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You’ve been trying to manifest love, money, and things for a while now.

But you spend hours in Facebook groups learning about the latest and greatest LOA techniques, yet, you’ve made very little progress.

The last thing you feel like doing during the week and on weekends is to raise your vibration.

What if I told you that by changing your daily habits, you could double your manifesting powers, get clarity about your direction, and finally raise your vibration to be in alignment with what you want and to manifest it?

All you have to do is maintain a consistent alignment of your physical, mental, and emotional states throughout the day.

As a result, you’ll experience what many athletes describe as being in the zone. Psychologically, you vibrate higher on the scale of consciousness and enter the flow state, and emotionally, you’re able to work on purpose and with integrity.

Only then can you truly be great at manifesting, and to use manifestation techniques attract all the things you want and need.

So, how do we align the physical, mental, and emotional so we can do our best work?

In Dr. David Hawkin’s book, The Map of Consciousness Explained: A Proven Energy Scale to Actualize Your Ultimate Potential, he says that when you are vibrating at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier, and more at ease. Almost all spiritual traditions point the way toward higher realms of consciousness, and scientific studies (like that of consciousness research and spirituality author Dr. David Hawkins) have even quantified the vibrations of different states of being to create a scale of consciousness.


We may accomplish this by changing our daily routines to focus our attention on the work we love most, and it can help us develop our businesses and improve our lives in the process.

What does raising your vibration mean?

People who live in the higher vibrations are usually self-aware and intentional with their life choices and tend to be more relaxed and centered than those stuck in lower vibrations.

The great news is that raising your vibration takes no exceptional talent or ability – anyone can do it.

  • High vibration is how you feel positive emotions like happiness, joy, peace, and love.
  • Feeling these emotions allows your energy to flow towards the high vibrations of creativity, inspiration, and intuition.

When you feel this way, you experience life differently; good things happen for you and contribute good things to others.

So how do you raise your vibration?

Here are sixteen easy ways to raise your vibration fast:

1. Gratitude


Practice gratitude by writing down three things you’re grateful for every day. Start a gratitude ritual every night before bed, and list 5 to 10 things that made you happy that day. Notice not just material things or outer circumstances but things like the rain after a long drought, a good conversation with someone you love.

Gratitude raises your vibration because you move from a place of lack to one of abundance.

Stop thinking, start feeling
The more you think, the denser your world gets – and the less happiness you feel. So if you find yourself having a conversation in your head instead of with another person, stop the thought!

Practice being here now – focus on the now.

2. Love


Start loving yourself, not in a self-aggrandizing way but by treating yourself the way you want to be treated. Let go of negative thoughts or feelings about other people and replace them with affectionate ones.

Love is one of the most powerful vibrational states of being (the fourth on Hawkins’ scale of consciousness) and has the ability to extricate you from even the most difficult situations. Attune your heart to love, and your energy will begin to soar.

3. Generosity


Anytime you are being stingy with love and money, have the thought of being generous instead. Make a list of all the ways you’re cheap and what it would be like to be more giving. It doesn’t have to be about money; it can be about giving your time, energy, etc.

4. Meditation, Yoga, and Qi-Gong exercises


Significantly improve your positivity and help you feel better in many ways.

Meditation is helpful because it makes you focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the future or ruminating about the past. When your mind wanders, bring yourself back to what you were doing. Meditation, combined with deep breathing, can decrease stress levels helping with positivity.

One of the best ways to stay positive is by connecting with nature, and Yoga can help with that. Yoga helps improve many aspects of your life, like physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being, giving you a more positive outlook on life which then transfers to the things close to you. Your family, friends, and workmates will be much happier with your new calm approach.

This exercise helps relax the body and mind, helping with stress and increasing positivity. Qi-Gong is a form of exercise that works with the Qi or energy in your body to increase balance and well-being. Practicing this for even half an hour per day can help you relax, focus more and ultimately feel better about life. There are many forms of Qi-Gong that you could try out, so find one that suits you.

5. Gratitude Journaling


A gratitude diary is simply a method to keep track of the blessings in life. There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how terrible or defeating life may appear.

Every day writes down three things that you are grateful for.

In this way, you’ll constantly be reminding yourself of the positive aspects of your life, and it will help you look at the positive side of every situation.

6. Practice Forgiveness


According to Abraham-Hicks’ emotional guidance scale, blame has a low energy level. Blame is ranked 15 out of a possible 22 emotions (starting with the most energetic at number 1 and ending with the least emotional at 22). If you can forgive others, you’ll be able to let go of this low energy that may weigh on you like a bowling ball and help you move up the scale.

Acceptance and Forgiveness
Once you’ve let go of the negativity, accept things as they are. When someone does something hurtful to you, it’s OK to forgive them for their actions (not the person), but don’t trust or forgive them personally; that comes with time . In the meantime, you can go up the scale by forgiving only partially. For example, if someone betrays your trust, accept that it happened and forgive them for what they did but don’t let them back in completely…yet.

Love and Forgiveness
When you think about forgiveness, the first thing that comes to mind may be a relationship where you have been betrayed or badly hurt by someone. But self-forgiveness is every bit as important. Self-judgment, guilt, and low self-esteem also devastate your energy system because they separate you from.

Forgiveness is a big one with a high emotional charge so be careful with this one.

7. Patience


Start practicing patience by taking a breath before responding to someone who irritates or annoys you. Just wait 24 hours before you reply to an annoying email so

8. Eat real food from the Source

Choose your foods carefully. Junk food, fast food, and all the culinary delights of modern society are unreal. They’ve been cooked up in a lab by intelligent people who know how to make you buy more than your body needs.

9. Eliminate alcohol and other toxins from your body

If you drink, do so in moderation. Alcohol is a toxin, so limit your intake. However, if you wish to raise your vibration, your body must be clean.

10. Exercise Regularly


When your body is fit, you feel better, so exercise at least 30 minutes a day to improve your health and stay in shape. Start by walking for an hour three times a week, then gradually work up to jogging for 30 minutes every day.

11. Spend time in nature


Spend time in nature every day to reconnect with the Source of all life on Earth. If possible, go hiking in the woods or sit under a tree and meditate. Research has shown that spending time in nature can improve your mood, energy levels, and mental focus.

12. The power of positive thinking


When you focus on the positive, your energy flows better through your body, making you feel better. Try smiling or laughing more often to see if it makes you feel better. Notice when something good happens during the day and appreciate it.

Keyword: positive thinking

Remember: positive energy attracts.

Remember: negative energy repels and damages.

13. Watch high-vibe Music, TV, books, and movies


Research has shown that watching high-vibe TV (such as comedy) can make you feel better while watching sad or scary shows can worsen your mood. The same goes for music. When listening to music, choose the lyrics that are evocative of uplifting feelings or 432 Hz, such as gratefulness and appreciation.

Play uplifting music at home and work. Music influences your thoughts and feelings. Research has found that listening to classical music can make you more creative while listening to up-tempo dance.

The same goes for books.

14. Surround yourself with beauty


Beautiful things influence our emotions.

Try to surround yourself with beautiful photos, art, furniture, clothing, flowers, or landscaping.

15. Go for a walk outside


When was the last time you went for a walk outside? Our ancestors once walked daily, but most of us nowadays don’t. You can take your coworkers or family along or enjoy it alone to recharge and revitalize.

Try taking an hour every day to bask in nature, where you’ll be exposed to scents, sights and refreshen your mind.

16. Make sure that your friendships are vibing high


Make sure that your friendships vibrate high and aren’t draining or unsatisfying. If not, have an honest talk with your friends about how they make you feel and ask them to support you in being happier.

17. Get Rid of Negative People


If your friends are engaging in harmful behavior that’s bringing you down, then distance yourself from them or end the friendship altogether. The

Remember that you’re the average of the five closest to you regarding everything. If you hang out with people who work in a factory, you’ll get their ideas, energy and become like them.

Surround yourself with people who are happy, positive, supportive, and fun to be around. Surround yourself with people who do what they love and love what they do.

Avoid low vibration people.

18. Make sure that your significant other or partner is high-vibe


It would help if you only were around positive, uplifting people and had good energy. No gossiping! If you are in a relationship, ensure that it’s one of love, respect, and supportiveness.

Change it if you don’t think your loved one has good energy. Please don’t complain about them. If you need to get rid of them, cut them out of your life entirely or wish them well and move on with your life. You can do it!


When our vibration is high, we attract good things, and our lives feel more joyful.

  • Raising your vibration is essential for a happy and abundant life.
  • Raising your vibration raises your consciousness, leading to greater peace of mind.
  • Raising your vibration naturally helps heal physical health conditions because it stimulates your life energy.
  • It enables you to tune into the spiritual world around us, bringing meaning to life.
  • It allows free you from destructive thought patterns that keep you stuck in the lower vibrations.

On the other hand, when our vibration is low, we attract more struggle and negativity into our lives. We feel stuck in depression, anxiety, anger, or lack motivation.

We feel stuck in the rat race, spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere.

We are afraid to take risks because we fear it will ruin all that we are trying to build.

Seeing no way out, many of us fall into a deep misery that can be destructive to both our physical health as well as society at large.

petri maatta, CEO
Petri Maatta

Petri Maatta is a photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner who has been working for over 20 years in the creative industry. Fascinated by manifesting for business reasons, Petri was determined to find out what it took to create success. He started his career with seven years of business failures before he found success by learning about manifesting from a mentor with a Fortune 500 company. Today Petri shares his knowledge through DreamMaker courses designed to help people change their businesses and lives while living on their terms.

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