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As you are reading this manifestation meaning post, a vast majority of people are trying to find ways in which they can attract the money they need and fast.

Due to the fact that they are in a state of financial uncertainty

…a myriad of negative emotions are circulating through their minds.

The problem with these negative emotions, such as panic and worry, is that they are hindering your ability to attract money (money blocks).


What Is Manifestation Meaning And Negative Attraction

The meaning of manifestation is to decide what you want and attract it into your life.

The challenge that happens for many people is the emotional response to bad things happening in their lives.

This is due to the fact that they actually trigger negative attraction and give you more of what you don’t want, rather than the good things that you are waiting for.

If you are feeling as though you are trying desperately to find a solution or desperately wanting to remedy the situation, without success, then this is probably a result of negative attraction.

Stressed out about money right now


If you happen to be one of the millions of people who are stressed out about money right now, then I’m happy to report that there is a way to improve your financial situation and stop worrying about money.

  • As a matter of fact, there are 3 basic principles that can help you to get on the fast track to attracting money on a continuous basis.
  • I should warn you beforehand, however, that learning these 3 principles and using them to better your finances won’t come naturally.

This is because you will have to fight the urge to feel the negative emotions that come along with money problems (which are covered below), and learn how to adopt new behaviors (which I will outline in the next post).

What is causing these money blocks?


Before you talk about how to remedy the money attraction problem that you may be experiencing, let’s discuss the 3 things that are preventing you from becoming a money magnet.

When you are in a desperate situation, 3 things tend to occur.


While these 3 things are instinctual, they have the power to keep you from getting what you want (be it money, success, or whatever else you desire).

The 3 Money Blocks That Hinder Positive Attraction:


1. Complaining about how bad things are


Imagine that you have just started a freelance business but now you’re struggling to find more clients.

Right away, you may instinctively begin to complain about the situation.

You complain about how hard it is to find good clients, who pay you on time, like your old employer used to do.

You may even start thinking about going back to a safe, secure job.

2. Work more hours


After complaining for a while about the situation that you now find yourself in (let’s use the example above to keep things simple), you might move on to the second negative attraction behavior, which is working more hours.

So, since you can’t sign up more clients, you start competing on hours.

You now also isolate yourself from others, because you are desperately trying to figure out how you are going to continue to support your family on your current income.

You turn within yourself, to try to find the answers.

You become angry with those who try to help because your ego has been hurt by being passed over for the lack of success.

3. Cutting back on expenses


Let’s imagine now that you have already complained and work longer hours after not getting enough clients that you were sure you would have.

Now you will probably go to the next and final negative attraction behavior: cutting back on expenses.

  • You will begin to think of all of the ways that you can constrict your spending in order to protect yourself and your finances.
  • You begin to eat at home all the time, avoid going out on weekend with friends and give up cable television.
  • You do all of these things (or don’t do them, as the case may be) because you believe that it is your way of protecting the stability of your family.

After all, we all instinctively cut back when a negative financial event occurs, given that we are under the assumption that doing so will make everything better and solve all of our money problems.

The trouble with the 3 money blocks that I’ve just outlined is that they only make financial problems worse.

They are natural reactions to money issues, but they also happen to be the wrong approach to tackling money challenges.

Therefore, in order to avoid stepping into these money magnetization pitfalls, you will have to go against all of your survival instincts and get out of your comfort zone, in addition to following the

3 money attractors  (How To Use Law Of Attraction For Money) that are outlined in the next chapter (which you will get the opportunity to learn about now).

The 3 money attractors are, essentially, 3 steps that will help you to attract more income and become a money magnet fast.

They may seem a bit strange when you read about them, but I can tell you that I use the 3 money attractors every day, and know that they work.

They can help you to succeed, achieve your financial independence, and manifest anything that you desire.

After all, the 3 money blocks probably haven’t been working for you up until this point (Hint: because they never work for anyone).

So, why not see if the 3 money attractors can achieve the results that you’ve been waiting for instead.

Here’s what you should do next:

If you’re looking for the overview, go to 7 Day Manifesting your desires guide overview.

For today, though, here’s an exercise that you can try:

Between now and when you read the next section tomorrow, try to monitor your behavior and emotions carefully.

See if the 3 money blocks try to make their way into the picture.

Being able to identify the manifestation meaning behind these 3 things that can hinder your success can allow for you to raise awareness, which can empower you to shift your perception about your money blocks.

Ready to move on?

Read about How to attract money.

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