How to Use Visualization In The Law Of Attraction

There are no two ways about it.

If you’re using visualizing, you’re doing it to manifest something utilizing the law of attraction.

Sure, there may be philosophical reasons why you are doing this.

But ultimately, Visualization is one of the most critical parts of the law of attraction.

The way to visualize is by closing your eyes and thinking in pictures.

You are there.

Creative visualization

Creative visualization is the cognitive process of purposefully
generating visual mental imagery, with eyes open or closed.

Thereby simulating visual first-hand practice and perception, to sustain and transform those images, into real physical experiences as a result of the imaginary intent.

Visualization and law of attraction

This applies to anyone using visualization.

  • If you visualize yourself having what you desire, then you attract it towards you.

  • If you're specific about what you want, it works even better.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

In this article, I’ll explain why. I’ll also get into how you can make some adjustments to your visualization and law of attraction to improve your results.

First, let’s take it from the top.

What is visualization?

To fully understand how the law of attraction works and to apply it in your life you must, first of all, know what visualization is about.

visualization in the law of attraction

Unlike what most people think, visualization is not meditation; it’s not about mental imagery, or about thinking about what you desire all the time.

Visualization merely is about living the experience.

Creative visualization exercises

Think of it this way, instead of thinking about what you desire to see yourself as part of it. For example, if you want to get money, instead of just thinking about money, think of it as part of your life, and you are part of that experience.

You can’t touch it, you can see it, it’s yours, and you have earned it!

Visualization alone will not get you what you desire; it is merely the first step towards it.

Additionally, visualization is not the same as imagining.

Some creative visualization definition and explanations can help you better understand the concept of visualization.

Creative Visualization Vs. Daydreaming

The first stage of creative visualization is daydreaming, but that is not enough.

You can daydream all you want.

To correctly apply visualization in the law of attraction, you must learn additional techniques.

The most significant difference between daydreaming and creative visualization is simple.

While daydreaming is merely something that gives you pleasure and some degree of satisfaction, visualization is something that gives you results.

In other words, with daydreaming you imagine yourself living the life you desire but then again that is where it ends, simply as an image.

As for visualization, you picture yourself living the life you desire and follow it with some actions to achieve results.

Visualize with the law of attraction

How to visualize what you want?

What you visualize will materialize in so many different ways.

For example, if you are visualizing about money:

  1. You could win a lottery
  2. Get promoted at work
  3. Find a new job

or even get your 'coin investments' paying off in more ways than you had imagined.

Visualization is something that requires practice

If there’s one thing you choose to do for your life and business today, let it be visualization in the law of attraction.

  • Despite all these points above, it is important to note that visualization is something that requires practice.

  • You can’t just wake up in the morning and begin to visualize using the law of attraction.

  • Most of the time, getting a coach to walk you through these processes could be the surest way of getting results.

The definition of visualization and other explanations have been made over the years.


The takeaway point from all these is that if you use visualization and law of attraction creatively and see yourself as part of what you desire, then there is no doubt you attract everything you want towards you.

A lot of people have done this, and many have succeeded in recent years.

Consider this skill, use the insights in this article, and your life and business will be better for it.

How did your business and life benefit from visualization and law of attraction?