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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Yes, it’s true.

This is one of the simplest and most elusive ideas success seekers continue to underestimate.

When it comes to manifesting your dream lifestyle and creating extraordinary results.

Beware the people you hang out with could boost or hinder you greatly.

Are you intentionally creating a positive circle of influence around you?

That’s why this idea is super effective and can ultimately improve your life and business exponentially.

What’s a circle of influence?


Jim rohn quotes, You are the average

Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Most people are too afraid to surround themselves with individuals who force them to raise their game.

Such fearful, insecure people never realize that the main reason behind their mediocre, unfulfilled lives are the choices they have made when it comes to their circle of influence.

I invite you to pause for a moment to absorb the significance of that statement.

Many people will deny this fact but research shows that we are more influenced by our environment and those around us than we would like to believe.


In 1895, a book called “The crowd: A study of the popular mind” by Gustava Le Bon was first published.

In it Le Bon claims that an individual immersed for some length of time in a crowd soon finds himself either in consequence of magnetic influence given out by the crowd or from some other cause of which we are ignorant – in a special state, which much resembles the state of fascination in which the hypnotized individual finds himself in the hands of the hypnotizer.

This same theory was tested and proven true by Solomon Asch, a Swarthmore college psychologist in the 1950’s. The end result from this experiment was a confirmation of Le Bon’s argument. The sentiments and ideas of all the persons take one and the same direction and their conscious personality vanish.

Ever heard of the law of averages?


Think about the five people with whom you spend most of your time.

If you combine the annual income of those five people and divide it by five, chances are this is approximately the same amount of income that you earn.

The law of averages states that as I am being influenced by certain thought patterns and beliefs about life and possibilities, I begin to believe those same beliefs and experience those same kinds of results.

Those of us who’ve studied the art and science of transformation, including Jim Rohn, understand that it’s extremely important to surround yourself with positive influences when you are pursuing your dreams.

Here’s an example:

As an entrepreneur or freelancer, too much is at stake.

You can’t afford to surround yourself with people who blur your vision, drain your energy and ultimately assist in self-sabotage.

Yet most of us still struggle when it comes to understanding how the law of proximity works.


Once you set new standards and goals to help you produce the good life, entertaining naysayers or people who bring you down just because you are related or have been friends for a long time only hinders your success.

It took me a very long time to live this truth in my own life

Certain relationships that I knew were detrimental to my well-being and success proved tough to let go.

  • Sometimes that sense of guilt, like we owe someone can become a huge source of personal misery and derailment.
  • A number of years ago I decided I was going to establish my own successful online business…
  • I had been fortunate enough to get a good formal education, which was naturally supposed to secure a spot in the corporate world.
  • My friends and family members had all been quite supportive until the day I announced I was going after my dream life.

Then everything went south.

I can remember the internal conflict I had to deal with when I realized my support structure needed an upgrade.

So understand that some of the choices and changes you might have to make won’t come easy, but knowing what you are trying to build in your life and the qualities you want to demonstrate will enable you to have the strength needed to shift gears in your life and business.

Surround yourself with people who challenge you


And make you better.



Here’s a major secret to grasp:

To play at the top of the game, you have to be consistently leveling up your game!

Your ability to manifest a life you love and results that make you feel successful has everything to do with who you allow to have access to your thinking, your attitude, and mindset.

This is why highly successful individuals and visionaries tend to be in solitude a great deal of their time or in the company of carefully selected positively charged people.

Surround yourself with winners and you can’t help but start winning!

Many entrepreneurs think what matters is to be the smartest, most successful person in the room.

  • But if you are always the best in the room – you won’t grow!
  • If you’re not growing, your business is not growing.
  • The basic law of life is that you are either continuously growing or you’re slowly dying.

Hence it is paramount to surround yourself with those who are better than you in some way, shape or form.

Those you can learn from and be inspired by in some way.

Who do you spend most of your time with?


Let’s do a little exercise now. On a piece of paper, quickly jot down the 5 people in your life that you spend most of your time with. This will include of course your family members, co-workers, and close friends.

Once you have a list no matter how small, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How ambitious are these people?
  • How successful have they been?
  • How enthusiastic, optimistic and happy are they?
  • What kind of a mindset do they have? Is it a growth mindset?
  • Will they be supportive enough to empower you to level up in your current projects?

Make a choice of whom in your list you want to continue spending time with.

Give yourself permission to lovingly and without prejudice release those whom you are out-growing.

Don’t feel afraid or wrong when you realize after this simple exercise that none or maybe just 1 or 2 of your friends meet the new standards of excellence you’ve set for yourself.

Keep going.

Decrease the amount of time you spend in close proximity with those people you feel won’t empower you to live your dream life and increase your intention for the right individuals to show up.

Build your own dream team:


The world is full of

  • Amazing
  • Passionate
  • Inspiring
  • Incredible people

There are also

  • Complainers
  • Cheaters
  • Freeloaders and
  • Energy drainers

…who’ll suck the life out of you.

Spend more time with people who challenge you and move you forward. Spend less time with people who hold you back and take your energy away.

You have the power to select who you spend time with

You may need to take up a class, join a program that’s all about personal excellence and growth where others who are also interested in becoming their best versions hang out.

It may seem like you are losing friends and family support for a time, but in the end, you will realize that you were only making room for more productive, nourishing and successful relationships.

Since we’ve all heard that birds of the same feather flock together, it makes sense that if you surround yourself with people who are entrepreneurial in their outlook, you’re so much more likely to succeed

– you’ll also gain amazing opportunities to learn from their successes and mistakes.

Choosing with great intention and clarity the kind of bird you want to be will naturally attract to you the flock that best matches that frequency.

That’s why each time a new client enrolls in one of my programs we help set them up for success by establishing the right human support and structures that will amplify the coaching and training received.

Money and success is not everything in life, you’ve got to take care of your health too.

Long-term success is not only probable, it becomes predictable when like-minded individuals who share the same vision form part of your dream team.


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

The people with whom you surround yourself with greatly influence your success in business, finances and every other aspect of your life.

There can be no better and faster way to align yourself with success than surrounding yourself with individuals who are living at their highest level.

One of the smartest choices you can make today is to stop hanging around dream killers.

If you want to be a powerful manifester and dream maker, pick the coaches, mentors, friends, and gurus who bring out the best in you.

Bottom line is, the people around you matter and you are the average of the people you spend most of your time with.

Do you believe that?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Share your insights below.

Frequently asked questions


Are you the average of your five closest friends?

You are the average of the five individuals with whom you spend the most time, according to personal development guru and renowned businessman Jim Rohn. That means everyone in your life counts, he said.

Who are the people in your life that you consider most important?

The Five People You Need In Your Life

Cheerleader. when you could not believe in yourself yet, this person already believed in you.

  • Mentor. this person points you in the right direction or in the right path.
  • Coach.
  • Friend.
  • Peers.

Who ever said you’re the sum of who you surround yourself with?

You’ve undoubtedly heard it a hundred times before. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” according to Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker.

Why is it so crucial who you socialize with?

People are not only influenced by their friends, coworkers, and families; they are also affected by the people that they constantly surround themselves with. This is why it’s so important to pick your associates carefully because YOU will become those individuals after a while if you hang around them too much.

It’s critical to surround yourself with people who have the skills you need. You should surround yourself with individuals that will assist you in achieving your objectives, believe in your ideas, and are the sort of people you’d want to be.

Are you the average of your five closest pals?

It’s not always a good idea to judge your worth by the actions of those who are closest to you. You may have five close friends that are all very different from one another, and each might have their own opinion on what makes someone “average”. It would be better for you to find out for yourself how special you are by doing things on your own. If these five people were replaced with strangers, none of them would know anything about who the new average person is because they’ve never met him or her before! So don’t rely too heavily on what others say about themselves-find out for yourself and only trust information that comes from inside sources like family members, teachers, etc.

What happens when you surround yourself with the proper individuals?

You’ll be more likely to adopt empowering beliefs and regard life as happening for you rather than against you if you surround yourself with optimism. As you may see, you feel better when you socialize with people who make you happy, and you suffer when those in your business or social environments are negative or restricting.

How do you hang out with positive people?

Develop a positive relationship with the people in your life who can help you. Spend more time with them. Make an effort to be around them.

Reduce the time you spend with people in your life who are negative.

Choose to be more optimistic about your own life … thus others will desire to spend time with you!

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