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Do you find yourself asking the Universe for what you want?

Have you ever wondered how to ask the universe for something that you want?

Have you been told that if you really want something, just ask and it’ll happen?

Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t always true.

Asking the universe for what you want  – is the first step to take when you desire to manifest something new.


But how is this…

Asking The Universe successfully done?

We’ve been told for years that all we need to do is WRITE DOWN our goals in the present tense…

Do a little visualization…


And just like that, we’ll hit our goal.

For example, say you wish to increase your income, writing down your specific income goal with a specific due date would be the formula to use.

“ I, John Doe earn 10K by the 15th of January 2019.” Or
“I, Mary earn 50K by the 15th of January 2019.

I am certain you’ve tried that and you realized it just wasn’t the case.


Perhaps you thought there was something wrong with the law of attraction?

You may even doubt whether it exists or works.

I can assure you, this happens to all of us before we learn the truth, facts and statistics about how manifestation takes place.

It’s simply not accurate to assume that writing your goal on a piece of paper, carrying it around in your wallet and forcing yourself to visualize seals the deal.

It’s just not true.

There is a place and time for goal setting, but there’s also an underlying truth one must know about to become a powerful manifestor.

What’s The Process To Ask The Universe?

This first lesson is about becoming friendly with the Universe to effortlessly forge a path to success with your goals.

But before we get into that, we need to know…

Why 92% Of People Fail To Achieve Their Goals


Ninety-two percent of ambitious hard-working people fail to reach their goals according to Marcel Schwantes.

That’s a huge number!

And while there are a number of reasons he gives as to why the remaining eight percent succeed:

  • I believe the most crucial reason has a lot to do with how badly they want to succeed and what they do on a consistent basis.


In the quietness of the unseen lies a powerful force responding to our innermost needs and wants.

What Does This Mean For You And Your Dreams?

It means you need to stop dealing with your manifestations at a superficial level.

When you are trying to birth new results into your reality, you’ve got to go deep.

You've Got To Go Deep Asking The Universe For Something

Here’s why.

Deep down…

And I mean really deep down in the hidden, invisible aspect of you is where you must place your focused effort.

The great secret is becoming a partner with the universe and understanding the vital steps necessary to use in order to get the right response.

Below is a procedure you can follow to ask anything you have ever wished for.

I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to asking for what you want whether this is your first or millionth attempt to realize your dreams. These are the crucial steps to manifesting your dreams, whether you’re a life coach assisting your clients or just like reading a book about the manifestation process.


Here at Dreammaker we not only believe in dreams, we provide practical ways for anyone anywhere to start shifting their reality.

It may not have worked before, but even Thomas Edison had to make hundreds of attempts before he finally got it right.

This might be the “Ask the Universe” guide that gives you the success you’ve been waiting for.

So, how do I ask the universe for something?

How Does It Work?

How to ask the universe for something that you want.

Whether you’re asking for a million bucks, more personal freedom, or stuff, the answer is simple: you have to ask!

Here’s the step by step process for how to ask the universe for something:

Step #1 – Become Friendly With The Universe


The universe is the right path to becoming successful.

To effortlessly maneuver that path to success, you must first come to a fundamental decision in your life.

No one could have articulated this better than the great Albert Einstein.
He said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

You must first become friendly with the universe.

Friendship is built before trust is realized.

Tips when asking the universe for what you want:

Don’t ask for money, think about how to improve the world, not just your bank account:

  • Ask for knowledge and wisdom
  • Ask for true love
  • Ask for fantastic experiences
  • Ask for vibrant health
  • Ask for true friendship
  • Ask a specific question…

And then practice the law of detachment.

Do the best you can, where you are in eager anticipation of the good that is inevitably yours.

Patience is key.

From there the universe will – though natural law and order – answer your call.

The universe isn’t going to answer immediately, but your request to the universe will be heard.

Friends always help each other accomplish a purpose in one-way or another.

Why expect any less from the very universe that sustains your life?

At this stage, get into the habit of confiding to the universe. Share all your plans.

And focus on doing your best to align with the universal laws of success. Of course in order to align consciously with the law, it helps when you can get a better understanding of the process involved.


Because being an unconscious competent will not help you long-term.

You don’t just want to be a “gambler” with life, never knowing if you’ll hit it or miss it. This is a law-based universe; therefore you have the power to develop faith that is based on understanding.

And that is where lasting, predictable and sustainable success comes from.

The next step in the process is about writing down your goals.

Ask the universe.

Step #2 – Get Implicitly Clear On What You Want


Choose goals that you really really want and add them to your list.

If as an example you want a house, let it be clear and fix your mind towards it.

Remember the desire you have should unite your…

  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Feeling

This is something few truly get.

They must all align and be in agreement in order to manifest the reality and form of that chosen desire.

This alignment will help ensure the universe to deliver it to you only what you want.

Note that if you want something out of greed, it may be difficult to have your wishes to connect with the universe in the right way.

Here’s a perfect example on how counterintuitive it is:

When you ask for a house from a deep intention of providing security, comfort and luxury for your child and loved ones, the universe cooperates with you fully to manifest your goal.

The reason it works is because you are in ‘love’ or rather doing it out of joy, giving and love, not for the status or the expected financial and market increase.

Step #3 – Commit To Your Goals


Think about this…If you plant a tree today, water over it every day, prune it and provide all the necessary attention it requires to grow great results are inevitable.

That’s what commitment looks like.

Nothing happens by chance or miraculously while couch surfing on social media.

If you laze around and expect the universe to someday surprise you by giving to you the thing you have been looking forward to having don’t be disappointed when the universe gives exactly what you are not what you say you want to have.

Commitment means getting involved in the making process.

If you want to get anything with the help of the universe, do not sit on the sidelines, become part of the team.

You are a co-creator. It’s time to step up and start proactively designing your lifestyle.

Step #4 – Trust That You Can Have It


You’ve written down your goals. They have not yet manifested so naturally you start worrying.

If you ever start a journey towards achieving something, deep in your heart you must be focused.

Know that it will come to you, at the right time. Believe this. Trust in this and carry it as truth in your mind.

Faith magnetizes your hunger, which in turn convinces the universe to achieve that big dream you have.

Anything worth having you should have faith in it since it means something to you.

Not many agree with this fact, and this is the reason their search has always been fruitless.

Philosophically speaking…

The secret is walking side by side with the universe to light the path that leads you to your dreams.

Step #5 -Be Flexible In The Process


It is good to be flexible when reaching for your dream without loosing focus.
Most people are either too rigid and can’t handle it when something goes in an unexpected way as it always does. Others simply get distracted and loose focus on the core vision.

Being flexible is adhering to the shape of the universe and direction it turns you to without getting angry.

It means you need to enjoy the journey and the process to the end.

Quick tip:
Manage your mood and how you handle yourself through the process.

It’s a hard road, but it’s worth it.

Step #6 – Be Patient


I mentioned this before but it’s worth reiterating especially now that we live in a society that craves instant gratification.

Not too long ago we were a civilization that practised a lot more patience. If you wanted to communicate with a relative in a distant location you would write a letter and wait for quite some time not knowing if they got it or not.

But you patiently waited and trusted that they would receive and respond. Right?

Today, if you send an email or messenger you want immediate answers. Same thing when it comes to building businesses or getting results. This just isn’t a very healthy way to approach the things that matter to you.

It is said that patience pays, and those who wait until the end enjoys the best.

Historically, you’ve heard the old-age saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Therefore expecting to have good things instantly and forcing things to be what they are not yet ready to become is unrealistic and a breeding ground for suffering and disappointment.

The tallest and most admired buildings in the world took years to build.

Think about that the next time you catch yourself getting impatient.

Never lose hope while on this journey of growth and success because the moment you endure to the end, the universe will assist you in getting rewarded.

Your consistency to stay focused towards the prize will be realized if you hold on to the last minute.

Step #7 – Adjust Along The Way

Step 7 how to ask the universe for something: Adjust Along the way

When you make a decision to achieve something let it be something you consider worth going all the way for.

Don’t pursue or desire things that aren’t true to your heart or don’t excite you enough because the time you have on this planet is ticking whether you are chasing after your dreams or living someone else’s life.

Let your decisions come from an intention set by you.

Then invest all your energy, drive, and resources, and if along the way you feel like some changes need to be incorporated, never hesitate.

Acquiring something magnetized to you through the help of the universe after striving to push yourself up to the last stage is not a walk in the park.

Seldom is it ever a straight wide path. Most of the time it is a narrow, shadow filled curvy path with twists and winding roads and major windstorms.

Therefore, for you to enjoy the outcome and the wait, evaluating your achievement and worth of what you want is essential.

A final thought about asking the universe

If you want to receive, you must ask.

So, How do I ask the universe for something?

In this post we’ve covered the main steps in how to ask the universe for something.

The law of attraction is one of the most beautiful laws to study, understand and align with.

It is eternally effective when it comes to delivering your dreams.

But you must learn to apply this process and the steps I have shared.

The journey of shifting from the current reality of desire to the final manifestation and realization of it as a tangible reality, you will encounter obstacles.

Have no doubt about that.

You will be faced with more challenges than you think you can handle. But with a firm decision, lots of determination, the right focus and support you can and will reach your promised land of Canaan.

With your current goals in mind, do you think you can now write them down and apply the steps described in this article?

In other words, can you now ask the universe for what you want?

You might also want to know how to ask the universe for a sign.

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