The quote can be broken down into 3 core LOA concepts...

Before I break it down, I want to say that..

Oprah brings a quote that may make it easier for more people to understand how it REALLY works. In relation to how it can help you achieve ALL your goals.

Important note:
Oprah explains Law of attraction from her “personal experience”.

You know, she has created a Billion dollar empire...using the Law of attraction and manifestation.

Now here’s my take on this:

[1] Change your life

The practice of gratitude is the first step in changing and improving your life. Because what you appreciate expands.

[2] Grateful for what you have

She says that to have more, you need to be grateful for what you’ve got. If you’ve got $10 dollars in your pocket. Be grateful for that. There’s always a deep lesson behind your current hardships and challenges.

I have been there myself. 7 years of broke (obsolete) is not as cool as people make it out to be (in the movies).

[3] Levels of gratitude

If you’re grateful for having $10 dollars, someone else might be grateful for more things in their lives..

They may be grateful for having friends, family, somewhere to sleep and the $10 dollars.

The lesson here is the more reasons you have to be grateful, the better it gets.

And the better it gets, the better it gets..and so it continues…

“The rich get richer”

“The poor get poorer”