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In today’s economy, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of people who are struggling to find work.

But some people are finding other ways to solve this issue.

Some people use the law of attraction and manifesting skills to land a job.

But what’s it really like to manifest a job?

And does it really work?

The Backstory of using visualizing powers to get a job

In this blog post, we’ll hear from three people who have firsthand experience with manifesting a job.

It’s a true story reported by Dr Wayne Dyer, the famous spirituality teacher, made into a television program was recorded in an American city with many unemployed people.

The television program was an unusual topic about using your “visualization powers to get a job”.

The Television Viewers Were Skeptical About Visualization

Most of the viewers were skeptical and completely in disbelief that this concept could ever work.

“Get real”, they said, laughing at the idea.

This will never work, they implied.

Despite the disbelief of the viewers, three people were randomly chosen from an unemployment queue a local city.

Three test subjects were chosen for this experiment:


  • All three of them had been unemployed for an entire year
  • All three people came from different backgrounds in terms of income levels
  • All three were living in the same city with unemployment rate of 30%

Before they were let go from their jobs

  1. First person’s salary was working in a supermarket for ten thousand USD per year
  2. Second one was a salesperson who earned 25 thousand USD per year
  3. Third one was an executive and was paid 250 thousand USD per year

See themselves with a job

The three participants were “instructed to see themselves with a job”, to “see” themselves working again and to “start acting on this visualization”.

And each of the participants did just that.

They started to visualize themselves working and working at the job that they wanted to have.

What happened to these three people was absolutely amazing.

After 3 months all three got jobs that

Each of these individuals saw themselves working at the job that they wanted and they each took action on this visualization.

After three months all three got similar jobs that they had previously.

  • The first person got a ten thousand USD per year job;
  • The second one received a 25thousand USD per year job; and
  • The third person, the executive, got a 250thousand USD per year job.

And these jobs did not come from another planet or something.

They were always here, but when they started to think about it, they let themselves act in a way that got them this job.

The Same Salary As in their previous work

Perhaps the most amazing thing was that all three began earning the same wage as they had previously.

The reason for this is because they had exactly this image in their minds.

That is what they imagined for themselves.

If you imagine yourself working as a supermarket clerk, and it is everything that you think you are capable of doing you begin acting on these “supermarket clerk” images.

And no one can help you to go beyond this job of being supermarket clerk – because you created it for yourself.

Can you manifest a higher salary?

It works the same way when you imagine a higher salary.

You must believe that you are worth this higher salary, and then take the actions that correspond with this belief.

If you act as if you are already making this higher salary, the universe will eventually catch up with your energetic vibration and bring about the corresponding physical reality.

Yes, it may take some time, but as long as you keep focusing on this image, it will eventually happen.

Avoid thinking too small

Most people think small when they imagine their future.

They think about a tiny increment in their earnings, or an extra gig or two of work.

But you can imagine whatever you like.

It’s your vision.

Limiting beliefs

Some people become trapped in their own limiting beliefs like that they can’t earn more money or get better jobs because of their company, their family, their past, their education, their history and so on.

Whatever excuse is blocking them.

And therefore these people remain at that same level of income.

The thing is that your inner image creates your reality, not your circumstances, not the economy, and definitively not the bad news.

Many people think that they can’t visualize

But actually, everybody visualizes all the time.

In fact, you can’t get dressed in the morning if you can’t see yourself dressed. It’s a powerful tool and here’s how to use it.

Exercise – 1 It depends on what type of job you want to have and what the typical environment looks like, but here’s how to visualize yourself working in a job

It works for any type of job.

Understand the power of visualization


It’s true that Inner success creates Outer success.

It’s also true that whatever you visualize you materialize.

This fact is supported by all top achievers on this planet:

The world famous author and speaker Brian Tracy says that:

  • Your ability to visualize is perhaps the most powerful faculty that you possess.
  • All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures.
  • You are where you are and what you are today largely because of the mental pictures that you hold in your conscious mind at the present time.
  • As you change your mental pictures on the inside, your world on the outside also changes to reflect that mental picture.”

Brian Tracy, also says:

“You can easily tell how people think, most of the time, by looking at the conditions of their outer lives. A positive, optimistic, goal oriented person inside will enjoy a happy and successful life on the outside, most of the time”.

  • Stephen Covey, says “Every public victory is preceded by a private victory”.
  • T Harv Eker, says “Your outer world is a projection of your inner world”.
  • We become what we think about – The Strangest Secret by Nightingale.

The highest leverage is the change to your inner state of mind.

Use visualization to see yourself in your dream job

In our example we will illustrate how to get a job as a teacher:

What to visualize Job example

How to do it

What type of work you want to do:


  • See yourself helping
  • children in a classroom
  • Job/position you would like to hold:
  • Teacher See yourself with the
  • work agreement in your hand

How you want to feel in you job:


It feels wonderful to be a part of the group of optimistic teacher who want to make a difference for the young people

The type of institute you want to work for:


See yourself in a safe Government job where you have employment for a lifetime

What company exactly do you want to work for:


See yourself working for the Government

The kind of people you want to work with:

Teacher All the teachers at your job are supportive, very kind and helpful to you, you become friends with all of them almost immediately

The hours you want to work:


See yourself working full time or part time.

Where you want your job to be:

  • See yourself working
  • very close to your home
  • See yourself getting paid a normal and good salary
  • See yourself teaching your favorite subject and you enjoying it a lot


Create a vision board to help you stay focused

Creating a vision board is a great way to stay focused on what you want in your career. When you have a physical representation of your goals, it’s easier to keep them in mind and stay motivated.

Here are a few tips for creating a vision board:

Choose what you want to achieve

  • Collect images
  • Write affirmations
  • Put it all together into an image
  • Put it somewhere where you can see it everyday

Click here to learn more about how to create vision board ideas that work.

Practice affirmations to keep your mind positive

Affirmations are a great way to keep your mind positive and focused on what you want. There’s no better time than the present for affirmations, so start saying them out loud or just think about how great it would be if this were true!

Take action steps towards your goal

Do the exercises as instructed. Avoid deviating from the plan. Keep doing the visualization exercises every day until you reach your goal of manifesting a job.

Celebrate your accomplishments!

When you reach your goal, remember to celebrate the achievement and what it means for how much power is in yourself. You are becoming an accomplished manifestor as well!



petri maatta, CEO
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