Welcome to the Law of attraction guide

Most people are familiar with the law, but few understand its true power and use the law of attraction effectively.

This guide to the law will teach you everything there is to know about using the laws that Rhonda Byrne presented in the Secret to create success for yourself in all aspects of your life!

How science of mind works to help you live life of your dreams:

  • Better physical health
  • Manifesting money and attracting it
  • Manifest your business success
  • Attract love into your life

How to use positive affirmations, and positive energy to effortlessly bring positive things and experiences into your life.

Imagine a world where your every wish was granted. A place with no challenges, only perfect happiness and everything you desired!


The law of attraction states that thoughts become things. If you think positively, then your future will be full with happiness and success; on the other hand if negative thoughts come into mind – bad luck is likely to follow soon after!

You can use the power of your mind to create what you want in life. And it starts with believing that everything is within reach, including great wealth and happiness! Learn the fundamentals first.

You are dreaming of a better life, but what is your plan? The law of attraction will help you manifest anything from this world. Whether it’s money or love–just believe in yourself and watch how quickly things change!

If your set your goals, do your practices, then soon you will start to notice the signs, whether you are close or far from achieving what you want. You can use the power of positive thinking to attract success and happiness in both work life as well as love life.

Visualization exercises are a great way to improve your mental visualization skills. In order for these types of programs work effectively, you need some basic understanding about how they function and what kinds can be used during training.

Learn to create peace of mind, become a magnet to your desires and attract more clients in this chapter. This is the first step to creating peace of mind and attracting more clients.

Negativity is a powerful force in the world. The way you think and feel about yourself can have an effect on other people, which then impacts your interactions with them as well- whether good or bad.

The Law of Attraction is a law that works in your favor—not to mention the millions who have already experienced its benefits. But what if it doesn’t? This chapter will explore why people may not be receiving.

Are you interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction? We’ve got everything here with information on how it works, tools to use for manifesting your desires and so much more!

What is the Law of attraction?

Our modern civilization has a monumental awakening.

We are beginning to connect the dots to successfully play the game of life.

But, thus far, we have been a species that goes through this precious journey called life blindly.

Most of us never fully understand why things happen as they do.

We believe that life is just random, and in our mental, emotional and spiritual immaturity, we’ve assumed that the outside world is the Cause and Effect of our results.

But now, we are beginning to realize that the world of Cause is invisible to the naked eye. Everything we physically see is an effect and projection of subtle yet powerful invisible forces.

Everything we physically see is an effect and projection of subtle yet powerful invisible forces.

Spiritual energy is manifest as physical energy

This is why we find some of the most brilliant minds in science and theology insisting that we must always pay attention to the invisible side of life. Our predominant mental attitude is the Primary Cause of almost everything that comes into our lives, and the sooner we realize this truth, the sooner we shall begin to improve our lives and progress.

If you have made your way to this page, that tells me that you are most definitely looking for some new results in your life, and you already know that the only way to manifest new results successfully is by understanding your inner world.

It took me a long time to figure it out too, and that’s why I am now so passionate about sharing my discovery with you and others like us because the truth is – a rich, successful, freedom-based lifestyle is your birthright.

Today, I will show you exactly how to manifest all your heart desires

And the best way to approach this is through the true understanding of this wonderful Law of attraction.


Because understanding the power that you have to shape your life thanks to this precise and unfailing principle made quite famous over recent years, it will be your golden ticket to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Many programs on the web today offer many bold and often false promises about how you can get rich quickly, lose weight fast, etc.

Fortunately, this isn’t one of those online schemes.

I am simply giving you a rich, high-value mini-course on a law that is immutable, unfailing, and just as precise as any of the common laws of science and mathematics.

So this isn’t something I have invented; this is a universal “secret that I am simply presenting to you in an easy to understand format to empower you to become more successful, to feel and enjoy the magic that is all around us so you can learn to tap into the riches of the universe and create your dream lifestyle.

If you have a desire for something, you have the power to bring it to life no matter how big the desire is.

It is the power and benefit that comes with aligning with the Law of attraction.

Is the Law of attraction true, and should you care about it really?

There’s a lot of confusion around the Law of attraction. Many are wondering if it’s just some artificial “marketing” hype, if it works and whether one has a choice over “using it or not.”

So let’s start with a little clarification:

My guess is being here implies you’re already familiar with the topic and want to dig in deeper and make it work for you, OR… you don’t understand it well at all and still carry a very skeptical view.

The Law of attraction is just as real as the Law of gravity, the Law of electricity, or the various laws of mathematics. It is a natural universal principle that works independently of any human effort.

The personal development industry has reduced it to a “tool” that can be used to “get stuff,” and I think that’s where most of the confusion and skepticism comes in.

However, by the end of this, it is my promise and expectation that you’ll have established a truer, more concrete premise regarding this Law.

Let’s start here.

Chapter 1

Law of Attraction Fundamentals

The Law of attraction is the underlying principle that ensures supply and demand always play out in perfect harmony. And the Great Law of Life known as “Energy Is” guarantees that the Law of attraction will always work in an orderly, harmonious way.

law of attraction fundamentals

Taking in the grand picture of this law

What exactly does that mean?

We will dive deeper into the fundamentals in just a little while.

For now, let’s get back to the questions around the realness of this Law.

  • The Law of attraction isn’t something that works or doesn’t work. Contrary to what many people believe, it’s not a tool or some new sexy technique that you can manipulate to get stuff.
  • Whether you care about it or not, the Law of attraction is working for you all the time. The fact that your body remains intact and packaged in that beautiful sack called your skin is proof that the Law of attraction is very active in your life.
  • I mean, have you ever asked yourself how the cells, organs, and tissues of a like nature stick together within your body and work with unimaginable synchronicity without your conscious attention?

Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like.

Birds of a feather flock together and Like attracts like

It is the simple child-like Law of attraction definition that any human being can grasp.

Like attracts like or Attraction like attracts.

And we can make it quite complex in definition, but it will do us no good, so let’s keep things super simple here.

The Law of attraction helps us understand how the invisible world of Cause produces physical manifestations and experiences.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the ideas and principles of the creative power of thought and, in particular, in the ‘Law of Attraction’—a universal principle that was articulated over 100 years ago in the field of mental science called, ‘New Thought.’

The ‘Law of Attraction,’ or the new buzzword, ‘The Secret,’ points to the universal principle that ‘like attracts like’—and if we hold to the principle that our thoughts are creative, then the wise application of the Law of Attraction would be to think about what you want {the positive} and not about what you don’t want {the negative}.

That’s one way a person can consciously work with this Law.

However, the mainstay of what we attract corresponds to what we hold and how we truly feel about ourselves.

So changing our thoughts, thinking about the positive {and not the negative}, is a surface approach, which has some positive effect, but it does not get to the root of the issue.

The core of this issue is – The concepts we hold about ourselves, our place in the world, and our relationship to the Universal Life-giving Spirit.

Golden nugget #1

Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires golden nugget 1
We can only attract to ourselves what we already feel ourselves to be. What we feel is natural.

So in order to attract something new {and better} into your life you must first change the underlying beliefs upon which your life is based.

This ‘inner change’ will, in turn, bring about a change in your thoughts and change in the outward manifestation of your life.

The Law of attraction simplified:

The Law of Attraction is directed by your thoughts but empowered by your:

  • emotions
  • passions
  • what you really want

The Law of Attraction is directed by your thoughts but empowered by your emotions, passions to manifest something you really want in life.

So, in order to work most effectively with the Law of Attraction one must get clear about what he or she really wants, and then direct one’s energy toward that end.

Once there is clarity of intent, and diligent application toward an end {which usually requires the dissolution of unconscious fears and resistances} more often than not, quite spectacularly, one’s desires manifest.

The fundamental law upon which the Law of attraction arises:

Unlike what you will commonly find being promoted in the mainstream media, the Law of attraction is not the primary Law.

It is a law, yes, but it purely depends on the great and primary Law of Vibration.

The Law of vibration is, therefore, the Law we all need to understand more because it is, in fact, the only one we can fully control.

Trying to manage the Law of attraction or “make it do something” is futile because the Law of interest does not respond to what your conscious Mind says.

Instead, it is forever corresponding and aligning with the vibrational frequency you radiate through your emotions, which reside in your subconscious mind.

Your dominant vibration expresses to the universe who you believe yourself to be, and in turn, you naturally gravitate to things of a like nature to that frequency.

Once there is clarity of intent and diligent application toward an end {which usually requires the dissolution of unconscious fears and resistances} more often than not, quite spectacularly, one’s desires manifest.

– Albert Einstein

Chapter 2

Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires

The law of attraction is the underlying principle that ensures supply and demand always play out in perfect harmony. And the Great Law of Life known as “Energy Is” guarantees that the law of attraction will always work in an orderly, harmonious way.

law of attraction fundamentals

You may not have realized this fully until now

But in the moment your intellect fully grasps the real process of creation taking place within you, there will forever be a clear understanding of how real and reliable the law of attraction is.

When it comes to manifesting your desires, everything depends on how well your mind learns to control your vibrational offerings.

The way in which this is done is through the law of being.

In other words, “who you believe yourself to be” or the “Law of Being” determines what you attract; thereby making the “Law of Attraction” secondary, as it will always be wholly dependent upon the deeper and more fundamental law of your own Being.

Golden Nugget #2

The Law of Attraction essentially brings you what you already are.

To cultivate the proper relationship to this Law, we must stop thinking about attracting things and focus on changing the underlying conception we have of ourselves.

“If we don’t know who we are, if we have no clear sense of our true magnificence, and our integral relationship to Spirit we will continue falling at the mercy of the storms of life.”

Shedding the false and getting in touch with the truth about who we are:

Thus if we are coming from a place of lack, from a place where our understanding of self is based upon the predominance of race conditioning {and where we believe that attracting certain things will bring us the happiness we seek}— then, ultimately, the only thing we can attract is that which supports our partial and distorted notion of self.

What we shall continue to manifest in our lives will be half-baked dreams and more lack because our fundamental belief about ourselves is that something is missing, that we are not whole, that we are lacking, and that we must try to “use and manipulate” this Law of attraction to fill this lack.

The deep sense of lack which is what many of us are stuck in, only attracts an abundance of more lack.

Ignorance attracts more ignorance.

To put it in simple terms, if we do not understand and tap into the truth of our nature at a fundamental level, then we will naturally seek to forcefully attract things outside ourselves to gain joy, love, beauty, self-worth, and prosperity that we feel is missing.

Building a lifestyle and thriving business in our modern society using that old model view of life will only recreate the same patterns of doom and gloom that we have seen throughout history.

This is why we must ingrain deep within our minds and hearts this new premise:

What we are seeking, what we truly desire in our hearts, is our own true nature.

A nature that is now missing from our normal daily experience of human living due to old, false beliefs.

So the good news that I wish to deliver to you this day is that your sense of:

  • happiness
  • joy
  • aliveness
  • abundance
  • peace
  • beauty
  • freedom
  • wealth

is your own true nature.

You are seeking yourself!

Diving deeper and deeper still…

You desire more out of life. You desire the good life because that is who you really are:

You are seeking your true heritage and the qualities of your true Self, yet you’re most likely unaware of this.

The only reason you have that burning desire for more freedom, a soul mate, a thriving business, more beauty, and peace in your world is due to the fact that this is your true nature.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring physical and material things as they are the necessary end product of the creative process. Manifestation is always complete when there is a perceptible outside effect of some kind.

Attracting material and external things is a necessary part of this human experience, but the fundamental tenet that requires deep comprehension is that what you are seeking is your own true nature.

A freer, fuller, expanding version of your true Self.

A sense of permanent fulfillment and bliss can only come when your true nature in all aspects is found and becomes present in your daily life. And when you live from that place of fullness, wholeness, and presence, which is your natural state, you will automatically attract more and more fullness, wholeness, and presence in every conceivable way.

To Desire is to Expect. To expect is to Achieve.”
– Raymond Holliwell

7 signs the law of attraction is working for you

Here are some signs that I believe reflect the fact that you’re on the right track with manifesting the reality of what you want.

Sign 1: Animals visiting you to make you smile

sign 1 Animals visiting - law of attraction is working for you

Whether or not you own/have a pet, whenever you get in tune and in harmony with the infinite intelligence, animals tend to be really good at sending you signals.

So how does your pet behave around you?

Have you come across a stray animal recently or a stranger on the streets with a pet that simply couldn’t resist you?

Has a bird, butterfly, ladybird, bee, or whatever animal you best like showed up in your home or your car, etc.?

If animals are behaving overly sweet with you, it is a sign that you are in your highest vibration.

And as you have learned by now, it is when you are vibrating at that harmonious heightened level that the principle of attraction really does magical matchmaking.

Sign 2: You are more open, receptive and flexible to change

Ever heard of this statement, “what you resist persists”? Anytime you put up barriers or separate yourself from anyone or anything you only draw more of that into your experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and on this human journey, rediscovering who we really are is the biggest job each individual was assigned.

Getting in touch with your higher Self involves shedding many deeply programmed beliefs and leaving behind old thought processes and habits that no longer serve you. The moment this approach feels natural to you and you start letting go more easily, you can be sure you’re on the right track and the law of attraction is working in service to your dreams. This is where you simply embrace every aspect of change.

Being vulnerable, facing your fears, walking into the unknown, embracing mystery and uncertainty feel natural to you at this point because deep within – you’ve established a “knowingness” that no matter what, you will be alright.

Sign 3: You are more focused in the now:

As much as I love having my ego, it really does make it tough for me to practice present moment awareness all the time. But that doesn’t mean we need to give up or criticize ourselves. Being in the present moment is one of the least practiced habits for the majority of us.

Our minds are too scattered. Ever dashing back and forth between the past and the future especially in our current society. We even have some very cool names attached to these but the truth is, the law of attraction is always working and responding to your “NOW”…

So when we want to make sure that our today’s and tomorrows will be great, what’s one of the best signs to take into account? Our ability to be more focused in the now! We may have been fooled by social conditioning into the belief that only the future matters, but now we know better. If you start noticing your life moving in a slightly new, harmonious and right direction, you’ve likely learned how to shift your attention to the now instead of focusing so much on the future. This day, this moment, this breath that you are taking right now is the only thing you can be completely certain about. It is real in every way possible and there is power in just being here now.

So, be here now… In this moment, as you read this, bring all of you into this moment. Keep on going with this awakened level moment by moment because as you continue to successfully execute this, you can be certain that the law of attraction is working to bring you more of what you are experiencing in this moment. When you realize that you’re more capable of staying in the present moment, learning from everything that comes your way and that there’s an increased level of peace and harmony within you – then you can know only good will meet you tomorrow. You will thus be reconditioning your mind naturally {as it should be}. Anytime you catch yourself worrying about the past, fretting about the future or contemplating and trying to force things that are beyond your control, you will discover that you can more effortlessly redirect your attention to the NOW.

Sign 4: You start to become more confident in your abilities

The moment you become aware of your ability to manifest and thoughts become things in your world, there’s an automatic increase of self-confidence. While at first, it can be quite scary to take up complete responsibility for everything in your life and let go of any blame and victim mentality, it is also a very empowering process.

This is where you go from “I can?” to “I can.”

Most of us are trapped by this uncertainty and need for approval from others simply because we lack confidence in our own abilities. To believe yourself capable of any accomplishments is one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself. No one can give that to you and you can’t fake it because nature cannot be bribed or cajoled. If your subconscious mind doesn’t “believe” this to be true for you, it doesn’t matter what you say aloud or to others. So, if you are at that point in your life where you absolutely walk in the knowing that you are able, you can accomplish and you do trust yourself to make anything work out for the good of yourself and everyone concerned – right there dear reader, is one of the most powerful signs that the universe and all the laws governing your success are working in service to your dreams.

Sign 5: You feel happier

Ever felt really good and you just didn’t know why? You couldn’t come up with a logical reason for why you felt so good and yet, it was unmissable!

Everyone asked you what’s going on because of how radiant you were.

That is one of the best signs to help you know that something is being delivered to you and in fact, your subconscious mind already has it. It’s an unmissable, unshakeable joy and knowingness. From a place of love and joy, only that which others consider impossible can come about. So the next time you’re feeling that indescribable joy, get even more excited because your subconscious is building your body, affairs, and conditions to match the desires you set for yourself.

Sign 6: You think of something and it manifests

You think of someone or something and it shows up “out of the blue”. Have you ever asked yourself “where exactly is this out of the blue?” If you think of a friend and they call, text, or bump into you – that is a definite sign that your power of deliberately designing your experiences has really increased.

If you think of a song and it plays next on the radio or a color and then you see so much of it everywhere you go then these are all wonderful communications from the universe that your desires are being manifested.

Sign 7: Good things are happening often

The more you tap into your Higher Self and discover the magnificent being that you are and who you came here to be and express, obviously, life will seem effortless.

Synchronistic occurrences will take place. The right people, opportunities, experiences will just naturally gravitate to you at just the right time.

You will feel more energized.

Your body will radiate more health, and deals that may have been stuck or relationships that weren’t as prosperous will start improving.

More wealth and financial manifestations will also flow into your life, and you will seem to have a magical aura around you, positively enhancing everything and everyone you come into contact with.

While the path of prosperity and effortless manifestation isn’t devoid of obstacles, you will start to notice that the good finally outweighs the bad.

This is that tipping point that your current goals have been waiting for, and the more you are able to recognize this, the sooner your manifestations will take form in satisfying ways.

Chapter 3

7 Manifesting Signs Explained

Now that we have stepped away from the surface-type understanding of this principle, I think we are ready to start engaging with the world around us more intentionally. In so doing, you will reinforce the truth and a deeper knowing within yourself that the universe is supporting you.

signs law of attraction working you

Convincing our mind

When we are shifting from a limited way of life to greater abundance, the most significant task is convincing our Minds that we are no longer tied down by the limitations of yesterday.

If standing in the middle of a financial or health crisis, it can be hard to stay focused on your vision and LIVE FROM the complete confidence that your solution is already taking form.

One of the biggest mistakes made by students of personal development or anyone reaching for a big dream is giving up too soon. Even with the clients who come to me to grow their business, I find that they struggle to maintain the right mindset, remain persistent, resilient, and encouraged during the process of shifting from an old reality to a new one.

The law of growth and how it aligns with the law of attraction:

The law of growth is one that cannot be rushed or bypassed. We can never do next month’s growth until we first go through today’s growth as best as we can without falling off our alignment.

Each time we fall off and lose that connection to the frequency of our dream, we issue a new command and the law of attraction immediately corresponds again to the dominant transmission.

Given the fact that we are a population that is too accustomed to thinking and feeling negative thoughts more intensely than positive, you can see why most people’s desires remain out of reach.

Just when the breakthrough is about to come, we self-sabotage because we don’t yet know how to exercise self-discipline, hope, faith, and loyalty to the desires and goals we claim.

So in this chapter, I would like to help you gain clarity on these very important fact and statistics. It is actually a secret sauce for dream building and our third golden nugget.

Golden Nugget #3

The absence of evidence does not imply evidence of absence. Or as Dr. Michael Beckwith eloquently puts it, a delay is not denial.

You must practice persistence and perseverance if you want to be a powerful manifester.

And the crazy thing about this is that the more mastery you gain, the less patience you will actually need because just as we have seen with the great teachers, saints, and mystics who have gone before us, instant manifestations are actually pretty normal.

We call them miracles.

But they are only normal for the individual who has reached a certain level of mastery when it comes to the creative process within the individual.

Similar to what we are seeing with online business and paid advertising.

If you are a complete newbie in the online space and you start doing paid advertising to grow your audience and business, your cost per lead will be really high compared to someone who has years of experience and perhaps a lot more spending money.

I find it fascinating that when I am tight on budget and low in skills and experience is when things are toughest, yet the more I get really skilled in paid advertising and do have the profits coming in to the point where I can even hire extra help and so on, then I am in a position to generate a lot more with a lot less effort.

The same is true with mastery of your mind and emotions.

The law of attraction will respond instantaneously and in every moment without ceasing but the time frame it takes to condense into your physical reality is greatly enhanced or delayed based on how developed your mind is.

So the more fear based thoughts, limiting beliefs and a false concept of self are active and dominant in your life, the more patience you will have to exert, the more persistence and self-discipline you will need. Simply because your mind is like a four-year-old and needs a lot more love, understanding, and grooming before it can perfectly align with the universal creative power.

Having said that, I want you to realize that even the best of us are still traveling that path of learning to minimize the time it takes from the thought to become a fully formed “thing”.

And even the best of us have to find simple ways that resonate with us during that processes of shifting from an old reality to a new one.

Different things and signs work for different people and depending on your personality, you might want to create your own customized list that you feel certain will be a “universal sign” indicating to you that you are on the right track.

Having that encouraging symbol or sign show up could dramatically change your day especially when you start experiencing feelings of uncertainty.

Know that the universe hears you, loves you and wants to support your every desire.

It will constantly communicate to you in any way possible, so do your best to develop that relationship between you and the universe and take notice of the signs that manifest all around you as you move closer to your manifestation.

Read also the 7 signs above that I believe reflect the fact that you’re on the right track with manifesting the reality of what you want.

Chapter 4

How to Execute Effective Visualization Exercises

Creative visualization is one of the best ways to employ the law of attraction when seeking to manifest ideal clients, increased income, a soul mate or anything else you desire.

Visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting anything you desire. The key, however, lies in what we imagine and how deeply immersive our visualization process becomes so that it becomes part of who we really are on an inner level—as if this were truly happening for real!

 How to Execute Effective Visualization Exercises

What is creative visualization?

It is a type of mindfulness practice that many law of attraction experts promote.

Law of attraction expert Jack Canfield openly points out that Elite athletes, the super rich and all peak performers now use this technique to become powerful magnets.

You too can become an attractive magnet and activate the law of attraction so you can draw into your life the people, circumstances, and resources you will need to achieve your goals.

Here is a basic step-by-step process that you can use to execute effective visualization and invoke the law of attraction today:

By entering into the right mood even before you commence any creative visualization, you’re immobilizing your body and commanding your intellect to get into a passive relaxing state, which is an essential aspect of any creative activity. The more relaxed positive and “light” you feel, the more positive momentum you’ll build.

We often recommend lying down or sitting down in your favorite spot and/or position but perhaps for you – a quiet walk in the park or beach, taking a hot bath might be best. Whatever gets you into the right mood and gives you a feeling of safety and joy is the best way to start this creative visualization exercise.

Be sure to position yourself in such a way that you won’t be disturbed or interrupted for the duration of the process. The longer you are able to work on your images and scenery the more effective it is likely to be.

What we often call a passive state. You want to become so relaxed you could almost sleep, but not too drowsy that you loose that control.

Creative visualization exercises tend to be most intense if you take the time to enter into this sleepy passive state or simply start with a silent meditation if that’s something you enjoy. It doesn’t need to be complex, simply entering into the silence and focusing on slow, steady breathing – will normally do the trick.

Once your mind feels completely at peace, receptive and open, start designing and shaping a scenery or image that marks the outcome of what you desire.

This is where most people go wrong so pay attention here. Don’t waste your time, energy and bring in the ego into this process by trying to formulate the details of the desire coming to life. The “how” is none of your business and quite frankly, you won’t help yourself by taking on that role. Your ego will just step in and kill the entire process.

Your job is to get really good at crafting a scene that vividly demonstrates your outcome as ALREADY taken place. For example, if you want to attract your dream clients and enjoy a thriving business – choose a scene that resonates with you that implies you already have your high paying client. Perhaps it will be a friend congratulating you, a loved one hugging you with joy or you might buy yourself a certain gift as a reward. Whichever the case may be, choose a scene that really evokes strong joyful emotions from within. Then focus your attention and intention on this scene. Be in the scene and as best as you can, make the environment as realistic as possible. Connect your sensory faculties to this creative process and stay in that single scene as long as it’s naturally possible.

Although step three is extremely important in your creative process, coming out of that realm back into your current reality with the feelings, images and thoughts you created is equally important.
Life is a state of consciousness. Always remember that!

Your desire and the outcome you just created is a state of consciousness that is operating at a higher frequency than your current physical world. When you come back into the physical world, you must bring back with you everything you cultivated from that new state of consciousness and hold on to it as long as it takes until that state becomes your new physical state.

In all sacred teachings we find different stories and ways of expressing this truth so if you do your homework right and go back to study some of the greatest mystics, saints, and seers, you will see the truth behind this step.

Do your best to hold on to the images, thoughts, and feelings that were associated with the visualization you made and by law, that reality will override this reality. This is where things like affirmations, masterminding, coaching come into play because when applied right, they help keep you in track and maintain the faith and confidence you need to naturally attract your desire.

Most people only use this creative visualization technique when things are bad or they truly desire something big. This is the worst time to effectively develop and exercise these faculties. It would be like going to the gym – only because the doctor said your organs are collapsing – with the expectation of getting a six-pack within the first week!

Is it unrealistic to want toned abs? Of course not! Can you get it within the first week? Of course not! But it isn’t because it’s impossible. Rather it’s due to the cleansing, renewal, rejuvenation and growth process that needs to take place within your body. The more you do it, the closer you get to those toned muscles. However, if you’ve been maintaining good health for many years, you can probably get into a gym grab a good trainer and have some toned abs in no time.

The same is true for your mental and creative faculties. Ideally, this needs to become part of your daily life. Choose to create and maintain a creative visualization ritual that you perform each day. Sometimes for your specific goals, sometimes for your general well-being, sometimes for another with whom you desire to experience more of the good life. Soon, you will find yourself a master at visualizing and attracting anything at anytime!

Although step three is extremely important in your creative process, coming out of that realm back into your current reality with the feelings, images and thoughts you created is equally important.

Life is a state of consciousness. Always remember that!

Your desire and the outcome you just created is a state of consciousness that is operating at a higher frequency than your current physical world. When you come back into the physical world, you must bring back with you everything you cultivated from that new state of consciousness and hold on to it as long as it takes until that state becomes your new physical state.

In all sacred teachings we find different stories and ways of expressing this truth so if you do your homework right and go back to study some of the greatest mystics, saints, and seers, you will see the truth behind this step.

Do your best to hold on to the images, thoughts, and feelings that were associated with the visualization you made and by law, that reality will override this reality. This is where things like affirmations, masterminding, coaching come into play because when applied right, they help keep you in track and maintain the faith and confidence you need to naturally attract your desire.

The Vision board technique

Vision boards are a great way to visualize your goals and dreams. They will constantly be in the forefront of your mind, which can help you stay on track towards achieving those aspirations since they’ll always have an opportunity at coming true!

Chapter 5

Create Peace of mind and attract better with Meditation

Although hard work and right strategy are very important for the growth of your business, we can all agree that there’s more to attaining success than just hard work.

Effective Visualization Exercises

Manpower vs Mindpower

In our current economy, we have shifted from physical commodities and manpower to digital products and mind power. In a world where anything is possible, wealth is created not so much by brutal force and scale, but by imagination.

The businesses that are and will continue to thrive in this economy are the ones being run by individuals who have learned to gain self-mastery.

This means an inner mastery of your mental and emotional energies. This is why I advise all the people I work with to start mindfulness practices each day. My best recommendation is meditation because not only does it enable you to gain control and peace of mind, it can also be used as a technique to help you attract more clients.

Wikipedia defines meditation as a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself. I love that definition… Now, why should you use it?

Well, since you’re probably an entrepreneur and a modern day citizen of our technology-crazed world, you know how distracting, demanding, uncertain and overwhelming current times are. Being inundated with ads, information, news, thoughts, ideas can often leave you disoriented. It then becomes a struggle finding your balance, peace of mind and stability in a chaotic world let alone grow a thriving business.

Meditation as a practice will do wonders for you. It is not a hype or religion. It is a simple practice any human being can learn to use to help calm their thoughts and emotions.

Experts tell us that we have an average of between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. Assuming you’re a rock star entrepreneur like myself, I would argue we have over 100,000 thoughts per day at the very least. Unfortunately, most of these thoughts are regurgitated, negative thoughts. Few are original, forward thinking, solution oriented thoughts.

If our thoughts are rooted in negative thinking, the past, and disempowering habits, how effective will the law of attraction be in drawing into our reality ideal, high paying clients?

So if we want wonderful prosperous things to flow into our reality, we better get good at maintaining wonderful prosperous thoughts.

It’s time you learn to control your mind because either you control your mind or your mind controls you.

Every single person is exposed to the race mind thoughts, which are predominantly limiting. The only difference between those who get what they want in this life and those who do not is their ability to proactively choose what thoughts, feelings, and images to entertain.

When you learn to discipline your mind using meditation and cultivate more empowering thoughts, presence, focus, intention, and peace of mind become the new normal for you.

As a result of having this heightened level of focus, intention, and peace, your confidence, and magnetic power increase. Then when you have more confidence, your ability to attract the ideal clients and close more sales increase because as we have been discussing throughout this course, the law of attraction always gives you “what you are.”

If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to meditation I would recommend doing a little research on Google to find a meditation guide that resonates with you. Deepak Chopra is one I highly recommend especially if you like to understand the science behind this practice as well. There are many free resources and guides to help even a beginner, and this one definitely walks you through the first steps even if you don’t think you can stay still long enough.

There’s an old Zen saying that says something like…

…You should meditate for 20minutes a day, unless you’re too busy. If you are too busy, then you should meditate for an hour.

Sounds crazy I know!

I used to think in order to be productive and generate bigger results I needed to work harder.

Maybe you feel the same way?

I have realized that because we live in a vibrating world where imagination and Energetic resonance is the real game of life and business, taking the time to pause, align and tune to that frequency of peace, power and abundance enables me to accomplish more in a fun effortless way. You’ll be able to do the same.

Here are some meditations to help you dissolve disempowering thoughts, give you peace of mind and increase your magnetic power so your ideal clients can start knocking at your door as they do for me.

Morning meditation for a positive productive day:

Meditation for increasing confidence:

“Thoughts are Things”

I hold it true that thoughts are things; They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings: And that we send them forth to fill
The world with good results, or ill.
That which we call our secret thought Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot, Leaving its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes. We build our future, thought by thought, For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet so the universe was wrought. Thought is another name for fate; Choose then thy destiny and wait,
For love brings love and hate brings hate.
– Henry Van Dyke

Chapter 6

How to avoid negative attraction

Science has convincingly proven the existence and constant operation of the law of mental attraction. For this reason, we must all be doubly careful about how and what we are thinking throughout the day.

Effective Visualization Exercises

Our predominant mental attitude

The sooner we realize that our predominant mental attitude, internal and external conversations are what shape the conditions and quality of our experiences, the sooner we will begin to manifest only the good we desire.

We must seek to have what Napoleon Hill called “ a burning desire” for advancement in life as a whole. Not just in the area of financial freedom but in every aspect that we deem important to us. Then we must give the law of attraction a chance to help us because only then will everything work toward our aid. Obstacles will only strengthen us and discouragement from others will only serve to arouse us into greater strength, activity and deeper faith.

Every difficulty is an opportunity to advance and create something new. Every stumbling block is only a stepping-stone to success for the one who is working in alignment with this law.

Your burdens, shortcomings, and limitations will lose their heaviness if you apply everything we have discussed in this course because the Spirit within you will become unstoppable and unconquerable. And when invoked by a burning desire, you will unfailingly unleash a greater power and richer intelligence. This is how you will effortlessly guide your thoughts and actions into those pathways that lead to the heights of conquest.

Sounds too simple to be true?

Most small-minded people think so too.

But what they fail to realize is that mental attraction and this principle called the law of attraction acts along the same lines as the law of gravity; it is as definite and as accurate.

I have many students come up to me and declare this law ineffective. Some say they have tried to apply this law and the visualization techniques often promoted by success gurus but have failed to attract their desires. It is in truth, quite difficult to tell a person exactly why they failed to attract the desired outcome because no two people think alike, therefore, no two people can ever make the exact same mistakes.

However, because this is a question that I often get, in the next chapter I will share 2 reasons why it may appear to you as though the law of attraction isn’t working for you and how to turn things around fast.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about a very simple yet profound step that you must consciously take in order to avoid negative attraction and also set yourself up for success so that this law always works in service to your dreams and goals.

There are in fact three steps that I often teach to help with this, but let me just share the first and most important one with you. There will be more resources and programs to help you dive deeper if you want to learn all three steps.

The fundamental first step to help you avoid negative attraction and build up prosperous realities:
The first fundamental step to take is called: FOCUSED ATTENTION

Attention is taking special care of something or someone. Focused attention, therefore, is deliberately and consciously noticing what you tend to notice most.

Focused attention gives you the power of awareness so you can know what you tend to place your interest on in the outer world.

Why this is such a huge deal for the student who desires transformation and new results is because what you tend to see in the outer world is what already exists in your mind.

Golden Nugget #4

You only see and find in the world what already exists in your own mind. The law of attraction works to match your outer reality with your inner world and hidden beliefs. Whether negative or positive – attraction will unceasingly continue.

The beauty of taking the step of increased focused attention is you can proactively shift your inner thoughts, images and emotions which will by default shift you into a new outer reality by the simple law of mental attraction.

A student of mine once told me that she was always getting into very abusive relationships. Every man she met would quickly turn into a horrible monster. Then after working with her a little, she realized, she’s always keenly interested in reality shows, movies, soap operas, news broadcasts, magazine articles, friendly conversations that promote deceit, stories of pain and women being suppressed and taken advantage of etc. Her music playlist was predominantly sad songs, women singers hating on men etc. As she began to pay special attention to what she was interested in throughout the day, she realized she that each time she saw a loving couple holding hands she would mock them, call them pretentious and so on. Every social gathering she attended, she always spotted the couples who seemed unhappy and all her friends were always reporting how unhappy and mistreated they felt.

We see and find in life that which interests us the most and pass blindly that which is of little or no interest.

It is here in this simple practice that many of us might be making our mistakes. We might be so accustomed to noticing the “negative and false” side of life and things that are not so prosperous, joyful and healthy that we pass by the things we desire most.

With our attention so engrossed in seeing the lesser either through habit or ignorance, we fail to attract the greater things that are all around us.

With just a little work and this one shift, you might go from negative attraction to powerful positive attraction in your life. But it must begin by you gaining awareness over what your current interests are and where you mostly place your attention as you interact with your environment.


Take the next 72hrs as a self-investigation process and become aware of what you notice as you go through your days. Record with as much detail as you can {preferably an hourly basis} what you catch yourself noticing, thinking and feeling.

Just as a reporter or detective would – choose to play your own detective. And without criticism, condemnation or shame, find out what catches your interest more from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep. At the end of the 72hrs – take an honest look at the results and then, take immediate action that you know will enable you to make the necessary shifts whether that be hiring some help, buying a training, book etc. to help you increase your ability master and direct your inner world.

Chapter 7

What if the law of attraction doesn’t work?

At the beginning of this course I stated, the law of attraction isn’t something that works or doesn’t work. It is a universal principle that is immutable, incorruptible and reliable. So if you haven’t had your breakthroughs yet – you’re just not yet aligned with the laws governing success.

Effective Visualization Exercises

Here are the 2 reasons I promised to share if you’ve been struggling too with this:

So if you haven’t had your breakthroughs yet – you’re just not yet aligned with the laws governing success. .

It’s not about superficial thoughts and affirmations

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

This is true… But not in the superficial way that small minded people have come to promote it! The surface level thought of that statement will keep you stuck in your current reality regardless of the numerous affirmations you write out on paper!

So let’s interpret it for your benefit:

  • As a man feels and believes in his subconscious mind, so is he.
  • As you think in your subconscious mind so are your conditions.

Superficially saying words, writing our affirmations that mean nothing to you and thinking fleeting thoughts will not make much happen for you. Think of all the things you’ve experienced in your life. As far back as you can recall, try to remember everything both good and bad. I bet the memories that stand out most are the ones that carry a huge emotional attachment. Those are the ones that still remain active and whether good or bad, you will keep recreating conditions that align with your strongest memories.

Everything falls back to the great revelation given by Einstein. It all comes down to energy and frequency. The collection of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs make up our vibrational frequency and that determines everything!

We will attract into our experience things that continue to amplify the feelings that are predominant in our energy field. This holds true whether we say we want these things or not – and attracting “bad things” doesn’t mean you are bad or that you deserve bad things to happen to you. No one is trying to punish you! There is no dude sitting up above the clouds condemning you…

Just saying.

Okay, I digressed… Back to the point, I was making.

When it’s not working, you need a new perspective and approach.

Visualizing is not manifesting. If what you say you want and what you believe you deserve to have are in conflict – desired manifestations will remain absent.

The conscious and the subconscious mind must align and harmoniously work together for manifestation to occur. If the will, the imagination, and emotion disagree, there will be no outer manifestation.

Setting an intention to manifest something is a great first step. Visualizing, using affirmations and all the other wonderful tools being promoted today are great but it can’t stop there. You must dive deeper. Master your emotions. Renew your mind. Uncover. Discard. Upgrade your beliefs.

The law of cause and effect
So many law of attraction students are having a hard time because they want to gloss over this principle.

I was recently speaking with a law of attraction coach who is struggling to sign up his first client a year after he got certified as a coach. He cannot possibly connect the dots as to why he still has no thriving coaching business. After a deep inquiry into this game plan, the strategies he has applied thus far and his overall approach to business, I realized the man was violating this great law of cause and effect.

You cannot hope to get the law of attraction to deliver the desired effect if you don’t properly initiate a Cause.

Every effect has a cause and a condition. The outcome or manifested goal that you want is an effect. You initiate {cause} and determine the quality and form of your effect. Through your thoughts, emotions, images, and actions all your conditions are taking shape.

Understanding and aligning with the law of cause and effect might be a very wise move at this point of your personal growth. Especially after this advanced course that I have just given you on the law of attraction.

Let’s take a very simple example:

If you place a pot with cold water on top of a stove with the desire of producing boiling water, would you stand there in frustration if half an hour later nothing changed when in fact the stove was still off?

If you’re unwilling to put the heat on, the water isn’t going to boil itself you know?

Even a child developed enough to understand fire, heat and how it works would know this. How is it though that we can understand this simple example and almost find it ridiculous yet when it comes to personal goals, we expect the “water to boil” without the heat.

In your life, the stove and heat are all under your control and initiated by you. The natural process of turning cold water into boiling water is none of your concern. You just need to do your half and universal laws will naturally take care of the rest.

How do you start aligning with this law?

Well, simply put, if the law of attraction isn’t working for you – change what you’re doing and how you are being. Idle thinking isn’t going to get you what you desire. You’ve got to be a match to it and by this I mean you must initiate a Cause through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the actions that you take so that you can harmoniously align with a corresponding result i.e the effect.

Golden Nugget #5
Begin to “feel” and act now as if you already are what you want to be. This isn’t some kind of trick or false pretense. You can’t fool the universe. The process of attraction is natural and delivers your experience based on your vibration.

Hence your predominant vibration is Cause and the delivered condition is the Effect.

Using your mental faculties {which I hope you know about} you can be able to initiate and direct your energies and vibration in such a way that you can predictably and expectantly await your success.

Let’s talk about the hype of always being positive and motivated:

This whole idea of motivation and positive thinking might be leading a lot of people astray, making them think that it’s just about “faking it till you make it.” Hiding the negative feelings and beliefs and putting up a strong “happy” front to others will only harm your dreams. That isn’t what you should be doing and if you’ve been betraying your emotions in this way, it’s time to work on that.

The process of transformation is not always easy. It’s not always fun and not every moment carries positive excitement. But here’s where you can start making changes today.

Exercise: You need to ask yourself the following:

  • Has my internal world been changing really to any measurable degree?
  • Am I actually feeling better, like truly and really better? Or do I only get a whiff of relief when I am watching some Tony Robbins video or Abraham Hicks or some other kind of external motivation?
  • How much headway have I really made in permanently shifting the beliefs that aren’t serving me?

Take a self-inventory and be kind to yourself as you do this self-reflection. …But above all else, be honest!

Patience, Perseverance, and Compassion are key when you are trapped in the phase of “trying to make the law of attraction work” and yet nothing seems to happen.

The wonderful news is, as you align with yourself and gain deeper insights on the fundamental law of your being your energy will shift. As you energy shifts, your consciousness will rise and that will, in turn, change your point of attraction.

What I am therefore attempting to relay here is you don’t have to be perfect and excited all the time. You don’t need to achieve some “perfect” vibe where no negativity exists at all before the good you desire can manifest. Far from it! The good you seek will come into your experience right now if you just make a little more room for it, believe that you deserve it and expect it!

Of course learning that you can have whatever you desire doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will feel fulfilled, worthy, lovable, holy, beautiful and all the wonderful deep-seated states we innately seek.

The law of attraction is working and it can work for you as you have seen throughout this course, but whether or not what it delivers brings you more joy, fulfillment, prosperity, and freedom depends solely on how well you know yourself.

This principle of attraction does not deal with healing or restoration of your true identity. It’s not the answer or cure for the restlessness or void that your soul experiences. So if you want your money, cars, homes, business, vacation trips or any other desire you may have to fully satisfy you, make sure you also dig deeper into the law of your being and discover who you really because Dr. Deepak Chopra wrote in this brain scratcher, most of us are still going through life not knowing who we really are.

As a law of attraction student, knowing who you really are makes you more powerful, deliberate and magnetic to your manifestation.

Chapter 8

Best Law Of Attraction Resources

Although hard work and right strategy are very important for the growth of your business, we can all agree that there’s more to attaining success than just hard work.

best resources

Resource links

Abraham Hicks is the number one Law of Attraction teacher that most law of attraction students follow (and practically worship). Abraham is one of the best teachers in the world on this subject and I highly recommend checking out their website and their books but you can also find lots of stuff on youtube.

Visit website

Dr. Joe Vitale, “the Buddha of the Internet” as they call him because of his combination of spirituality and marketing brilliance, is the author of numerous books, but he’s probably best known for his appearance in the 2006 documentary about the Law of attraction, The Secret.

One of his best-known creations is the Law of attraction book called The Attractor Factor. It’s one I really encourage if you want to learn how to apply law of attraction specifically to your business growth and sales.

Visit website

Jack Canfield is also another law of attraction and success coach who was featured in the movie The Secret. He is definitely big on Law of attraction and while he focuses also on business and other such like topics, some of his work is definitely worth checking out especially his “how to articles” on Law of attraction.

Visit website

Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret was originally published in 2006, and it is a best-selling self-help book based on the film of the same name.

Rhonda Byrne is a self-help guru who has written several books, including “The Secret.” Her latest work offers advice on how people can change their lives through positive thinking.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was an influential American writer, lecturer and philosopher. He is widely considered to be the greatest talker in U.S history with over 500 recorded conversations – he could eloquently express what people were thinking without even being asked!

These are several more resources that I’ve lately discovered and appear intriguing. It’s definitely worth checking out. It’s a list of suggested Law of Attraction books as well as a comprehensive list of Manifesting resources!

Law of attraction books


Is the law of attraction real? The mind is a magnet and attracts whatever corresponds to its ruling state. Whatever images we hold in mind, whatever we expect and think about will tend to bring into our lives the things and conditions that are in harmony with the nature of our thought patterns.

agenda conclusion loa

The mind is a magnet

Only desire that which will round out your life to make it fuller and happier and also, that, which will enable you to help others into better and happier conditions.

The innate desire of your being for Harmony, Joy, Love, Beauty, Fulfillment, Peace and plenty is good and worthy of accomplishment.

And these conditions will be obtained more and more in your daily life as you live in accordance with the Great Law and constantly expect a continuous increase of Good as evidence of your growing faith in the wisdom and all-sufficiency of the All-Originating Life Principle.

Change your current limited concept of yourself as well as your understanding of this law of attraction and you will enjoy the best of both worlds because the principle of attraction is directed by your thoughts, images and emotions.

But as I have said several times throughout this guide, the law of attraction will not guarantee that you will feel joyful, fulfilled and secure. This is why my suggestion to you at this point would be to increase your knowledge about who you truly are.

By restoring back your true identity, you will position yourself for lasting success and abundance even in our chaotic and uncertain times.
Of course getting into the deeper questions of

“Who am I?”
“What do I really want?”

requires the application of other laws and principles which will require an entirely new mini course so for now, start implementing what you have learnt today, and begin to take notice of the massive difference it makes with your current goals.

Remember we are always attracting what we are. Hence the fundamental change must be made on the level of our being, on who we believe we are, and what we feel we deserve, in order to effectuate any meaningful change in our outer world. Leave me a comment with your insights, questions or any feedback if you found this guide useful. If you would like some help applying everything I taught in this guide feel free to reach out and let’s make sure you get to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

To Your Successful Manifestations!