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This is a complete guide to why repeating words is important in manifesting.

In this quick guide you’ll learn:

  • Why you must repeat words in order to manifest
  • The power of repetition
  • How to speak to yourself to feel good
  • How speech manifests in your reality
  • Lots more

So if you’re ready to go “all in” on repeating words, this guide is for you.

Let’s dive right in.

The Power of Repeated Words and Thoughts


Thinking combines words, phrases, mental pictures, and feelings.

Thoughts are travelers who visit the mind’s central station.

They stop by for a while, then depart, allowing room for new ideas to enter.

Some of these ideas stay longer, gain strength and influence the thinker’s life.

For most people, it appears, allow for concerns about worries, fears, anger, and bitterness to dominate their thoughts the majority of the time.

They continue to engage their minds with inward conversations about unpleasant circumstances and behaviors.

This internal discussion eventually influences the subconscious mind, convincing it to accept and consider ideas and concepts expressed in those inner dialogues.

It is crucial to be cautious about what enters the subconscious mind.

Words and repeated ideas acquire strength with each repetition, sink into the subconscious mind, and influence a person’s behavior, actions, and reactions.

The subconscious mind takes thoughts and words that represent and describe an actual situation, so it tries to match the terms and ideas with reality.

It works hard to make these phrases and ideas a reality for the person uttering or thinking them in their lives.


What is the power of repetition?

Repetition’s simplicity is its power. A message that has been heard multiple times is more likely to stick in your head.

The more senses a notion engages, and the more often it is heard, the greater chance your team will hear it and assist you in achieving the results you want.

If you repeat things to yourself repeatedly, the subconscious mind will accept your words and place roadblocks in your path.

If you continue imagining that you are rich, it will seek methods to provide you with chances and force you to take advantage of them.

Your life is molded by the things you say.

This is generally accomplished without awareness, as few people pay attention to what they’re thinking and saying while doing so and allow outside circumstances and situations to steer their thoughts.

There’s no such thing as choice in this instance. The environment around you has an impact on your inner world.

If you choose the ideas, phrases, and words that you think about regularly, your life will begin to transform.

You’ll be able to generate new situations and circumstances.

You’ll be utilizing affirmations’ power.

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Affirmations are said many times throughout the day and sink into the subconscious mind, unleashing its enormous power to bring about what is stated in the outside world.

It is not enough to believe that every word has the power to make changes. Words must be spoken with care and feeling to elicit the unconscious mind into action.

To be effective, affirmations must be expressed in favorable terms.

Consider the following two statements:

  1. I’m no longer weak.
  2. I am brave and dominant.

The first sentence is a negative statement, whereas the latter states the same thing in different words.

It conjures up an inner vision of inadequacy.

This is a faulty expression.

The second sentence invokes a mental image of power in mind.

It is insufficient to repeat an affirmation a few times and then expect your life to transform.

More effort is needed.

It’s critical to pay attention and have conviction, faith, and perseverance when affirming.

It’s also vital to select the correct affirmation for each occasion. It must feel natural to you; otherwise, the statement may not work or deliver something you do not want.

Affirmations can help people develop their creative visualization skills and may be used on their own.

They are essential for individuals who have trouble visualizing. They’re a stopgap for individuals who can’t imagine things.

Instead of repeating negative and fruitless phrases in mind, you may utilize good words to help you build the life you desire.

You exercise control over your life by selecting your thoughts and expressions.

We control our words, even if we don’t have complete control. The words we use are compelling, and the power of repeated phrases is incredible.

You should feel good after every word you utter.

Is this the case?

I’m sure you’re familiar with this feeling.

You were a part of a conversation and got the impression that it had turned sour.

Alternatively, you lost your temper, saying things that made you feel unwell. The words you’re employing affect both your conscious and subconscious minds.

Do you often talk bad about yourself and your relationship? Do you want others to believe that’s what you think?

Choose your words carefully.

Begin by listing the frequent phrases you use to describe yourself and your loved ones.

Make an effort to use good language exclusively. If you frequently say negative things like, “I’m overweight,” or “I can’t find a partner,” try reframing it. Remember, the power of repeated words is tremendous.

For example, you may say things like I’m working toward my ideal weight or excited about meeting the right partner in the future.

Watch out for absolutes in the language you use.

Avoid phrases like “always,” ‘never,” and every.” Those words have no room to improve or grow.

Furthermore, using them frequently leads to defensiveness, making it challenging to communicate with others who may feel similarly styled because there won’t ever be agreement on what these terms mean!

Replace can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t with I choose not to, or not right now.

What words are you conveying about yourself?


Listen to what you have to say about yourself.

This is the stuff you’re already thinking about, and it’s comprised of two words: I am.

These are powerful words that you should be very conscious of.

They describe who you truly believe you are and, if you repeat them, they will have a powerful influence on your life. So, for example:”

  • I am lazy
  • I am dumb
  • I am shy
  • I am fat
  • I am not that smart
  • I am not athletic
  • I’m not a safe driver.

STOP! Even if there is some truth to these statements, your subconscious will take them to heart and make them a reality.

Make careful not to use anything other than a good description of me after I am gone.

Are you complaining?

Is there a lot of complaining and the exact phrases being said repeatedly?

Did you know that we typically express our concern when we complain?

Yep, you got it—fear.

So the first step toward stopping complaining is to figure out why you’re about to say it in the first place. Then consider if this is what my subconscious believes and what I want the world to think of me.

If not, try framing it differently and speak from a positive place of compassion and love rather than anger or hate.

What You Repeat in Your Head Can Affect Your Life

It is critical to be wary of what enters the subconscious mind. Words and repeated ideas often build in strength with each repetition, sink into the unconscious mind, and influence the person’s behavior, actions, and reactions.

The unconscious mind interprets words and ideas that get planted in it as genuinely depicting and expressing a real scenario, so it strives to match the words and ideas with reality.

It works hard to make these words and thoughts a reality in the life of the person who says or thinks them.

If you repeat to yourself that obtaining money is hard or impossible regularly, your subconscious mind will accept your words and place roadblocks in your path.

You can modify your subconscious by repeating a phrase frequently.

As a result, consider carefully what you say.

You can become rich if you believe that you are wealthy since it will seek methods to provide you with money and push you toward seizing these possibilities.

Your life is molded by the ideas you express through your words. This is frequently done without even realizing it.

Few people pay attention to what they are thinking and saying while they do it. Most individuals allow external events and circumstances to influence what they think about.

There is no freedom in this situation.

  • You allow outside events to have an impact on your life and conduct.
  • You can control your life and change it if you choose the ideas, phrases, and words that you think about.
  • Your life will begin to alter as a result of this. You will be able to create new events and situations.
  • You will be employing the power of affirmations.

Affirmations are recited frequently throughout the day, which sinks into the subconscious mind and uses their enormous power to achieve the goal of the words and phrases in reality.

This does not imply that every word you utter will have an impact. To activate the subconscious mind, the words must be said with care, purpose, and feeling.

To retrain your life, use affirmations


According to studies, we have approximately 60,000 ideas a day, and 50,000 are negative.

That’s 80% negative thoughts, which means my outcomes would be 80 percent bad. It’s straightforward, especially in light of what’s going on in the world today, to let our thoughts turn to terror, worry, or fatalism.

It is critical to acknowledge our emotions and recognize that we have fear and anxiety.

Still, when these ideas begin to dominate our thoughts and become obsessive and distorted, as previously discussed in this book, they might lead to sickness.

To top it off, stress is responsible for 60 to 80 percent of doctor visits.

Where is the stress in our lives right now?

Seriously, take a look at this moment in time. What’s the issue? Our anxieties are frequently in the future and are typically concerned with something we aren’t sure will happen.

We discuss it, consider it, and dwell on it even if there’s no guarantee that it’ll happen. We can’t control our feelings, but we can control our thoughts.

Affirmations are one of the most straightforward and efficient methods to modify our internal thinking. We may reprogram our lives using encouraging words of affirmations.

Why affirmations work

Affirmations are especially beneficial when negative thoughts prevent us from falling asleep.

Repeat the following sentence, “I fall asleep rapidly and comfortably,” over and over. One of two things can happen due to these short phrases:

The technique I use might be applied to everything from the clothes you wear to the light switches in your house. Cutlery and dishes need to match, but it’s also essential that they not clash.

When picking out a new set of curtains, ensure they’re made of sturdy fabric that won’t fray or fade as readily over time – we’re talking about sound quality rather than cheap plastic!

One study discovered that eating breakfast aids in weight loss. This is because people who eat breakfast tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day (when compared to those who don’t).

Many studies have shown that individuals who eat meals late at night (like a.m.) are more likely to gain weight. The same rule may be applied to our thoughts. We are not able to think two things at once.

Counting sheep is intended to distract us from those monotonous ideas that plague us at bedtime.

I’m not attempting to persuade you that changing your thoughts and words is simple. Instead, it may be difficult initially, especially if we’ve been conditioned to think negatively since childhood or if we live in a world full of negativity.

However, with enough practice,

The following are some general guidelines for utilizing affirmations.

  • Make them concise.
  • Please keep them in the here and now.
  • Make them feel good
  • Repeat often

Don’t say, “I’m not sick anymore.” Instead of saying, “I’m not sick anymore,” try rephrasing it as follows: “I am healthy and well.”

Emphasizing the future by stating, “I wish to be rich” implies a present adverse condition.

Saying, “Money comes to me easily from various sources unexpected,” or something similar creates a present exceptional circumstance.

So you can see that affirmations may be more than just a health cure. Here are some more examples:

  • I have a lot of money.
  • My physical condition is excellent.
  • I have a sturdy and tenacious body.
  • The world has taken care of me.
  • God eternally guards me.
  • I am a magnet for love and support.
  • I have a lot of friends who are there for me, both physically and emotionally.

The most significant thing is recognizing when you are inclined towards negativity and deciding to change your viewpoint.

Attending events with a negative attitude only makes life more unpleasant for everyone involved.

Affirmations can be a simple addition to your massage practice. Before or after the session, talk with your client about affirmations. This is especially crucial if you notice that your clients have negative thoughts about their bodies or particular situations.

You can gently persuade them to reframe their language from “My neck always feels bad” to “My neck is robust and healthy.” This can induce physiological changes.

How does the subconscious mind respond to repetition?


Think about the Covid Propaganda?

That’s the best marketing campaign ever.

How much did it effect you?

Repetition can help you speed up the process of changing your subconscious mind and, as a result, your outcomes when utilizing the methodology of creative visualization.

People frequently replay the same terrible mental pictures one after another in their heads without even realizing it.

What impact do affirmations have on the brain?

It activates your neural pathways and modifies parts of the brain that make you happy and cheerful.

Affirmations have also been shown in numerous studies to help with various health problems, including stress reduction, more exercise, improved fruit and vegetable intake, and higher academic success.


The power of repetition is a concept that many people are familiar with. It’s the idea that repeating words or thoughts can impact how we think and act, whether it’s for better or worse.

This doesn’t just apply to our everyday lives but also in marketing.

Repetition is an effective technique to build traction with your audience by repeating phrases over time, allowing you to boost sales by increasing consistency across multiple channels!

What other methods do you employ when using repeated language?

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