Why is "creative visualization meditation" so fascinating?

We can all agree at this moment that the power of the human mind is fascinating.

Human beings have achieved miraculous feats all through history. All this success comes down to one thing, the imagination of the mind.

We now call it: creative visualization.

And as am sure you will agree, nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart and mind towards it.

The application of the law of attraction is the realization that if you visualize what you want...

and see yourself having it in your hand...

soon enough you will attract it towards you.

But ** creative visualization is in itself a technique** that can take time to learn. But with everything said and done, it all begins with meditation.

What creative visualization meditation is

Creative visualization meditation is a combined technique.

Meditation is a part of practicing the law of attraction.

Meditation helps you calm your mind. To allow yourself to envision and visualize what you desire, in a relaxed state of mind.

Here is one of the most important reasons.

Why meditation is useful in visualization:

Success in the law of attraction always depends on your ability to calm your mind and focus. It is impossible to visualize what you want if you are too distracted by anything in your life.

Meditation can help you learn how to calm your mind.

You enter a blissful meditative state where your mind is free.

Free from the daily distractions of life.

This state is when the manifestation of your visualization is created happens.

Meditation is the penultimate stage towards powerful visualization.

If you meditate and bring your mind into a state where it can focus on the one thing that you desire.

Then creative visualization manifests in your life.

How to meditate correctly

Meditation is in itself a technique that can also take time to learn. Visualization and meditation go hand in hand. It is essential to learn a few basic techniques that can help to meditate better in the future.

The following are some basic tips to help you:

  1. Timing and place are crucial in meditation.

The rule of thumb is to choose a convenient time that does not affect your schedule. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can be alone without any disturbances.

And in case you forgot, keep your phone and other electronic devices switched off.

  1. Concentrate on your breathing – do not make any attempt to control your breathing.

Close your eyes and listen to your breathing and focus on that. This practice will help you filter out everything else around and keep your mind focused on the current moment.

The final stage: Creative visualization

Once you have entered a meditative state, it's time for the creative visualization.

Keep the slow and steady breathing...

You can now begin to visualize what you want in life.

For example...

if you want a promotion at work, start seeing yourself getting it and doing the job in your new position.

Let the joy and the confidence of this new position fill your heart and don’t let go.

Meditation can play an important role in helping with effective visualization.

It’s no wonder creative visualization and meditation go together in the law of attraction.

To visualize you need to focus your mind and this can do through meditation.