Ever had the feeling time is running away from you? Waking up tired, trying to catch up from the day before, feeling like you are on a merry-go-round and you cannot get off?

To be successful and happy is the goal of everyone, irrespective of their position in life, how much money they have and who they share their lives with.

That's How You Become Happier

Take a look at 19 ways in which you can make your life more enriching, rewarding, prosperous and fulfilling.

Be Happier and More Successful in Your Life

List Of 19 Reasons:

1) Wake up early

Not always easy but waking up early, has been recognised by successful people as one of the reasons for their success. Making efficient use of time is essential to get the most out of it. An organised day, using time effectively reduces stress and allows you to benefit from all the hours in a day.

2) Be Positive

A positive attitude is essential for any success. It allows you to view the world in a brighter, optimistic way. Being positive encourages constructive thinking and helps develop a frame of mind that is conducive to success and happiness, and one that will help deal with any problems that do occur in a constructive manner.

3) Avoid Overworking Yourself

Schedule your day to avoid the stress of deciding which activity has priority. Home, work, family or social expectations can have you going in circles and is very stressful. Balance this with a flexible and adaptable plan that highlights the day's priorities.

4) Celebrate Your Achievements

Acknowledging your success is important, doubly so if you work for yourself. Celebrating you have done well is a physical and emotional reinforcement that your body recognises, in doing so it can produce the dopamine hormone, sometimes called the ‘happy hormone’ which has a knock-on effect of encouraging further achievement.

5) Be Patient

'Patience is a virtue', an old saying but an appropriate one. The drama of getting frustrated when things do not go to your plan can be a self-fulfilling prophecy of a situation going from bad to worse. So, for example, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, call and apologize if you are going to late, switch on some music or do some deep breathing exercises and take the time as a gift. Time for you to use purposefully instead of railing against fate and becoming overly stressed and angry about something you can do nothing about.

6) Challenge Yourself

Growth comes from challenges. Nothing is more demotivating than doing the same boring thing day in and day out. Passion and interest die as does the feeling of contentment or happiness. Your potential is stifled in an environment like this, challenge yourself to new and different avenues to pursue, be innovative and creative. Don’t be afraid!

7) Be Compassionate

Compassion can be learnt and practised by all; not everyone chooses to do so. In a work situation showing your understanding of people’s problems, help in solving them brings you much closer to your workforce and encourages a workforce that is hard working and more loyal. As a human being compassion has its own rewards, bringing joy and happiness to others fulfils you and creates joy around you.

8) Avoid Interruptions

In as much as possible organise your day to limit the distractions of others. Constant interruptions reduce your concentration and therefore the quality and productivity of what you are doing. Make it clear when you can be approached and when it is not appropriate to do so. Avoid your own interruptions, turn off social media or indicate you are not to be disturbed. Close down programs on your computer that are not necessary to the work in hand, i.e., social media, games, other projects - work related or not.

9) Exercise

Exercising is known to have a beneficial effect not only on your physical well-being and appearance but psychologically and emotionally releases hormones in the body that facilitate energy. This energy can then be used to fuel your confidence and application to working successfully, efficiently and happily.

Smile More

10) Smile More

A smile brightens up your face, making you look more presentable and approachable, improving people’s perception of you.  A smile is relaxing and provides a positive reinforcement for your immune system, helping you remain healthy. Research indicates that someone who smiles easily can add up to seven years onto their life, now that is something to smile about!

11) Simplify Your Life

Decluttering your life is a very motivating experience. Simplify areas of your life to reduce stress and free up time. Look at aspects of your life from your wardrobe to your working space and remove the clutter. Simplifying your life is energising and gives more focus to what is really important.

12) Find the Time to Meditate

Meditation and relaxation have been found to be very useful tools in combating stress and stressful situations. Learning and applying these skills is a valid use of your time. Deep breathing exercises can bring immediate results in reducing anger, high blood pressure and potentially unpleasant situations. Your religion is also important in helping to balance and centre you in a busy lifestyle.

13) Have Goals in Life

Setting and achieving goals is all part of being successful, but they do not have to be focused solely on your work. Something to wake up to, a positive and energising thought process that makes you feel part of your world. Create a view to a future you want to be a part of; this can be tomorrow, next year or in the next two decades; set goals to get there and enjoy them when you do.

14) Have More Fun

Finding time to simply enjoy the life you are living is necessary to balance the demands of the workplace and today’s societal demands. Recognise this, share your time with those you love, do the things that bring you pleasure. Forgetting to have fun is to lose sight of why you are working so hard, and then that work becomes a burden, and everything becomes that bit more difficult. Don’t lose the ‘colour’ in your life, do not allow your life to become drab and grey, keep it bright and vibrant.

15) Travel

Exposure to other cultures, interacting with them is challenging, educational and fun! Travel opens you to new ideas, new concepts and different ways to approach things. Travel is a motivating and ultimately satisfying experience that opens the mind to a variety of new possibilities and potentialities.

16) Enjoy the ‘Little Things’ In Life

A glass of wine in your favourite bar, a walk with the dog, cooking with family or friends. The so-called ‘little things; in life that mean so much. These are the activities that bring us pleasure and taking the time to indulge in them benefits in so many ways. Don’t lose sight of them in the path to success. Always be open to new ‘little things’ the positive rewards can be amazing.

17) Develop Close Relationships

Men and women are social people. Having other people in our lives is necessary, being isolated from others is a lonely and demoralising position. Being able to trust, share and experience life with others is positive and enabling. Do not lose sight of your life companions be they family, friend or colleague as they bring a richness that encourages positivity and offers essential support when needed.

18) Take Control of Your Life

Happiness is an internal experience, something you experience from within. It is a personal perception. Creating the environment for happiness is under your control, reduce the negatives in your life, opening the way for changes for the better is something only you can do. Focus on what can be done to improve your life, it is time well spent.

19) Seek Help Whenever You Need It

Recognising when you are struggling or out of your depth is as important as the ability to ask for help. Trying to solve everything life can throw at you on your own is stressful and destructive, especially when there are others who can support and advise. Seek these people out, they could be professional, close friends or family but allowing them to help is all down to you.

Final Words

Turning your life around is in your hands, you can make changes that can create a more positive and fulfilling work environment.

Taking a more holistic view of your life and evaluating how and where you can make changes is the first step, implementing them is the second step.

Ongoing evaluation will keep you on the route to a more fulfilling life.