DreamMaker makes it easy to bring your ideas to life

Our goal is to streamline the process of developing your dreams so you can focus on making the most successful business possible

Gamification poured into every lesson

Read, Listen, Choose

Each lesson includes a variety of quizzes, multiple choice challenges and explanations of both the right and the wrong answers

In-Lesson Education

Instantly see which answers you get correct; when you make a mistake, we will quickly show you how to correct and improve yourself

Personal Magnetism Count

DreamMaker motivates you to stay on track by recording your daily, weekly and monthly progress on your scale of consciousness and attraction powers


Hearts keep your lessons alive! You lose them when you answer incorrectly. When you're out of hearts, start over and try again

The best new way to learn the law of attraction

The best new way to learn
the law of attraction

Learning to achieve your goals with DreamMaker is fun, addictive and highly beneficial for your business and every area of your life. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are super effective, and we have proof that it works.

Learn anytime, anywhere

With DreamMaker, not only can you create and edit your goals on your mobile phone, but you can also access your projects on your tablet and desktop computer, allowing you to focus on your lessons where you need to, and when you need to.

Learn anytime, anywhere. Commuter on train.
Organize your thoughts

Organize your thoughts.

Never worry about having too many ideas or losing track. DreamMaker's Organizer feature allows you to categorize your progress so that you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

128 bit SSL encryption

We take your privacy seriously. That's why we’ve integrated 128 bit SSL encryption into our website. It’s the most powerful security system available. Your ideas and data are safe with us.

128 bit SSL encryption
Fast starter

Fast starter

DreamMaker makes it easy to retake a lesson as often as necessary, so that you really learn and understand the information and eventually learn how to manifest like a master.

Virtual coach

DreamMaker ensures your flow does not get interrupted. The app keeps you accountable for your goals by ensuring you get notified to log in on a daily basis.

Virtual coach - Reminders
Time management

Effective time management

Allow your breaks and commutes become more productive with the use of our iOS and Android apps. Download them and see how your progress improves quickly.

Backup sync

Never worry about losing your progress or working from different devices. Every change you make will be automatically synced to your DreamMaker account. We support JPG, PNG, and BMP.

Backup sync of website data