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Unfortunately, the phrase “Law of Attraction” has become so popularized and misinterpreted that many people mistakenly believe it is only about attracting and manufacturing “things.”

But, the Law of Attraction is much more than simply “like attracts like.” It’s a philosophy, a metaphysical axiom, a belief system, a movement, and – to many people’s surprise – one of the most difficult words in the English language.

It is based on the idea that everything—from all matter, all thought forms, and all physical and non-physical energies, people, events, things, ideas—is a part of ONE SUPPLY.

Vibrations of similar energy and similar frequencies of thought are attracted to one another, accumulating themselves around people’s ideas, attitudes, and beliefs that are receptive tuned to them (regardless of whether or not it is wanted).

The Law of Attraction says that LIFE is SUPPOSED to be FUN!

The most effective method for attracting the wonderful, happy, feel-good life of your desires is to connect with the positively-oriented and loving vibration of Source Energy.

For a deeper explanation, see the “What Is Law of Attraction” page for more information….


An acronym for the word Law of Attraction – often used by people who do not wish to type out the “long” sentence in all it’s glory!


The “Abraham” jargon is also used to refer to the teachings given in the Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing seminars, which are often known as “Abe.”.


The Teachings of Abraham are a collection of the writings, lectures, and recorded conversations that define this spiritual teacher. For additional information, see the website


It’s the most comparable energy position or state of adjustment between one’s thoughts/object of attention and the emotion of one’s desired reality in LoA language. Adjusting your attention to match how you want to feel, such that they have the same quality or frequency of energy. To be in sync is to think ideas that naturally lead to a feeling of peace, love, happiness, contentment, calmness, or excitement. To be set up in the flow, have an open valve, feel tuned-in, in the zone, or positively focused.

Art of Allowing:

The term is sometimes used to refer to the Law of Attraction seminars developed and presented by Abraham-Hicks, as well as the ability to let life occur, receive, and allow one’s experiences without fighting them or trying to change them.


The term “Book of Positive Aspects” refers to an abbreviated phrase that means “book of positive aspects.” It is a way to find and/or compile lists of good qualities, by focusing on people’s and situations’ positive characteristics and recording them.


The term “uumph” has been popular lately in the Abraham Hicks workshops to refer to the “power,” or “punch,” of attraction energy that is accessible when you identify ‘what you DO want instead’ while feeling bad emotion. Using an energetic trampoline to leap up to a higher understanding and clarity about what you DO desire.


The banquet table of life, also known as the entire array of human experiences accessible to humans from which to sample various things, “taste” them, and express preferences.


In the Teachings of LOA, contrast is a term that’s frequently used; it refers to everything we encounter in life, everything that happens to us, around us, and others, as well as all experiential information that enters our awareness. If you consider only the negative aspects or problems, it’s easy to make contrast a pejorative term, but in Law of Attraction terms, there is no such thing as good or bad; everything is just information that exists. Everything in life, from the major events to the small details, is a reflection of what has been attracted thus far, as an indication of where resistance may be found, and as a chance to fine-tune one’s thoughts on the issue. Contrast is supposed to assist us in recognizing the “obstacles” in our own thoughts by revealing the shadows of what has manifested, since all good all of the time is both impossible (and not what life is for!)

Disc, High-Flying Disc:

The disc lingo is a metaphor that Abraham has lately utilized to help people imagine the emotional scale’s levels of consciousness in a more tangible way.. Imagine a lift that’s made of spinning energetic discs at various levels, with the lower discs having more powerful emotions such as annoyed or discouragement, but the higher-flying discs being emotions like contentment, excitement, curiosity, eagerness, or pleasure. You choose the disc (level) you want to be on by permitting thoughts, memories, and stimuli into your attention and focus.


A common phrase in the Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing seminars, which represents “to go with the flow,” to accept an idea, concept, or situation, or to obtain some comfort from negative ideas on a certain issue. To “go down stream” in a Law of Attraction sense is to “let it be,” concentrate on the good elements of the situation, and allow life to take you where it may – It is critical to self-improvement to conceive of a plan for improving your life. You should make an effort to alter your thinking or beliefs so that you are more optimistic, peaceful, and pleased with life.


Signs, evidence, or indicators that what you want is beginning to materialize all around you. It’s a metaphor for how ships used to travel across oceans, when they would be out at sea for months at a time and could tell that they were approaching land long before they saw it, since there would begin to driftwood in the ocean around them. That’s when you get “driftwood” in your consciousness, indicating that the desire is gaining strength before you can actually see it in your life, if you begin to notice other people who have what you want surrounding you, the topic comes up in conversation, or a sudden appearance of your dream car all over town.

Emotional Scale of consciousness:

The emotional states in terms of their vibrational frequencies and energy “distance” from the truth of your natural state/Inner Being and Source Energy consciousness. Shame is at the bottom of the emotional spectrum, along with fear, desolation, and powerlessness. Joy, empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation, and passion are at the top. (See full page on the Map of Consciousness here.)


See Vibrational Escrow (below, toward the bottom of this Law of Attraction Glossary page).


To grow in size, extent, volume, amount, or scope.


Around a person based on the thoughts, ideas, words, attention, and focus of that time. It’s the most similar to the Vortex, and it’s a technique for seeing how ideas’ energetic vibration becomes a material reality.


In advance, make affirmative statements of what you DO want to have, be, do, experience, or would like to have happen. To be intentional implies having a positively focused concept, strategy, or aim in mind, as well as visualizing yourself achieving it.

Law of Attraction/LoA:

In essence, the law of attraction is the principle that like attracts like. In other words, what we focus on expands. So if we want to create more of something in our lives — whether it’s happiness, love, money or success — we need to start by focusing on those things. See also: Law of attraction stats and scientific facts.

Laying New Pipes:

Some lingo from an Abraham-Hicks analogy about subterranean pipes that were clogged with roots. So, rather than trying to clean the existing pipes, it was more sensible and cost-effective to “install new pipes”. You are always seeking for a new way to improve your life. So, it is best to focus on creating positive new beliefs and adopting good habits of thought rather than attempting to “get to the bottom” of painful issues/problems.

Low-hanging Fruit:

Something that is easy to achieve. That is why there are several alternatives for you to feel good about yourself and concentrate on things that you like/do not have any negative connotations with in the Law of Attraction.


In simple terms, anything that is (good or bad) that comes into physical existence after having been merely a vision, an idea, a wish, a concept, or a plan. Anything, or everything, that occurs to you, or enters your consciousness as a thing, a feeling, an emotion, or information of any sort is considered a manifestation. The act of deliberately intending to make an idea a reality is also known as manifestation.


In LoA jargon, the intensity is the accumulation of energy, which is also known as intensity. The amount, direction, speed, and quantity of thoughts, feelings/emotions, vibrations are all examples of rises in any subject you have strong emotions/opinions about that resist slowing down. Begin thinking more general and nonspecific concepts to reduce the effectiveness of your manifestations. Focus on more particular and detailed thoughts to increase the momentum.

Raise your vibration:

Your thoughts and emotions create and raise your vibration which you can raise or lower depending on what’s going well for the person who has just walked through your door.

The key here is balance – find that happy medium where everything feels great but isn’t over-the top, like they’re trying too hard!


Feeling angry, dissatisfied, irritable, unpleasant, and crotchety are all symptoms of a bad mood. Occasionally, you feel out of sync with the Universe as a result of attractively attracting more of the same.


To intentionally divert your attention away from an undesirable experience or circumstance and concentrate on thinking about what you would prefer instead (or onto a totally different subject.) To immediately concentrate your attention on something enjoyable rather than what is currently taking place.

Point of Attraction:

The balance of vibrational energy and focus that determines what will be manifested. For example, the desire to have healthy health vs. the goal of avoiding illness are two competing views on the same subject, health. The critical element of interest is the place where most of one’s thinking and belief happens; it’s like the grammatical subject of a sentence. Cancer is the purpose of attraction if one tries to eat healthfully in order to avoid getting it. If exercise is primarily intended to make you feel powerful and energetic, attraction is focused on vitality; Strong and healthy feelings. If the goal of dieting is to reduce weight, or not gain weight, the aim of attraction is “weight” (which then manifests more of that, eventually).

Rampage of Appreciation:

This is an unusual, yet popular, Law of Attraction phrase…. It means to continuously speak or write for a lengthy period of time, expressing love, pleasure, appreciation, gratitude, and enjoyment for individuals, things, or events in your life.


In its most basic sense, resistance is the act of thinking negatively, having negative thoughts, adopting unhealthy behaviors and attitudes, having unpleasant feelings or expectations, and believing in harmful ideas. The notion of “resistance” refers to attempting to reign in the uncontrollable or being irritated at not being able to do so.

Source/Source Energy:

Source Energy is a term that’s sometimes used interchangeably with God, The Universe, Higher Power, Divine, Absolute Being, Creator, Spirit, and even the Vortex in the Abraham teachings. It’s the inaudible energy that courses through everyone and everything, the life-force of thoughts, ideas, and consciousness, and it’s often equated with love.


The feeling of being overwhelmed by a preponderance of negative emotions and struggling to cope with life is referred to as overwhelm. It’s a metaphor for “paddling against the current” and not “going with the flow” while working too hard at something (figuratively speaking.) When you’re mad or upset, it’s known in Abraham Hicks circles as “goin’ upstream.”

Valve/Open Valve:

A phrase often seen in the Law of Attraction/Sara book series, by Esther Hicks. To keep one’s valve open is to maintain an open-hearted attitude and move peaceful, constructive ideas in sync with the perpetual stream of pure good energy that surrounds us at all times. It’s a metaphor for a water tap, or a hose, which is always linked to the water source but can only deliver water when the valve is set to the open position. To have an open valve is to be thinking, speaking, or acting with the energy of praise, approval, admiration, and good intentions.


The quality, frequency, or tenor of the emotional energy that is released into the Universe when you think about anything, speak about it, or act on it.

Vibrational Escrow, Vibrational Reality:

Is the LoA lingo for an energetic version of an escrow “account,” (such as those employed in major transactions, which have numerous phases that occur over time and several elements that come together separately before the overall “deal” can be completed.) All of one’s “as yet to be manifested” aspirations are supposed to exist “IN” Vibrational Reality, Vibrational Escrow (sometimes referred to as V.E.), or in the vortex. …It’s the temporary, active “holding zone” where thoughts and desires congregate and gather steam until such time as one is in alignment with them, at which point they become visible. The phrase “in V.E.” implies that the newly discovered and clarified wants have already BEEN formed mentally and energetically, are currently attracting and realising them (though not yet visible in physical world reality).

Vibrational Match:

Every idea, feeling, emotion, attitude, goal, and manifestation has an energy to it; it also has a “vibe.” (Consider how you can tell when the person standing next to you is furious, even if nothing is said or done.) A vibration is a type of energy or mood that something or someone has, and it draws people, circumstances, ideas, and thoughts to itself. Attracted to one another, thoughts/things with a similar “vibe” (within a comparable energy frequency range) or with similar intentions are those that are in tune. When people are in a good mood, they’re typically repulsed by someone who is in a bad mood (or vice versa). Instead of dealing with individuals or circumstances (which are made up of many thoughts and vibrational connections simultaneously, as well as the ability to override their natural inclinations), the pattern of vibrational match may be identified more.


To be in the Vortex, or to enter it, is to be in a completely positive condition; comparable to being “in the flow,” “in the groove,” or simply very satisfied, blissful, peaceful, or supremely calm. What a person feels when they are in the Vortex is to be “in love with everything,” which is what it means to be “in the Vortex.” It’s the vibration of Source Energy, and being in tune with it gives you a sense of complete satisfaction with your present situation, as it is. The term “vortex” is also employed to describe one’s “Vibrational Escrow” or “Vibrational Reality.”.


In the language of the Law of Attraction, well-being is the Source of ALL that IS – it is peace, contentment, ease, joy, love, health, and vitality — and it’s what life should feel like! At the heart of each person is absolute and complete well-being, which is the essence of who we truly are at the Soul level. The degree to which our life doesn’t appear to be perfect well-being most of the time corresponds directly with the degree to which we hold resistant and negative ideas (usually completely unwittingly!)


Feeling emotionally off-kilter, insecure, and unsteady. It also refers to a transitional zone between a new desire and absolute knowingness or certitude that it is already made and on its way to you, even if it hasn’t yet materialized in physical form. To feel the wobble is to be vibrating somewhere in the middle of the Emotional Scale (boredom, irritation, annoyance, worry, doubt) and is an indication that you should find another source of inspiration.