We all have some negative thoughts.

  • It's not always easy to stay positive during the day, but it can be done with a little help from affirmations.
  • What I'm about to share with you is a list of 44 positive affirmations that will make your day better and more productive.

A positive affirmation is a phrase that acknowledges what you want and the power that you have to get it.

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A positive affirmation starts with a simple statement of intent, followed by an action verb and an optimistic outcome.

For example: "I am confident." or "I feel strong."
Find inspiration in quotes from famous people or just say something out loud.

Even if it doesn't sound perfect at first, remember that practice makes perfect!

Positive affirmations…

  • You’ve heard of them…
  • You’ve used them…
  • You know what they’re for…

But it seems that for you, they don’t work…

You know that they’re supposed to work. And that they do seem to help some people...

What are positive affirmations

What are positive affirmations

Affirmations are phrases, words or sentences that you repeat to yourself. The purpose of them is to help you feel better about who you are and what has happened in your life as they can be a powerful tool for self-growth.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to help you manifest your goals.

What is a positive affirmation?

A positive affirmation is an uplifting statement that can be repeated as often as needed, which will support and motivate you in achieving the things you want for yourself.

Positive Affirmations Reason Why Not Work

Why Doesn't Positive Affirmations Work For You?

Did you know that there are two types of affirmations?

One is positive, and the other is negative.

You may be doing a lot of positive affirmations but they just aren't working for you because your subconscious mind doesn't believe them.

Negative affirmations work differently because when the subconscious hears something it doesn't want to hear, it does everything in its power to make sure that those words never become true.

According to new scientific research, people with a positive attitude have healthier hearts. You’ll be healthier in body, mind and spirit.

You’ll even be able to attract more into your life based upon the Law of Attraction concepts…

So, what’s the rub? Why does it work for some and not others?

Why doesn’t it work all the time for us?

The answer is a bit involved, but very worth analyzing...because we all know that daily affirmations are imperative for our:

  • Happiness
  • Love & relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Health & Healing
  • And Inspiration

Why use positive affirmations?

Because once you understand what is going on in your mind, you’ll get it to work…

And once you get it to work, you will totally change your life for the better...

The first thing that is important to know about affirmations is that they are not magic.

They work because of the power of your subconscious mind. When you say a positive affirmation, it will affect your subconscious and turn into a belief.
Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what’s real or imaginary as long as it believes in it!

Affirmations have been proven to help with self-esteem, confidence, goal setting, relationships and much more! Positive affirmations can be used for anything in life; good or bad.

The point is to use them so you control how your life turns out rather than letting things happen by chance.

First, let’s discuss the challenge with positive affirmations

You Can’t Get There from There...

We have around 60,000 thoughts every single day. And most of them are not positive affirmations…

60 000 thoughts every single day

So most of us are walking around, stressed out and unhappy.

We know that we should think more positive thoughts...

We know that it’s acceptable for us…

But we don’t know how best to do it...

Most of us have heard about the positive benefits of saying affirmations. But still, we don’t say them because it doesn’t seem to work.

Let’s look at research from Psychological Science. The article is in Sage Journals, entitled Positive Self-Statements – Power for Some, Peril for Others

Positive Self Statements

This will help to explain the problem...

The study looked at people with both low and high self-esteem. They had both sets of patients repeat positive affirmations. These were affirmations like, “I’m a lovable person.”

The result?

People with low self-esteem felt worse after repeating positive affirmations.

People with high self-esteem felt improved.

So, the people who needed the effect of positive affirmations the most, didn’t get it!

What the study doesn’t consider is what the Law of Attraction teachers have known all along…

What is that?


You Can’t Get There from There!

What does that mean?
What it means is this; if you’re feeling low and depressed, you and your self-esteem can’t jump all the way to feeling high and uplifted.

It’s too far of a jump. The vibrational crevasse is too far…

The vibrational crevasse too far to jump

This is why people who are ALREADY thinking and feeling positive emotion CAN get there…

The jump is not too far...

Why is this so important to know?

Because raising your vibration is very important. Knowing how to make yourself feel great on purpose can change everything in your life for the exceptional…

So, what is the answer?

Let’s cover that next...

Assessing Where You Are Regarding Affirmations

1) Assessing Where You Are

The universe isn’t listening to the words that you are using. Otherwise, positive affirmations would work for everyone, right?

All anyone would have to do is to say a positive affirmation and voila! You’d be happy and everything you wanted would flood into your life…

**Instead, the universe is listening to how you truly FEEL.  **

You may be thinking, “Oh crap, I’m in trouble then!”

But don’t worry. There is a powerful solution...

What is it?

It’s learning how to talk yourself UP the emotional scale…

It’s practicing the art of saying soothing words to yourself that gently help you feel slightly better and better...

But what is the emotional scale?
It’s a scale of all emotions. The emotions range from low feelings like depression, guilt and shame, all the way up to love, knowledge, excitement and empowerment.

scale of emotional consciousness

The real trick to this is to assess how you really feel. And this part can get a bit tricky…

Most of us get into the habit of not acknowledging when we’re upset, angry or feeling low. And then, we beat ourselves up mentally for not feeling better.
So, first of all, go easy on yourself. Realize that it’s not all that easy to tell how you are feeling.

This is especially true if you’re not used to being aware of how you sense things...

*How can you tell where you are? *

Ask yourself!
If you can, get into a quiet place. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself, “How do I feel right now?”

Let’s say that the answer you get is, “I feel very stressed out right now.”
At this point, could you say “Life is wonderful!”?

No! That’s the whole point. That’s the whole problem. That affirmation is too high on the emotional scale…

The answer is that you need to say something that is very close to where you are right now, but feels SLIGHTLY better. Remember, you can’t jump too far too fast…

Here’s how...

Walk Your Way Up the Emotional Scale

2) Walk Your Way Up the Emotional Scale

Any excellent life coach or good friend knows how to do this! You’ve probably had an encouraging friend who walked you up the emotional scale before.

Or, you may have intuitively known how to do it and YOU did it…

Please note that sometimes, you may say something to yourself that is slightly worse than where you are. That’s normal. It’s okay to wallow around in the mire of a vibration at first.

And also, you may say something that is too high on the emotional scale. How can you tell? It will feel too high on the scale. It won’t feel believable to you when you say it...

Just remember that the goal is to keep moving up. The goal is to keep thinking more and more positive affirmation type thoughts…

Let’s continue with the example of feeling stressed out...

Here is an example of what you could say:
“I am stressed out, but things always have a way of working out.” (Slightly better feeling)

“It’s really my co-worker who upset me the most...” (Slightly worse but true, so it’s OK)
“I’m a bit angry at myself for letting this happen...” (Slightly worse but true, so it’s OK)

“But I know that beating myself up never helps...” (Slightly better)

“I do want to feel better...” (Slightly better)

“I know that I can choose to think better feeling thoughts!” (Slightly better)

“I do believe in the power of my thoughts.” (Slightly better)

“And I know that getting stressed out never helps...” (About the same...)

“Like they say, ‘Worry is a useless emotion!’” (Slightly better)

“I shouldn’t let my co-worker get me so upset.” (Slightly worse but true, so it’s OK)

“I don’t want to give (him/her) the power to make me feel bad.” (Slightly better)

“I can choose to let go of what happened.” (Slightly better feeling)

“It really wasn’t that big of a deal.” (Slightly better)

“Like they say, ‘What others think about me is none of my business!’” (Slightly better)

“I’m letting it go now.” (Slightly better)

“I’m choosing to focus on the good in my life.” (Slightly better)

“I do have a lot to be grateful for.” (Slightly better)

“I am grateful for the fact that I have a job!” (Slightly better)

“I am grateful for my family.” (Slightly better)

“I am grateful for my friends.” (About the same)

“I am grateful for my house.” (About the same)

“I am grateful for myself!” (Slightly better)

“I am a good person.” (Slightly better)

“I am a really good person.” (Slightly better)

“And I know that I am lovable!” (Slightly better)

That was a lot of extra thinking  just to get to the point of saying, “I am lovable!”

But that’s the work. That’s what you would have to do to go from feeling stressed out to loving yourself. That's happiness.

This is just an example. Some of these phrases may not work for you. And this example may be too simple to work for anyone, but you get the idea…

You are the only one who knows what a slightly better feeling thought is for you.

This example shows you the concept of what you can do.

The other choice is quite different...

Let’s cover that next…

Wait Until You Feel Great Affirmations

3) Wait Until You Feel Great

This is the other option. It’s pretty straight forward…

For most humans, our mood goes up and down all day long.

Have you noticed? And sometimes, you won’t have any idea why you’re feeling good.

When you get into a good feeling place, no matter how, that’s when you can say positive affirmations. That’s when they will have meaning to you. And that’s when you will be able to feel the energy within you move to a higher vibration…

So, in our example, let’s say that you decide to not work your way up the emotional scale.

*Instead, you wait. *

You drive home from a rough day at the office. You are still stressed out, but you take your dog for a walk…

After the walk, you feel a whole lot better…

What do you do then?
Try saying your affirmations. Do they make you feel better? Or worse?

If they make you feel better, then milk that feeling.

Say as many positive affirmations as you can around whatever topic you want.

But if they make you feel worse, don’t even try. Leave them for another time. You’re not high enough on the emotional scale to say your affirmations.

Or, you could try to work your way up the emotional scale. It’s your choice...

As a side-point, it’s always best if you can say your affirmations out loud.

But if you can’t, saying them to yourself silently works too.

Also, you could write the ones that you like down on 3 by 5 cards.

Some people like to tape positive life enhancing affirmations of them up on mirrors, computers, and wherever else you might see them.

Now you know the importance of walking yourself up the emotional scale. Now you know how to gradually do it...

The next question is, what are some good Law of Attraction positive affirmations that you can say?

Let’s cover that next…

Positive Affirmations List:

Positive Affirmations List

Here is a list of affirmations, in no particular order...

“I am worthy.”
“I was born worthy.”
“I am smart enough.”
“I am good enough.”
“Everything I want comes to me effortlessly.”
“I am a money magnet!”
“I love money and money loves me.”
“All is well with me.”
“The universe has my back.”
“I am a powerful creator.”
“I can be, do and have whatever I want.”
“Life is supposed to be fun!”
“I am worthy beyond measure.”
“I am abundant in every sense of the word.”
“I deserve all that is good.”
“I am a genius!” (All it takes is focus...)
“I can master anything that I set my mind to.”
“I am loved.”
“Everything I want wants me.”
“I am a vibrational match to everything I want.”
“I feel good now.”
“I feel great!”
“I am invincible.”
“I am (or have) perfect health.”
“I am powerful and strong.”
“I can do it.”

“I can do anything.”
“I can do anything I set my mind to.”
“I have wonderful and meaningful relationships.”
“I can always reach for a thought that feels better.”
“My happiness is my greatest gift to others.”
“All I have to do is get happy!”
“The Universe adores me.”
“The measure of my success is my joy.”


In summary, to have more success in life, positive affirmations are good for your happiness, relationships, love and health in many ways. But also, they are good to activate the Law of Attraction

However, research shows that positive affirmations can backfire. They can backfire with negative thoughts, for people with low self-esteem, according to the medical experts.

But the only reason why this happens is because you can’t get there from there. You can’t go from feeling very low to instantly feeling very high. It’s too far of a jump.

So, by working yourself up the emotional scale gradually, you can raise your vibration…

The other option is to wait until you are feeling good. We all have our ups and downs during the day. So, when you wait until you are feeling good, then you can say your affirmations.

You can write out affirmations by hand on 3 by 5 index cards. Some people like to post them around.

Do whatever feels best to you.

And finally, we listed Law of Attraction positive affirmations that you may enjoy using.

By understanding the law of mind and how you feel is key. You can heal you life, as Louise Hay says, and will get the full benefit by saying positive affirmations...

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