If you feel "bad" about not having what you want, you risk losing it all together.


It has to do with ‘acceptance’.

Some people can’t accept what is happening to them now.

  • They can't stand being broke.
  • They can't stand being alone.
  • They can't stand the job they hate.

We just want to rebel against it. It's a common reaction.

They sometimes act like a grumpy child, impatient and want immediate satisfaction.

That’s the reason they feel “bad” about not having that they want.

And I can relate to wanting more stuff. It feels terrible when you don’t have money to buy the essentials in life.

Perhaps you just want more stuff? Stuff is nice.

But it does go much deeper than that.


Secondly, it’s not good for your manifesting to be grumpy. Because in that grumpy state you repel the actual thing you want.

You may become a “negative magnet”.

And trust me, you don’t want to become a negative magnet.

You would want to work on your acceptance and staying a positive magnet:

Here’s how to fix that:

  • Be grateful for what you have right now

  • Dream big and become a DreamMaker

  • Do your manifesting rituals (the secret)

  • Stay patient and avoid feeling desperate

As you start to relax into it, you get into sync and when you do that, the universe delivers the goods to you.

To give a broader understanding of this concept.

The person who complains about how bad it is, actually manifests the bad thing instead of what they want.

Trust this process and let it guide you.

That's how you can improve your life, fast.

Dare to dream. We’ll get you there.

  • Petri, "The Alchemist"