The DreamMaker Historical Storyline

This is the true story of why we started the coaching company DreamMaker. It’s a painful story. However, we made a promise to ourselves to teach the secrets to manifesting – if we ever figured it out.

waiting tables webdesigner

From Web Designer to Waiting Tables


My name is Petri Maatta. In 2001, I moved to Norway, one of the richest countries in the world. I had just finished two university degrees in four years. I felt very confident and excited to step into the ‘real’ world and make my mark.

I sent my CV to 25 companies as a web designer, but it resulted in nothing. Meanwhile, I took a job of washing windows and waiting tables.

The Entrepreneurial Dream


In 2002, a good friend of mine called Alex Tuesta, suggested that if I work hard at my own business for just three short years, it would result in enough consistent income to be able to stop working full-time.

I was eager to start my own business. I rolled up my sleeves and was well on my way.

why i had to sell my jeans to survive

Why I Had to Sell My Jeans to survive


I took a job selling subscriptions for the WWF and the Red Cross, to people on the streets. It was minus -20 in the middle of the winter. The pay was only suitable for students, so it was hardly anything. I had no money to buy anything to eat for two months. Luckily, a friend of mine who worked in a clothes store gave me a pair of designer jeans.

In the evening, a female friend of mine commented on my trousers. I asked her if she wanted to buy them. She said yes! I went home later that night for the first time in a long time with a whopping 40 bucks which would last me for two months, until I received my low salary.

First failed idea


Alex and I, created a product called “Robin Wood”, providing discount coupons, in exchange for free products.

delayed payments

From Delayed Payments to No Payments


I started developing websites for clients. I worked very enthusiastically but clients would pay late, or would not pay at all. It was frustrating. I kept thinking why don’t they pay me for my hard work?

Around Christmas 2005, I woke up one morning and my building I lived in was on fire. I was standing on the street in the cold, realizing that I had no home to live in. All my things were destroyed. Still, no profit in my business.

Easy Going didn’t’ go anywhere


I started a travel agency called Easy going. It was all but easy-going; it was no-going. No profit.


Big clients but same old


I got two big clients. The same old pattern persisted: payments were late, if ever. No profit.

The End


Even after six years of continuous efforts, 19 hour workdays, I was barely surviving. I couldn’t even pay for the basics, like my rent.

My girlfriend was totally disappointed with me.

I was done. I gave up. I wished I was dead.

I let go. (May the chips fall where they wish.)

my law of attraction mentor

The Turning Point – Meeting my mentor

2 December, 2009

At a business meeting with J. Abraham in his office, he looked at me and said, “Petri, I’ve noticed you wear a lot of blue clothes. It’s an indication to me that you’re not doing very well financially. In fact, you might even be struggling”.

That hit me in the weakest spot.

Then he asked me how much I was earning. I said, “Not enough to live off”.

He then said that your beliefs make up your reality.

And asked me, ‘Have you seen that movie “The SECRET”?

I angrily responded, “I’ve watched that movie 60 days in a row and that stuff doesn’t work!”

He said calmly, “It does work… and I want to show it to you. Because you have helped me so much with my business, I have decided to give you something great in return.

Would you like to learn how to become rich?”

I got goosebumps.

He had 54 full time employees, I still wondered whether he was serious.

I replied, “Yes, I do want to learn.”

He told me, “You have to give me one year and I’ll teach you how to use the Law of Attraction.

I was ready.

The King Of Norway!


I got a Law of Attraction mentor. My company grew fast. My income went up 30x. I hired two new people full time, then three more. After using J. Abraham’s secret method for just four months, I could not believe the difference. I had ‘enough’ money. I became the ‘King of Norway’!

Tables were turned – it was now the clients’ turn to beg of me.

At the time, I didn’t have a website or a phone – only email – yet clients were knocking my door down to order my services.

For practical reasons, I declined working with one specific client three times. He offered 100,000 USD and I finally told him yes after begging me to work with him.
(This company is, by the way, one of the top eight most visited websites in Sweden at the moment of writing.)

my time had come

My time had come – Hawaii


After many years of dreaming about going to tropical and exotic travel locations, my dream finally came true. I spent one month in Hawaii. I was on the beach while the rest of the world was working. I really felt I deserved this break.

Manifested my soul mate


I manifested my soul mate and got married. The manifestation happened during a 3 week period. When you’re clear about what you want, things happen very fast.

I wrote three books, one of which was published at a major bookstore.

manifest house

Financial Freedom + new house


I bought a 130 m2 house with a garden in a sunny country.

The house was a manifestation of a dream I had.

When you know what you want and why you want it, magic happens.

Important distinction here: I signed the construction agreement without having the money for it. My wife was scared. The money was attracted to me/us because of our dedication to the idea of building a house/home. And the reason why – we had a child on the way.

Blessed with a daughter


Daughter born. I worked part-time on my laptop from home.

Blessed with son


Son born. I worked part-time on my laptop from home.

Start of DreamMaker


I expanded my main business into another country and I formed DreamMaker.

As you can understand now, DreamMaker was not a random creation. It was created for the sole purpose of sharing the same wisdom that my mentor J. Abraham taught me.




Does the Law of attraction work? Hell yes!

Don’t try to live life without it!

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