Have you ever wondered what famous people use the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a universal principle that attracts like energy to itself.

It manifests through your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When you think about something, you're actually sending out vibrations into the universe that will attract those same things back to you.

It's important for manifestors to stay on top of their vibration so they can bring in more goodness into their lives and create positive change in the world around them.

To find out how well-known people are using this technique, I interviewed some friends with successful careers who have used it themselves or know some celebrities who has been using it.

Here are 17 examples of celebrities and famous who use the law of attraction.

The question is how they achieved success using their mind?

How did they do it?

What's the secret to success for these people from humble beginnings who turned their life into a successful endeavor at the highest level of business and politics.

How did these people from humble beginnings turn their life into success at the highest level?

What is going on in this world where someone with little talent can turn that lack of ability into an unimaginable amount money or power?

We need not look far, since there are many examples out there: Donald Trump Jr., Kanye West-to The Beatles.

celebrities and famous who use the law of attraction

The law of attraction is a way of thinking that confuses many people.

People tend to think that the law of attraction means that if you wish for success then it will be produced in your life.

The problem that occurs with simply wishing is that actions are not applied to those wishes that lead to results.

The law of attraction is all about thinking successful thoughts while applying the actions to them that will make them come in fruition.

Many Celebrities And Famous People Have Used The Law of Attraction

There are many famous, successful who have used the law of attraction to earn the successful lifestyle that they currently live.

With a specific vision for their life in mind, they set specific goals that led to their desired vision.

Read on to discover how the law of attraction was used by famous people to launch their life into a completely different stratosphere.

Andrew Carnegie, Law of attraction celebrity

Andrew Carnegie

Industrialist & Philanthropist

"I am no longer cursed by poverty because I took possession of my own mind and that mind has yielded me every material thing I want, and much more than I need. But this power of mind is a universal one, available to the humblest person as it is to the greatest."

Image source: philanthropyroundtable.org

Arnold Schwarzenegger Who used The Law of Attraction

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilder, Actor, Politician, and Businessman

"The greatest tool you have in your possession is your mind. Once you take full control of your mind there is no limit to what you can accomplish because you don’t allow defeating thoughts to hold you back - you are more willing to take risks."

It’s the same process I used in bodybuilding: What you do is create a vision of who you want to be — and then live that picture as if it were already true.

If you are poor it doesn’t mean that you have to live your life in a poor manner. Even if you can’t afford material things, if you operate with the mindset and actions of a millionaire, you will produce a millionaire lifestyle.

Image source: o1visa.com

Denzel Washington, you attract, I mean not just what you fear

Denzel Washington


"Well I mean positively and negatively, I mean you attract, I mean not just what you fear, you attract what you feel, what you are."

What you constantly think is what you produce within your life. If all you see is hopelessness, your life will be a reflection of so. If all you see are opportunities, your life will be full of limitless possibilities.

Image source: the-talks.com

Jim Carrey, Actor and Stand-Up Comedian

Image source: huffingtonpost.com

Jim Carrey

Actor and Stand-Up Comedian

"I would visualize having directors interested in me and people that I respected saying that “I like your work” or whatever that is. I wrote myself a check for $10,000,000 for acting services rendered. I gave myself 3 years and I dated it Thanksgiving 1995. I put it in my wallet and I kept it there, and it deteriorated… But then, just before Thanksgiving 1995 I found out I was going to make $10,000,000 on Dumb and Dumber."

Make the visualization of your life so strong that it drives you to commit yourself 100% to its development. Hold yourself accountable by imposing a specific timeline to accomplish your vision - this helps you to remain focused.

Jon Jones, UFC Champion

Image source: ufc.com

Jon Jones

UFC Champion

"I believe in the Law of Attraction and I believe that you can speak things into existence, and I believe that when you know where you’re going and you know what you want that the universe has a way of stepping aside for you. Me signing my signature with “Champion 2011” on it can’t hurt me. It can’t hurt me; it can only help me to believe it even more, you know? So, yeah, it works for me."

Make a statement so bold that you have to make it come into fruition to not be seen as arrogant or a liar. Undeterred belief in yourself will push you past in obstacles to make your that desires come into fruition.

Joseph Campbell, Mythologist, Writer, and Lecturer

Joseph Campbell

Mythologist, Writer, and Lecturer

"Follow your bliss, and doors will open for you that you never knew existed.
Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."

Pursuing your passion will provide you with opportunities you never that would be available to you. Passion plus focus will transition your average life into a life of abundance.

Lady Gaga, Singer

Lady Gaga


"It’s sort of like a mantra. You repeat it to yourself everyday. “Music is my life, music is my life. The fame is inside of me, I’m going to make a number one record with number one hits.” And it’s not yet, it’s a lie. You’re saying a lie over and over and over again, and then, one day the lie is true."

Lady Gaga says: "Constantly remind yourself of the person you are destined to become - it develops the mindset and actions that guide your life. Before you realize it, the mindset and the actions you implemented will produce the results you desire".

Image source: billboard.com

LMFAO, Music Duo


Music Duo

"Every song that I mix now – is it gonna go number one? And I’m seeing it number one and I’m listening to it. It’s like a fantasy. Always, constantly thinking about the stuff that makes you feel good now and that ‘feel good now’ – that, that’s your guide.

That’s your compass. So if you’re not feeling good, you’re in the wrong direction."

You must constantly envision the results that you want to produce in your life. This act of seeing repetitive messages of success pushes you to make your obsession a reality.

Image source: fanart.tv

Oprah Winfrey, Media Mogul, Talk Show Host

Oprah Winfrey

Media Mogul, Talk Show Host, and Actress

"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe."

A life of mediocrity is produced when you accept mediocrity as a way of thinking and living. When you expect the absolute best from yourself, you create standards that only align with creating the best lifestyle for yourself.

Steve Harvey, Talk Show Host

Steve Harvey

Actor, Stand-Up Comedian, and Talk Show Host

"Like Attracts Like. You have to understand: you are a magnet. Whatever you are, that’s what you draw to you. If you’re negative, you’re gonna draw negativity. You positive? You draw positive. You’re a kind person? More people are kind to you. … If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. This is so true."

You can’t think negative and expect a positive life. The life that you want for yourself will be based on the energy that you put out into the universe.

Will Smith, Actor and Rapper

Will Smith

Actor and Rapper

"We both believe, wholeheartedly, that our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our ideas are physical in the universe. That if we dream something, if we picture something, we commit ourselves to it and that it’s a physical thrust towards realization that we can put into the universe. That the universe is not a thing that’s going to push us around. That the world, and people, and situations are not things that are going to push us around. That we are going to… command and demand that the universe become what we want it to be."

Anything in this world is possible if you have 100% belief that you can achieve whatever you set out to accomplish. Never deny yourself because you limit your ability to the see opportunities around you and continually grow.

William James, Philosopher and Psychologist

William James

Philosopher and Psychologist

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

Your mind has the ability to make dreams a reality. It is dependent on you to fully immerse yourself in your mind and explore its creativity.

Kanye West, Rapper and Producer

Kanye West

Rapper and Producer

"I am a production of me. I thought I was the best rapper in the world. I sat around and thought about it, and then became Kanye West. "

You have to be your biggest motivator in order to accomplish great feats. There are already enough people who want to see you fail, you can't be included in that number.

P. Diddy, Music Executive, Rapper

P. Diddy

Music Executive, Rapper, Media Mogul

"I always believed about the power of what you say in your records. I always try to talk about the positive things, because
I seen it happen, I know the strength of it."

You have the power to speak things into existence. Whatever you constantly put into the atmosphere is what you will receive in your life.

Idris Elba, Actor

Idris Elba


"I think my imagination has always kept me going. I just imagined myself collecting awards. I just imagined myself getting big parts. That's part of my inner magic. If I can see myself doing it, I can do it. "

Never downplay your imagination. It can be the fuel that pushes you to the create the lifestyle that you desire.

Pharrell Williams Music Artist and Producer

Pharrell Williams

Music Artist and Producer

Everybody that's a billionaire made it by the means of their thoughts - the byproduct of what it is they think and turned it into business.

Great businesses begin as nothing but big ideas. Ideas can be developed into businesses that produce an enormous amount of wealth for you - you just have to be willing to invest in your ideas.

50 Cent Rapper and Television Executive

50 Cent

Rapper and Television Executive

"I had to convince myself I was going to make it regardless of how people felt. I feel like you can will yourself into a good space - things that are meant to happen will happen"

The only challenge that exist for you is yourself. With determined belief in yourself, you can turn your biggest dreams into a reality


The law of attraction has been utilized by successful people to turn their thoughts and dreams into their reality.

They have achieved success by law.

Examples such as:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Jim carrey
  • Steve harvey
  • Oprah
  • Will Smith

If there is proof that successful people believed in the law of attraction to change their lives.

Why can't you do the same?

Well, you can. Just like the celebrities.