Is the law of attraction real?

An Easy Guide To Checking If The Law of Attraction Is Real

Is the Law of Attraction Real

The reality

A lot has been said and written about the law of attraction. There is so much information out there if you needed it yet there is still one question that still bugs most people.

It's Physics

The law of attraction is real. Its simply a law of the universe, just like the law of gravity. There are so many people who have used it to manifest happiness and success in their lives. However, whether it works or not depends on many factors.

Techniques - Is Law of Attraction Real

The law of attraction involves techniques you need to learn before you can start manifesting things in your life. With the right attitude, optimism, and commitment, you can easily use the law to your benefit.

Decisiveness - Is Law of Attraction Real

The first thing is to decide on what you really want. That’s why we keep searching even when it appears we have it all. It’s very important though to have a clear vision of what you want.

What Is the law of attraction?

What Is The Law Of Attraction

Is the law of attraction real? Simply put, the law of attraction is basically the ability to attract whatever our mind is focused on. Its sounds simple but it’s actually a little tricky especially for beginners. The law of attraction is a belief that the universe responds to your thoughts.

It provides positive things for you or negative. It creates for you what you are thinking about. To change, you need to start telling a better story. The universal premise or law that underpins LOA is simple, “Like attracts like”. In other words, positive thoughts will attract positive consequences and negative thoughts will attract negative consequences.

What Would You Use the Law of Attraction For

The most important thing in the law of attraction is thought, to simply start thinking about what you want. Focus your mind on it, imagine yourself having it, and think about it every day. You can use the law of attraction to manifest financial abundance in your life, love and relationships, spiritual awakening, good health amongst other things.

The only thing that can limit you is yourself. If you believe that you can truly attract what you want in your life by simply thinking about it, then it’s very likely you will. However, if you go into this with a doubtful mentality, it’s going to be very hard to manifest. Eventually you’ll get frustrated. Success with the law of attraction starts by believing that it exists and that it works.

What Would You Use the Law of Attraction For
Simple Steps is the Law of Attraction real

Simple Steps in Using the Law of Attraction

There are three simple steps to manifesting you can take, in order to use the law of attraction to your advantage. It doesn’t matter whether you have done this before or not. These simple steps provide the perfect starting point for anyone. Here they are:

Make Your Decision

This is a highly relevant and critical component of the law of attraction and it will make the difference between success and failure. As a rule of thumb, sometimes it helps to start small. If you are new to the LOA, instead of trying to manifest financial abundance right away, how about starting with something simple like a nice cooked lunch?

Think about it, focus on it all day and see if it manifests. But there is no limit as to what you can manifest using the law of attraction. Better story, positive things, happiness.

Make Your Decision is the law of attraction real?
Meditating and Focusing On What You Want

Meditating and Focusing On What You Want

Once you have decided what you really want, it’s now time to focus your mind on it. When it comes to manifestation it’s not enough to just think about what you want. You need to incorporate all your senses in your vision.

Let’s say for example you want to manifest a car. As you focus your mind on it, don’t just focus on how it looks. How does it smell? See yourself touching it. How does it feel? What are the emotions involved? How does it sound? How do you feel now that you are driving it?

Meditation for the law of attraction has to be fully immersive. This is going to make it easier for you to manifest what you want.

Start Believing

The universe works in a very interesting way. If you don’t believe you deserve what you want, then it’s very likely you are not going to get it. We all have our insecurities. In our subconscious mind there is that small voice that keeps telling us we are not good enough, we don’t deserve this and so on and so forth.

You must quite that voice. You need to feel better about yourself. Do not let your circumstances define who you are. Keep the faith and believe that you are destined for great things. Once you have removed these limiting beliefs in your thought process you will be ready to manifest whatever you want in your life.

Start Believing - is the law of attraction real