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low vibration

Do you ever feel like you’re just not resonating with someone or that they’re operating on a low vibration frequency that’s just too low for you?

Well, it turns out that there may be something to that.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the idea of low vibrational people and what it means for your interactions with them.

Whether you’re trying to raise your vibration or avoid draining energy from others, this is some valuable information to keep in mind.

So, let’s dive in!

What Are Low Vibrational People?

The term “low vibrational people” refers to a group of individuals who are not attuned to their own or others’ true energetic state. They may be able to recognize harmful energy, but they don’t know how to work with it effectively.

Low vibrational people tend to seek out other low vibrational people, which can make for some negative effects in life . For example, if you’re trying to raise your vibration, but you’re constantly around low vibrational people, it can be difficult to make any progress.

It’s not that low vibrational people are bad or evil, it’s just that their energy is out of alignment.

This can manifest in a number of ways, including:

44 Signs You Have a Low Vibration

44 Signs You Have a Low Vibration

It’s natural to feel down from time to time.

No matter if you lost your job or your house caught fire, you can’t be happy. It’s good to accept unpleasant feelings all the way, so embrace your melancholy fully. You’re not Norman Bates!

However, if your general attitude and way of life have been characterized by low vibration — if you’re now in the same league as Woody Allen — it’s time to make some adjustments.

You can’t continue living this way.

It’s not beneficial to you, your family, or your career.

Take a look at these characteristics of low vibrational people to determine if you’re exhibiting low vibes before you repair your vibes.

This is also a roadmap, so you’ll know where you need to focus your efforts.

Signs You Have Low Vibration Energy

Signs You Have Low Vibration Energy

  • You find happy people annoying.

When others laugh and smile a lot, it makes you uncomfortable because you believe that they’re only pretending or that they’re rubbing their joy in your face.

  • You feel lost in life.

Even though you’ve taken the Myers Briggs or True Passion Test test a dozen times, you still haven’t figured out your life purpose. Okay, life purpose is a serious issue, but you don’t have anything that brings you joy. This makes you angry toward individuals who have already mastered the art.

  • You have a low tolerance for bullshit.

Your terrible radar is so sensitive that you become irritated too quickly. You can’t help but call them out when they say negative things since these individuals shouldn’t be allowed to live their lives as though they have impunity.

  • You find six things to complain about before breakfast.

You despise the noises your neighbors make, you despise your S.O.’s cooking, and you loathe your closest friend for not responding to your messages once more. It’s as if you’ve always woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

  • You constantly think about death, how fleeting life is, and how much you want to live.

What’s the point of living if we’ll all die and no one will remember us in a decade or two? What’s the use of reaching out and being nice to others when everything is merely passing?

  • You’re certain that you can’t claim to be excellent in just one area.

Some folks are just born with an abundance of gifts and abilities. But you feel like there’s nothing you’re genuinely good at. There’s absolutely nothing! It makes you furious and embarrassed.

  • You’re always waiting for a turning point.

You’re not exactly thrilled with your life, and you’re anticipating a major change. You think it might play out like those quick montage sequences in films, where the protagonist’s life goes from being a loser to an instant winner. You’re just waiting and waiting and waiting…

  • The future doesn’t excite you.

You sense that life is passing you by. Everyone is getting married, obtaining raises, and having children. But you’ve been in the same position for years now, and you don’t believe anything will change in the next ten years.

  • You keep a long list of the bad stuff from the past.

When you think back on your life, the first things that come to mind are the bad experiences — when your parents yelled at you, when others bullied you, or when someone broke your heart. You just can’t let go of them, and you frequently lay blame for your failures at those times.

  • Your motto has become “I’ll show you.”

But then you realize that so many people have belittled you, and you can’t wait to show them how far you’ve come…except that you’re still not there. But they have to wait!

  • You see the world in dark-colored glasses.

You’re a pessimist, and you know it, but you choose to be one because it keeps you from being too wounded or disappointed. When people speak with you, they may feel down for a moment, but they shouldn’t expect everyone to be as happy as they are. Your intentions are good: you don’t want them to have false expectations since you understand how devastating it is when people get their hopes up only to be let down.

  • Your hobby is judging people.

It’s become your favorite pastime since it allows you to enjoy yourself immensely by analyzing people, especially their faults and how they live their lives. It makes you glad that others are far more miserable than you.

  • When something great happens to others (particularly your friends), you panic.

You panic when someone announces they are relocating to Canada. You’re frightened that everyone else has figured out their lives, but you haven’t.

  • When good things happen to you, you panic.

Let’s suppose you went on a date and discovered that you and the other person hit it off…that true love is heading your way. You become anxious because you know it’s too well to be true, and things will fall apart sooner or later.

  • You believe that others do not like you (and you can’t blame them)

You can’t determine precisely since there are no obvious signals that they don’t like you (no one dares to tell you this), but you just HAVE A FEELING. They don’t want you around, and you believe it’s because of your harmful habits.

  • When you’re around, people get a little nervous.

You feel something strange happening when you cross over into their world. The air seems to alter. For a few seconds, they stutter and halt talking. They won’t tell you straight out when you’re nearby, but they do so quietly.

  • You’re losing friends left and right.

As we age, our friendships become less important, and one poor decision or bad encounter might be all it takes to end a relationship. We don’t want to keep pals if they’re toxic. According to you, your buddies have distanced themselves from you, implying that you’re a “brutally honest” and unpleasant person.

  • You’ve resorted to bad habits.

Because you’re bored, terrified, and lonely, you smoke a lot and drink a lot. Depression is linked to addictive actions; therefore, having a bad vibe has immediate consequences on our mental and physical health.

  • You feel like no one gets you.

You feel like something is wrong with you intrinsically, making you feel like a freak.

  • They say you’re closed off

It’s fantastic to chat with individuals…unless they ask many questions. You’ve built walls because you don’t trust people easily, and there’s nothing in your life that you’re genuinely proud of. You are aware that if you allow them in, they will begin to see how pathetic you are.

  • They say you’re somewhat close-minded.

It’s not that you’re close-minded; it’s just that very few people can persuade you to look at the other side of the issue. You’re flexible and open, whereas they’re just not too bright.

  • You know you’re smarter than everyone else.

You aren’t that disappointed about not having many friends since intelligence has, on average fewer pals. Your goal isn’t to be liked; it’s to educate idiots or, at the very least, expose their stupidity. It’s your duty to humanity.

  • You hate people who are “shallow” and “superficial” (and there’s a lot of them!)

The Live, Love, laugh personalities are a no-no for you. They’re too basic. You despise it that they’re the ones who are constantly cheerful. Ignorance is bliss. They love to drink their Starbucks and snap photos on Instagram. Bah!

  • You hate people whose only main goal is to get filthy rich.

For you, these folks are why the world is such a miserable place to live in. They take and take and take! They’re too straight for your tastes, so you wouldn’t want to be seen with them.

  • You enjoy a good debate…even a bad one.

You find it hard to believe that people take opposing viewpoints too personally when those disagreements are only intended to be a good debate in which everyone learns something (to them, of course). To you, the individuals who get upset are just big babies.

  • You feel like your boundaries are often violated.

Set firm limits, especially if you’re a sensitive person. It feels like you feel frequently disrespected when people share things because they make you feel uncomfortable. You feel disrespected often.

  • You nitpick and find something wrong with everything.

You’re a real stickler, and you can’t help it. You believe that your criticisms are correct and that people are overly sensitive. Someone has to tell them straight if something isn’t working to improve.

  • You love gossip

You consume gossip for breakfast, lunch, and supper. It provides you with a rush to discuss other people’s sordid situations. It’s fascinating to learn how others ruin their own lives.

  • You try to suppress your dark side.

According to Carl Jung, we conceal aspects of our personality from ourselves because they are rejected. The shadow self is called when we don’t recognize our dark side. We won’t realize who we truly are if we don’t accept our shadow self, so we’ll be trapped.

  • You find the need to fix others.

You enjoy pointing out the flaws in others’ lives and how they may improve them since you find it difficult to do so yourself. You sometimes do this to less powerful people than you, such as your children or younger siblings.

  • You don’t think you’ll be able to accomplish your objectives.

You don’t believe you’ll be the same person for the rest of your life and that you lack the skills to succeed. You give off this vibe to others, which chips away at their confidence.

  • You’re full of insecurities.

You can’t point to anything about yourself that you’re genuinely proud of. Your career is uninteresting, your skills don’t exist, and your face resembles a pizza. What’s more, you can’t even joke about them anymore.

  • You feel like everyone is having a blast without you.

You believe they’re only acting as they care about you, but they can’t wait for you to leave the party. And once you’ve left the scene, you know they’re having more fun since you aren’t there anymore.

  • You think that life is a hard and unjust experience.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy, according to some. Things won’t always get better, according to others. People who are stop*d are the ones who say that. If you accept that life is not all roses for you, you’re much better off and learn to deal with it early on.

  • You don’t feel like you’re being asked anything wrong.

They want to know about your relationship, and you feel that they want to hear negative things to be happy in their relationships. They ask about your career, and you feel like they’re just trying to compete.

  • It might be difficult for you to rejoice in your friends’ accomplishments.

You already know you’re supposed to be happy for them, but if you’re being honest, it kills you when they reach a goal because your fake congratulations and hope they don’t notice your conflicting emotions. Every wedding, house warming party, and baby shower adds to the pile.

  • Only those who are likewise afflicted should be your partners.

To you, they have personality! However, you feel left out when you’re with your more successful pals and coworkers. That’s why you like to be with individuals going through the same things as you to remain on the same level.

  • You have received more than one complaint from others claiming that you are a narc.

You do not believe you have a full-blown narcissistic personality condition, but you acknowledge that you exhibit some characteristics such as fragile self-esteem and unethical actions.

  • You believe in Murphy’s Law.

Isn’t it true that everything that can go wrong will go wrong? You anticipate more bad things happening in place of better when you encounter difficulties large and little.

  • You’re ANTI everything.

You despise Valentines, Instagram, and the #metoo movement. You’re a rebel, which is great, but you can also become a hater if you go your way rather than following popular trends. You try to keep quiet, but it appears that people can sense your bad thoughts even if you fake a grin.

  • Your self-sabotage

You already know that certain habits you can have will help you reach your greatest potential. You put things off, go out drinking hard even if (or especially when) there’s a deadline the next day. You’re your own worst enemy at times, and you’re well aware of it.

  • You despise formulating concrete goals or expectations.

You’ve already tried this, and it didn’t work out. You don’t want to plan anymore because it will result in more disappointments, and you’re too old to bounce back from another failure.

  • You believe that everyone is aware of your flaws.

We are our own worst critics, so we worry about our flaws even though no one else seems to notice them. It does, however. You feel that others care so much that your crooked nose, terrible vehicle, or old and bankrupt are because they look at you.

  • You feel like the world owes you a lot.

You believe that the world is unjust to you. You feel that a powerful force has decided your life would be miserable. Despite your best efforts to conceal it, anger becomes evident.

Okay, you have a very low vibration

What now?

You have low vibrational energy if you respond yes to more than half of the abovementioned items.

What should you do? Should you accept who you are? Certainly not!

Your vibration has a powerful influence on your life, and if you let things remain as they are, you will be unhappy (or less happy).

Even if everything in your life goes well, if your vibration is low, you’ll find something to complain about.

You can’t go down the “I am what I am, take it or leave it, I accept myself completely” road. No, no, no! We’re talking about your vibes, not your head shape. You don’t have to embrace negative energy because you CAN make a difference. You must pursue what is truly good for you.

No guarantee reducing your vibration will improve your life. It may, however, make things more bearable…and even enjoyable.

  • Rather than being desperate, you’ll be more enthusiastic about reaching your objectives.
  • Unit cohesion will be improved.
  • You’ll be less concerned and sleep better.
  • The abundance mentality can make you more optimistic and calmer.
  • You can persevere and be successful no matter where your life takes you.

Here are Some Vibes-boosting Ideas to Try

  • Take care of your body.

If you haven’t been sleeping well for weeks, haven’t been eating properly, and haven’t been exercising, it’s reasonable to assume that you won’t be in a good mood. Our psychological state has a big impact on our mental health and emotions.

Get healthier!

  • Have a gratitude journal

Create a list of five things you’re grateful for before getting out of bed. It isn’t necessary to concentrate too much.

There is plenty to be thankful for! Gratitude is the attitude that can improve your vibe!

Be happy that you have your eyes, ears, nose, hands, tongue… and all other body parts!

Thankful that you’re still alive.

Another crucial component of this method is being grateful for your time. This isn’t a Dr. Phil con job. It works because it teaches your brain to seek positive things. Do this every night before going to sleep as well.

Then, do it daily for a month or two if that’s what you choose to do.

You don’t have to keep a journal after you’ve gotten into the routine.

  • Look for “positivity” idols.

Who are those people who exude happiness? Sandra Bullock or Kristin Wiig has far more joyful vibes than Angelina Jolie. Instead of the sad individuals, try to absorb the cheerful ones for at least a month or two.

It doesn’t imply you should look down on people attracted to the dark side. Your type of individual has always been rebellious and melancholy. However, to reset your mind, we should seek more cheery role models.

Consider people you respect that has a high degree of vibration. Please make a list or print photographs of them and be inspired by them.

  • Since you’re anti, try to challenge yourself.

You dislike whatever is popular because you believe that everyone thinks alike. Consider how strange you are daily. Every time you want to criticize, rebel, or despise anything, consider how typical you are. You’re a conformist, non-conformist like millions of others…just like you and me.

Try to take control of your emotions and thoughts. Every time you tell yourself that the world sucks, think about how many people throughout the world feel the same way. Try to get your rebellious self to rebel against your normal attitudes and actions.

  • Take in more positive stuff.

Listen to feel-good music. Read uplifting tales. Be around positive people. Learn how to be more optimistic. Avoid the bad things for a while. For a time, try to avoid spending time with low-vibrational individuals. Stop listening to emo music and watching sad movies.’

You won’t have to do this for the rest of your life. We can’t avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable situations in life. We only need to drag you out of a negative situation and provide you with some mind space so that you may gradually decrease your low vibration over time.

One Last Thing Before You Start Transforming Yourself…

We’re not encouraging you to shift from low to high vibration, as it may appear.

Not really.

No one will recognize you (not even yourself) if you get too high energy because nothing will be left of your basic personality.

You don’t have to alter your personality in any way! If you’re a pessimistic, somewhat sardonic person who occasionally gets bitter, don’t expect to become cheery (although that won’t be so bad either if that’s what you want).

You have nice qualities like being witty and amusing, which I’m sure others adore about you.

The appealing qualities will be dulled if you try to be all good.

Proceed gradually and ask yourself at every stage of transformation if you’re still yourself.

The objective isn’t to turn you from a person with negative energy into someone with positive vibes.

It’s not only impossible, but it would be a shame to lose your distinctiveness!

The goal is to polish your personality and rid yourself of negativity (stay positive) without losing your essence so that you may become a more polished, less quarrelsome, and more optimistic version of yourself.


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