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You Can Have Absolutely Anything You Want In Life. You Simply Need To Understand How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest The Desired Results.

What is DreamMaker

DreamMaker is law of attraction, evolved. With daily step by step processes, quizzes, gamification and taking action in the real world. This transforms learning from overwhelm, confusion, uncertainty, to a complete and conscious adventure that has a definite end. And we do it all by simplifying the complicated.

This radically-inspired approach creates a whole new way to see achievement. the law of attraction and manifesting. Together, we are finding unlikely connection and growth through strategic online learning courses (Or checklists on steroids as we call them). These execution plans give you the opportunity to achieve, well, anything.

What is dreammaker law of attraction

The DreamMaker Manifesting Model

The four step process you can use to apply the law of attraction in your life or business.
Step 1 law of attraction: Get crystal clear
1. Be specific
Get crystal clear about your dream and what you wish to attract into your life. Clearly map out what you want. Be definite and write it down in as much detail as possible.
Step 2 law of attraction: Visualization it
2. Visualize
Take time each day to visualize what you want on a daily basis. This will create a magnetic field of attraction moving you closer toward the specific chosen dream.
Step 3 law of attraction: Systematize your thinking
3. Systematized thinking
Through repetition and affirmations an impression is made in the subconscious mind, which transmits a frequency that matches you to all things corresponding.
Step 4 law of attraction: Manifest and Receive what you want
4. Receive what you want
Pump up your self-belief and open yourself up to receive your dream. The more you live in positive anticipation the faster your dream will turn into reality.

Why the law of attraction hasn't worked for you yet

Mistake 1: Intention

Choosing a goal that you intend to manifest, but give up on it long before the manifestation takes place.

Mistake 2: Big Goals

Setting unrealistic big financial goals without ever having manifested something small, like a cup of coffee.

Mistake 3: Negative Magnet

You are in a hurry to attract more money. By the law of the universe, the manifestation is repelled by hurrying.

Mistake 4: Clear direction

Because there isn't a clear direction, a definitive purpose. Confusion, frustration and lack of results sets in.

Mistake 5: Taking action

Wanting and wishing for many things. Yet, afraid to step out of the comfort zone and take action on the dream.

Mistake 6: Affirmations

Writing your affirmations in the morning. Spending the rest of the day in fear and worry, making the affirmation useless.


What is the law of attraction

Simply expressed the law of attraction is a natural, immutable law that ensures you are always being matched to the things, places, conditions and circumstances that correspond to your habitual way of being. You may think of it as "like attracts like" or "birds of the same feather flock together".

What this means is we are not just randomly going through life. There are definite scientifically proven laws that govern our lives, the amount of success we can enjoy and the ease by which we produce results. The law of attraction plays a major role in the quality of our lives whether we realize it or not. The more we learn to align with it and use it to our advantage, the faster the universe will deliver the success we seek. A key part in understanding how to create what you want in life, and to use the law of attraction to accelerate your life and success, is learning how to use your focus, attention and intention as you go about your life:

Step one - Be

The ability to 'be' something is an image that you hold of yourself deep inside your mind. You can 'be' many things. A designer, a mother, a vegetarian etc. The problem comes in when we need to change our state of being. To produce a new and desired result.

Step two - Think

The second thing you need to realise is that your thoughts create your life. A key part in understanding how to use the law of attraction to accelerate your life and success is learning how to use your focus, attention and intention.

Step three - Speak

Your words are very powerful. They usually follow your thoughts. The thoughts and words can work for you or against you. You need to begin speaking yourself into success. Begin using "I am" affirmations. I am successful.

Step four - Act

You're thinking like a successful person and speaking like a wealthy person. Your last step is to act like a successful person. Regardless of what your current situation is we must act as if you are already at your end result.

Creatures of habit

Research proves that we are creatures of habit. That means you run your business and approach your life in a certain systematic way every day.

Positive habits

If you're running on positive habits to attract more success to you, then the law of attraction will work in a positive way.

Destructive habits

If you're running on old, destructive limiting habits, then you will repel success and the law of attraction will seem like it's not working at all.

Self confidence

If you want to take back control and power over your life, you may need to rethink your current life strategy.

The old way

To avoid the painful mistakes so many people are making when trying to manifest what they want. Let go of the old ways.

Endless Possibilities

You will begin to approach your life and wants differently. You will start to see the endless possibilities of empowered living.

Create what you want

The various processes we take you through will be a practical guide that leads you to a life of greater freedom, self empowerment and wealth.

Learn how to manifest

If you want to become a healthy, wealthier, wiser version of yourself in personal and business matters.

Law of attraction courses

These law of attraction courses make it easier than ever before in a practical way to create the life you want.

Learn how to start using the law of attraction

Learn how to start using the Law of Attraction

The biggest complaints we have received from our students when it comes to law of attraction communities and teachers, is their tendency to make it too abstract and whimsical. We struggled with this for a long time.

This is why we have spent years obsessively working to make the law of attraction more practical and applicable.

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Petri, to my biggest surprise! It worked! Within the first month I had a magical turnaround resulting in an increase in my income from startup to $12.000 per month. By far the best program I have been a part of. Highly recommended!

Timi Lindemann Sweden

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