out of your comfort zone and go against your natural instinct, which can give you the power to attract anything more money.

Here is an in depth look at each of the 3 money attractors factors that you should commit to memory today.

So that you will be able to achieve success (attract money) as quickly as possible:

Secret 1: Gratitude


Though it may seem like a rather strange concept.

Having the ability to be grateful can enable you to become wealthy in every aspect of your life.

So, regardless of how bad things might seem at the present moment, set down this book for just a moment and start being grateful for at least one positive thing in your life.

Each and every one of us has something to be grateful about.

Even if you are sitting here right now, thinking to yourself: “I have absolutely nothing to be grateful for.


I’m late in paying my bills and my rent is past due.

How can I possibly be grateful?”

I am going to give you one very convincing reason why right now-because, if you aren’t grateful, nothing in your life is ever going to change.

In fact, if you choose to show gratitude when you feel as though you are at your lowest point, we gain the power to transform your life. Everything that you are experiencing now should be thought of as a life lesson.

One of your main goals now is to try and see the good in absolutely everything, rather than the downside.


No matter how bad things seem to be right now, I can guarantee that there are at least four things that you are grateful for.

As a matter of fact, I’d like for you to sit down right now and write out four key things that make you feel grateful.

Rather than reflect upon how bad your situation is, why not take the time and make the effort to think about the good in your life.

What do you have to be grateful for?

Though you may be tempted to say “absolutely nothing”, as most people would, resist that urge and jot down the four things that are great about your life, and that you feel lucky to have.

Perhaps your old car?


Now, I know that this exercise may be making some of you feel a bit aggravated, and that’s alright.

However, don’t let your frustration get the better of you. Instead, take a few moments to really reflect on your life, and find things to be grateful for.

Once you discover one or two things, you will begin to see that there are a myriad of things that should bring about gratitude.

For example, are you alive right now? (I know the answer to this, but just think about it.

Even life itself is worth being grateful for:

  • Can you read and write?
  • Can you laugh and talk with others?
  • Can you sense the world around you, smell the fragrances in the air, and taste your favorite foods?
  • Are you loved, or are you offering love to someone else?

These are all simple questions, with simple answers.

However, they can change your perception of life, because they can open your eyes to the idea that there is always something to feel fortunate and grateful for.

You have to begin turning to focus to more positive things in your life and to become a positive person.


When you are able to focus on the good, then you achieve the ability to remedy the bad. So, be grateful!

After you’ve written that list of five things that you are grateful for, I want you to then go through that list and ask yourself why you are grateful for those particular things.

Asking why will enable you to shift your focus, and open you up to the feelings of gratitude that you are meant to feel. Then you should be thankful for each of those things on your list.

In fact say “thank you” for them aloud.


Be specific.

For example, if you’ve listed that you are grateful for your home, say:

“I am grateful for my beautiful home. Thank you”.

Doing this simple exercise will give you the opportunity to transform your perception and stop thinking about – what you don’t have by concentrating on what you do.

If you focus on these things, then you will be able to attract more positivity, rather than focusing on what you lack.

Remember that you attract what you concentrate on most.

Secret 2: Giving


You may find it odd that giving would be mentioned on a list of key things that you need to do when trying to attract wealth, but it’s here for a very important reason:

The key to receiving is giving.

Whether we are talking about an individual, a company or even a government, we all must give in order to receive what we truly need or want.

The ones that give the most are also the ones who receive the most.

When you meet a wealthy successful person, chances are that they have given a great deal in order to get to where they are today.

They have focused on giving, in fact, rather than taking.


Perhaps, they have created jobs for others. Which is also a form of giving.

This is why they have so much.

Likewise, if you run into someone who has stolen to get where they are, you will usually find that they are only going to be successful temporarily, and will lose all of the wealth that they have achieved.

To incorporate this key principle into your life:
Just remember one thing in particular: the quickest way to get what you want is to give it away first.


When you need more, give of what you want.

Whatever you feel like you need in life, give it to someone else, and you will notice that you will receive it or something of equal value in turn.

I know that you are probably asking yourself right about now:

How can I give something away if I don’t have it?

Well, just remember that this doesn’t even necessarily have to be about money.

What can you give?

  • You can give away your time
  • You can give away your attention
  • Give your knowledge
  • Give away your advice, experience, and so much more.

If you want more of a particular thing, just give it away and you will receive it in time.

To make things more straightforward, let’s go over the main principles that will help you to give, so that you may receive:

Secret 3: Make a difference


Try to give away 10 percent of what you earn each month (or as much as you can spare).

Give it to someone who needs it more, such as a poverty stricken individual or a charity.

Give as much as you can as often as you can, so that you can get more in return. Remember that the idea is giving more to receive more.

The Abundance mindset

Give it away and then move on.

Let go of it.

Don’t dwell on it or expect anything in return.


If you are planning on giving money, then go and give it, without expecting money to come flowing back at your right away. Never give just to get, as this simply won’t work.

Also, don’t try to keep proving or disproving that this law of attraction works. You are just limiting yourself.

Just trust in the fact that, if you constrict yourself you are blocking the flow, and if you are giving you are opening the floodgates of abundance and opening yourself up to receive.

Be Open to Inspired Thoughts and Take Action


Once you have given something away, you must be on the lookout for the inspired thought that will come.

This will usually take the shape of an idea that will help you to attract what you want or need. After you’ve received this thought, then you must follow through and take action.

Don’t sit and wait around for the money/positivity/love to come to you.

It may be difficult to fathom that giving can lead to receiving, but it’s true. Just go out and try it for yourself, and see how it can transform your life!

Generating money.

When you set out to attract money or whatever it is you desire into your life, you must be committed to generating a vibration of positive abundance.

In order to do this, you must ensure that your energy attracts the same levels of energy.

Remember that like attracts like.

It’s crucial that you understand that you have to try your very best to make yourself feel positive and good each moment of the day.

This can be easier said than done for most, however.

After all, when you need money quickly, many of us tend to panic or feel anxious.

So, how can we expect to generate positive vibrations and energy if we feel desperate.

And that is the most important question, and one which I have an answer for.

When you find that you are feeling negative
I want you to tell yourself:

Right now I may not be in a good place emotionally, but what can I feel grateful about at this very moment?

So, instead of trying to talk yourself into feeling better, just focus on something that you feel a great sense of gratitude toward.

For example, try to focus on the friends that you have in your life, or the travels that you’ve had.


Think about the last time that you laughed, or a great moment in your childhood.

Think about the good times in your life, so that you can change your perspective.

In fact, right down the good times as they happen.

Each day, sit down and write about one great thing that happened, and put it aside.


When you feel as though you are feeling negative, look at one of the things that you’ve written and feel grateful for it. Remember how you felt, the sensations, and how great life seemed then.

Once you changed your emotional and mental state for a few seconds, you have begun to shift your outlook.

Everything negative that you were attracting can the be transformed into everything positive that you want to attract.

Essentially, they key to attraction is not changing the things that are making you feel bad, like not having enough money to pay for something, but allowing yourself to feel positive about something in your life.


This will give you the power to have a positive mindset
So that you can attract the things that you want or need.

Just as a frame of reference, let’s talk a closer look at how this can work:

You are feeling bad about the fact that you don’t have money.

However, now you know that you have the power to attract money if you shift your focus.

So, you think about what makes you grateful.

The “old you” would have tried to change your thoughts to feel more positive about money itself.

The “new you” knows better though, and understands that trying to think more positively about money would just lead to frustration.

Therefore, you focus on being grateful for other things in your life, and can then gain the ability to put out positive energy.

Conclusion about money attraction


Using the law of attraction for money is 100 percent doable  but, in order to do so, you must work on ALL 3 core secrets in this post.

  1. Law of Attraction Money Secrets
  2. Secret 1: Gratitude
  3. What do you have to be grateful for?
  4. Even life itself is worth being grateful for:
  5. Secret 2: Giving
  6. What can you give?
  7. Secret 3: Make a difference
  8. The Abundance mindset
  9. Be Open to Inspired Thoughts and Take Action

The law of attraction states that you manifest what you are focused on.

As a result, focusing on not having money will just increase the worry and frustration that comes from not having money.

In essence, focusing on feeling bad about your financial situation will just increase the feelings that come along with the realization that you don’t have money.

The universe isn’t concerned about what your focus is, just what energy and vibration you are putting out.

This means that your main priority should always be to stay in a positive state.

Frequently asked questions about money attraction

Does Law of Attraction work for money?

You can use the Law of Attraction to attract anything you want, including money. Most people have mental blocks and limiting beliefs around money and wealth. So if you can work yourself around the blocks, you’ll find that you can attract what you want, including money.

What is the fastest way to attract money?

There is no better way to attract money or manifest your desires than thinking about them in the vibration of love. What are some ways you can do this? Pay attention every time you have a negative thought and replace it with with gratitude for having it right now. For example, when you don’t have the money, instead of feeling down, shift into the feeling of gratitude. Be grateful that you have it. Try to stay with this feeling as long as you can, every day.

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Petri Maatta

Petri Maatta is a photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner who has been working for over 20 years in the creative industry. Fascinated by manifesting for business reasons, Petri was determined to find out what it took to create success. He started his career with seven years of business failures before he found success by learning about manifesting from a mentor with a Fortune 500 company. Today Petri shares his knowledge through DreamMaker courses designed to help people change their businesses and lives while living on their terms.

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