Learn how to apply the law of attraction using execution plans

The most frequent complaints we hear from our students about law of attraction communities and instructors is their tendency to make it too abstract and whimsical.

This is why we have spent years obsessively working to make the courses more practical and applicable. The courses we’ve created are now called Execution Plans.

Execution plans are goal achievement checklists on steroids.

The Dreammaker Manifesting model

Each of our courses use the four-step process for applying the law of attraction.

law of attraction be specific write down

1. Be specific

Get crystal clear about your dream and what you wish to attract into your life. Clearly map out what you want. Be definite and write it down in as much detail as possible.


2. Visualize

Take time each day to visualize what you want on a daily basis. This will create a magnetic field of attraction moving you closer toward the specific chosen dream.

systematized thinking repeat

3. Systematized thinking

Through repetition and affirmations an impression is made in the subconscious mind, which transmits a frequency that matches you to all things corresponding.

receive what you want loa

4. Receive what you want

Pump up your self-belief and open yourself up to receive your dream. The more you live in positive anticipation the faster your dream will turn into reality.

What you will receive

Besides goalsetting, execution plans and the 4-step core manifesting process, we also offer other life changing benefits.

What we expect from you

The basic rule of life is this: if you’re easy on yourself, life is hard. If you’re self disciplined and hard on yourself, life becomes easy. We ask you to commit to the process with a daily focus.


Although the Law of Attraction has produced financial empowerment and positive results for our students, the field of mind power is still considered experimental. Although DreamMaker’s execution plans are practical, they are not a substitute for taking action to achieve your goals. We offer this information as Certified Business Coaches and Certified Business Processes instructors.

We’re Here To Help You Manifest

Through Focus, Processes & Persistance

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