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Welcome to day five, where you’ll learn about Manifesting Ritual #3, which is all about Positive Intentions.

Why do I need positive intention?

It is important to be intentional with your thoughts because they can affect the way you interact with others and how successful you are in life. Our intentions are like a filter that either blocks or helps things through, so if we aren’t being mindful of this filter then our negative thoughts will hinder us from achieving success.

The opposite of positive intention

A vast majority of the people that you meet each day are actually doing the exact opposite of positive intention.

In fact, probably only 1 percent of the people on this planet are actually using positive intention to get what they want.

No Positive Intentions For The Day


Positive Intentions For The Day

This means that 99 percent of us are waking up each day with absolutely no intention for the day.

Or they don’t have any idea of how the things that they are about to do, throughout the day, is going to impact their lives:

Do me a favor and ask yourself the following questions…

  • At the end of each day, do you sit and wonder where all of your time went?
  • Does it seem as though your to-do list is getting longer each day, rather than shorter?
  • Do you feel as though you constantly have trouble focus and get knocked off course easily throughout the day?

If so then, like many of us, you too suffer from a lack of positive intention.

Don’t worry or criticize yourself for it, just let it go and tell yourself: “I will now allow myself to easily redefine how I use my positive intention with the infinite source of energy and creation”.

Allowing yourself to have a clear positive intention will give you the power to manifest anything you desire, especially if you do the first 2 exercises that I’ve already outlined before moving onto this ritual every day.


Clear Positive Intention

This is because the first 2 exercises raise your vibrational energy, while this positive intention ritual gives you the ability to multiply your manifesting power ten fold.

If I told you that I could help you to do this with a simple 5 minute exercise, would you want to learn about it?

Of course you would (who wouldn’t, right?).

The question is, however, why is it, exactly, that you want to learn about these daily exercises and integrate them into your life?

If you could master these exercises and use them on a daily basis, what would change in your life?


And, more importantly, why is everything so different now that you know these exercises?

In other words, if you’ve tried to do things before and haven’t fully integrated them after you’ve learned them, then why is it different now?

I want you to really think about these questions and feel your answers, be aware of how important this is to the quality of your life .

  • Have a keen awareness of the fact that the quality of your life will be different and you will feel different.
  • Imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you are able to attract more money or whatever else you desire.

Imagine how you will be different.

Use this ‘WHY’ exercise after you read this, so you can start using the third ritual tomorrow morning after your other new daily exercises.

First though, let’s talk about when and how you are going to use the third morning ritual, which is positive intention…

I recommend that you set your intention for both the short and long term.

I am going to walk you through how you can set your long term intention, which consists of many different intentions that you will do each at different times and frequencies.

Here is a reference list of the Intentions, as well as their Frequency and amount of time required, which I will follow up with an in depth walk you through:

Positive Intention Schedule:


Your Ultimate Intention 30 min Yearly
Your Yearly Intention 20 min Review Quarterly
Your Quarterly Intention 15 min Review Monthly
Your Monthly Intention 10 min Review Weekly
Your Weekly Intention 5 min Review Weekly
Your Daily Intention 5 min Every Morning

Take an hour today to set your list of intentions.

Your Ultimate Intention is the intention that will be the overall guiding intention for your entire life.

Your Yearly Intention
Is for the current year only.

Your Quarterly Intention
Is only to be focused on the Quarter you are now in.

Your Monthly Intention
Is the intention for this month only.

Your Weekly Intention
Is for the current week, and tomorrow you will set your Daily Intention.

Review Your Intentions


You’ll notice that I ask that you set aside some review time for each of the intentions, save for the daily intention (which you will be doing each day, so you won’t need to review it).

It may be a good idea to get out your schedule book right now and set aside time for each of the reviews.

For example, block off 15 minutes each week when you can review your weekly and monthly intentions.

In the grand scheme of things, 15 minutes each week to review the intentions is very minimal, especially since it will help to boost your manifesting power.

Now that we’ve set the schedule, let’s talk about what I really mean when I say “intention”.

When I say that you should set your “intention”, I’m not just asking you to list what you want to accomplish.

I am asking you to state how you intend to be


I want you to write down how you intend to:

  • Feel
  • Give your focus to
  • Spend your time doing

And ask yourself “why?” for all of the answers that you give.

I’d like for you to list every reason why you have the intentions that you do, because is is the “why” that is going to be the driving force behind your intentions.

When you set your Ultimate, Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Intentions, keep in mind that each intention should include the following things:

  • Area of focus
  • Emotions/feelings
  • Connections

Don’t just list the outcomes.

What you will, undoubtedly discover, is that your emotions/feelings, connections and the way that you want to be will remain consistent across the board, with all of the intentions.

You’ll also find that the areas of your life that will shift the most, are the areas that you intend to choose to focus on.

Below I’ve included a sample Daily Intention that I use every day.

Despite the fact that is my daily intention, a vast majority of it is also included in my Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Ultimate Intentions as well.

Therefore, once you set your Ultimate Intention, the only things that you are really going to have to change are specific areas of focus that you have for each period of time.

Also, if you notice that you need to adjust your intentions along the way, then feel free to do so.

This why I’ve suggested these review times.

As you start doing these daily exercises, you will find that you will gain momentum, and that you are ready to put your focus on things much sooner than you thought.

You may also discover that you want to keep adding to the way that you want to feel and be.

So, even though the reviews won’t take a great deal of time, they are extremely important.

This is because the reviews will allow for you to keep your intentions congruent with the growth you are experiencing in various aspects of your life, such as your:

  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • And Success

Here is an example of a Daily Intention that you can reference when creating your own:

“Today it is my intention to live my life with joy and abundance, and to see the opportunities that are before. I intend to see the chances for making money, achieving success and finding happiness in all that is around me today.  I intend to to say “Yes” to all that life has to offer,  and to consciously shift my focus to what I want out of my life whenever I feel myself losing sight of what is important. I intend to carry out at least one act today that enables me to become a magnet for what I desire.  I intend to carry out at least one act today that enables me to build my business.  I intend to carry out at least one act today that enables me to improve my relationships.  I intend to carry out at least one act today that enables me to enhance my health. “

I intend to carry out at least one act today that enables me to use my creativity.

I intend to carry out at least one act today that enables me to enhance my connection with the source.

This is my intention, for the goodwill of all – so let it be!”

Feel the power behind what you are saying regarding each of your intentions. Place your intention in a place where you can get to it quickly. Then, if you feel that you aren’t acting in a way that is in line with your intentions, you can use your intention to get back on course.

If you follow through with this, you will be amazed at the transformations that take place in your life.

Ritual 3 is the last morning Ritual


The next two exercises will be done in the evening.

That means that you each morning you just have to spend 15 minutes to attract more money, and everything that you truly desire.

Here’s what you should do next:

Instead of just thinking about doing this…actually do it! You have the power to transform your life in just 15 minutes.

But you actually have to follow through.

You will begin noticing changes right away.

However the BIG changes will begin to show up over time.

That’s why you have to commit to doing the exercises for the next 14 days.

They key is committing to these exercises, without looking for any results right away.

When the results do come your way, you will notice them, but won’t be looking out for them.

If you do it this way, you can speed up the entire process!

Frequently asked questions

What are some examples of intentions?

To get you started, here are some examples of clear intentions you can set:

  • I intend to lead by example.
  • I intend to love unconditionally.
  • I intend to stop taking things personally.
  • I intend to manifest happiness naturally.
  • I intend to see the goodness around me.
  • I intend to be kind even when under pressure.

What is a positive intention?

Positive intention means that people decide emotionally on what they want to experience and they take action on it because it’s important to them. Seeing things from this perspective, we might be more understanding of people’s choices, rather than being overly critical of what seems to be their unreasonable behavior.

What is a daily intention?

Set daily intentions by visualizing the day ahead of you. See your path from start to finish, and commit yourself to living that way. You can adopt daily intentions that put you in a positive head space and help to frame your goals.

What does set an intention mean?

Intentions are what you set out to do. They promise an outcome or end result that will lead your life in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful. When you focus on a goal like travel, your intention is clear. You can take pride in the knowledge of what you’re doing and why.

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