Is it possible to manifest money?

If you have been practicing the law of attraction, then you know it has the power to influence your life in a positive manner. The law is highly dependent on your emotions, attitudes, beliefs, dominants thoughts, and subconscious. If you have a strong desire to achieve a certain goal in life, all your senses are going to be focused on that thought resulting in an increase in your energy field.

This is why we find some of the most brilliant minds in science and theology insisting that we must always pay attention to the invisible side of life. Our predominant mental attitude is the primary cause of most everything that comes into our lives, and the sooner we realize this truth, the sooner we shall begin to improve our lives and progress.

You don’t even have to view this as the abstract spiritual law but rather as basic psychology. The moment you want to achieve something, all your energy is going to be focused on it hence improving the chances of making it a reality. You can use the Law of Attraction to attract almost anything.

The highest number of people who practice the law of attraction is motivated by money followed by the manifestation of love. When you can manifest almost anything using the law, there are a few setbacks that prevent many people from attracting abundance and prosperity in their lives. One of the most common hindrances is the way people perceive money.

It is common to view money as a source of stress and getting rid of this anxiety is not easy. Once you have negative thoughts about money, the law of attraction works against you instead of for you. You end up repelling money instead of attracting it. However, you can use the following tips to help you manifest abundance.
Ask Yourself Why You Need the Money For

When you think of abundance, it should be more than having your bank accounts filled with money and your statements reading more deposits than withdrawals. You need to get rid of the 5 beliefs that cause negative attraction in your business. You instead want to have certain goals that money will help you achieve the abundance you need such as buying a new house or a car, save for your kid’s college education, pay off your debt or pay for a vacation to a destination of your choice. Having a definite goal that you want to use the money on helps divert all your energy into achieving that goal. The more goals you have, the more energy you release to help you work towards achieving them. When your energy is directed towards something, nature will find a way to bring that thing your way.

Have a Definite Amount of Money that You Need
When manifesting money, you need to have a definite amount of money that you need in order to achieve your goals. For instance, if you want the money to buy a new house, ask yourself how much this will cost you. Buying a house doesn’t need millions of dollars and hence you will have a specific target where you will direct your energy. Once you know how much you need, come up with a plan how you are going to achieve that goal. Manifesting abundance requires you to be more specific about your needs rather than generalizing that you want to achieve abundance.

Let Go of the Limiting Beliefs
The reason many people find it hard to manifest abundance is that they have all these limiting beliefs about money. For instance, the most common beliefs that make it hard for the Law of Attraction to work in manifesting money include;

Money is a limited resource

  • You can’t get money unless you work extremely hard
  • There are thin chances of becoming rich
  • If your family is not well-up, there is no way you will be rich
  • The desire to have much money is a sign of selfishness

Money is the root of all evil

When you have all these negative beliefs about money overwhelming your mind, it is hard to attract abundance. Whenever you try to use the law to manifest money, these beliefs will interfere with your energy levels leading to failure of the law. Before you start manifesting money, ensure you have gotten rid of all those beliefs.

Tune your mind into seeing money as a good thing that can give you the financial freedom you have always desired. You don’t need to be too harsh on yourself just because you love money. Your love for money should instead arm you with the energy to work hard and cater to all your needs.

Your life and future aren’t tied to your past or to the family you come from. You have the power to dictate how your life story will be read, you only need to get rid of all the negative beliefs you have been filled with about money.

Act Like You Already Have Money
Just because you don’t have the money you need to achieve your goals doesn’t mean you have to act all poor. One of the basic rules of the Law of Attraction is that like things attract each other. If you want the law to work on your behalf, you need to start acting like you already have the money to do what you want.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you spend the little you have on expensive things. It means that you should start visualizing and planning the amazing holidays you want to go for and also window shopping for the expensive things you want to own once you get the money. This gives you the energy to work hard and get the money to achieve these desires.

Practise Affirmations that Reflect Money in a Positive Way
One way is to change your negative attitude about money by saying affirmations that focus on the positive feelings you will have when you get the money you need. You can develop an attitude as if you already have the money you need to make your life easy. For instance, you can tell yourself, “I am wealthy”, I’m a success, I can do it, or that you can easily afford anything you need or want to make your life comfortable. If you affirm that you attract abundance and prosperity wherever you go, then that’s exactly what is going to happen to you. You just need to know what it is you want the money to do for you and practice affirmations that reflect that and soon you will start seeing the good about money. How to become a more positive person?

Visualise Yourself Enjoying your Financial Freedom
One of the basics to make the Law of Attraction work is by visualizing what you want to achieve. If you want your manifestation of abundance work, you need to imagine yourself enjoying your financial freedom. This visualization helps focus your energy and vibration on getting the money to achieve that life.