One of the key lessons I've learned from a decade of "Manifesting" is that "The how really doesn't matter".

Now, this is not something new, as  many other LoA teachers touch on this topic. But for some reason the way I've experienced it over a ten year period this concept resonates as truth for me.

What is important in manifesting

What is important in manifesting

The idea is that when wanting to manifest something.

You first get clear on what you want, what you will be feeling when you already have it, what you'll see and hear when you have it. But when it comes to figuring out the "how" of manifesting it, you let go and let the universe manifest the means for you.

The way I understood this lesson is that there are basically a few things involved in manifesting something:
1) Getting crystal clear on what you want.
2) Connecting to what you want with your major senses.
3) Figuring a plan of action on how to achieve your goal/outcome.
4) Taking inspired action towards achieving your goal/outcome.

The "trick" to becoming a much more effective and faster manifestor is to LET GO of #3 and ask the Universe to handle that for you.

let the Universe handle that for you

Meaning, all you do is focus on #1 and #2 and then you LET GO and wait for the right opportunities to come along to manifest what you desire.

Now, why do we "Let go" of #3?

Let go and Radar Screen

Well, because that is the step where the Universe can be most effective.

See, we as human beings can only "see" a very limited view of possible factors that can help us achieve/manifest what we want.

The way that it can be explained is that we have a very small "Radar Screen" where we can only see a certain amount of things.  Therefore, our minds can only conceive plans based on what is on our "Radar Screen" at this time.

So any amount of energy and effort spent on figuring out the "How" of how will something that we desire manifest is wasted effort. It will slow you down, because you are only seeing less than 1% of what is really out there.

In fact it's much less than even 1%.

Let me give you an examples based on a few things I manifested recently.

I wanted to manifest 3 new clients "today"

manifest 3 new clients today

So I did steps #1 and #2, writing down what I want in my journal, and then I Let Go of the "HOW".

Meaning when my mind instinctively asked the question "Ok, so this is what you want, but how exactly are we going to manifest this?"

I just replied back "The How doesn't matter" and I closed my journal.

I trusted that the "plan" for how to get these 3 clients would just show up.

By 11pm I received a sign or inspiration to check my account on Upwork from someone asking me if I can handle 3 new SEO projects.

inspiration to check my account

I said "Sure, let's do a call the next day and go through the details?" and they really wanted my help.

When I heard what the client wanted done, I had a warm/fuzzy feeling that this was the right "action" to take, so I accepted the offer to help this client and had manifested 3 new long-term projects on contract.

The very next day the contract was started

I started to work on those 3 projects.

Once again, it felt right so I took the contract on which I made $1000/month.

That's $18,000 right there, if they stayed for 6 months.

Did I take "action" once the opportunity showed up?

Yes, of course.

These were VERY simple contracts though.

Meaning, they required the SEO services I normally provide clients to be performed, but what didn't happen that very often happens in other situations is that I didn't have to waste a lot of time going back and forth with the clients.

The clients were very specific and crystal clear with their needs.

They were decisive and provided me with everything I would need to complete the contracts quickly.

One of the reasons I hardly do any web development work anymore is that in the past I would always attract clients who would be a royal pain in the arse where I would spend 90% of my time baby-sitting them instead of doing "web development".

In these new projects however, the client was essentially "perfect".

They knew what they wanted, they asked for it, they got it, they were extremely happy with what they got, and they paid promptly.

Anyway, this is only one example. Just last four years I manifested 45 clients using this same method. I have also manifested dozens of other things using this method in the last 10 years - not just cash. Each time the "how" is different. Sometimes it doesn't even require me to do any real "action" except to just go to send an invoice - such as in the case where I had new clients flowing into my business on "autopilot".

One of the main things that really changed things for me is the realization that

"Letting Go" simply means letting go of #3 - meaning the "PLAN"

Letting Go simply means letting go of the PLAN

In the past, other LoA teachings would say that we just need to "Let Go", but I always found that confusing as to me "Letting Go" seemed like nothing would happen if I did that.

I tried "Letting Go" and just trusting that something would manifest and then it wouldn't.

The "flaw" in my understanding before was that I thought "Letting Go" meant not doing #3 AND #4.

Letting go is not about not taking action.

not about not taking action

It's about letting the Universe figure out the "HOW" for you. Meaning, you let it figure out the means, the plan, and then you take action only when it feels right.

You have to STOP yourself from even thinking a single thought of HOW it might happen.

Manifest a new BMW

manifest a new BWM

Like if you wanted to manifest a new BWM, but you have zero cash and no extra income per month, you would just do #1 and #2 and the second that your mind thinks "Yeah, but how the heck are we going to manifest a new BMW?

  • We're broke and have no extra income.
  • We can't afford this car.
  • How are we going to manifest this?" - we must NOT answer that question.

DO NOT let your mind try to figure out the "How" at all.

Just say "The how doesn't matter" and move on.

When you really try doing this, you may find just how difficult it is to shut your mind up and not to let it try to figure out the HOW as the mind always wants to figure out the HOW.

It's like solving a puzzle.

It wants to figure things out, so it drives it MAD not to know how something will manifest.

However, if you discipline yourself to do this, and just have faith that #1 and #2 are going to bring the "HOW" to you in the simplest and easiest way possible, then it will happen.

I have found this tremendously helpful and it has helped me a lot in my ability to manifest.

Some people in Facebook groups say that "Your Wish is Your Command" doesn't teach anything new.

Your Wish is Your Command

For me it did.

Maybe this concept of "The How doesn't matter" is not revolutionary, or even new, but the way it's taught by my mentor totally made sense to me and it changed my life.

As I mentioned in my other posts where I reference my mentor, if anyone wants to borrow a free copy of the course, just PM me for details. If not, that's ok too.

Hope this little "technique" helps someone here.