One of the most frequently asked question to a success guru or life coach is, Why do bad things happen to good people?

This is a very interesting  reveal into human psychology.

People want to better understand why their life is the way it is, and if they can do anything at all to produce a better life for themselves.

If you are a good person, then you shouldn't be allowed to have to endure bad experiences.

This is the rationale of people who question the trials and tribulations they go through. They can't comprehend not having life go as they would like it to. They view it as unfair to be given trouble when all that is wanted is peace and prosperity.

No clear definition of why bad things happen to good people

What must be made known is that there is no clear definition of good and bad for anything and everything.

We all have our own definition of good and bad based on our experiences, learning, and morality. Most of the time what we labeled or perceived as good or bad, is due to our personal bias. Therefore, what is good to you may not necessarily be good to your friend, colleague, or others. Unless something is written or established in society very clearly as being good or bad, we don't accept ambiguous circumstances.

The Incomprehensible Truth

In our everyday life we see a lot examples where we know someone who is a very good friend, colleague, or family member but he/she has experienced a very bad situation in their life. Knowing about these bad circumstances makes us very uncomfortable, sad, or shocked. We are unable comprehend how such a negative situation happened to this nice man/woman.

The truth is that life is not fair. What we believe and want to consistently happen in our lives is nothing more than wishes. You can hope for the greatest life possible, but this hope is nothing more than a fantasy state that you live within when you want to escape the reality of your current life.

What does all this hoping and wishing produce for you? Nothing but angst and frustration due to the fact that you can't actually live within that fantasy world. You build up all this anticipation, only to be let down by your inability to live within that life you desire. So for all this hopping and wishing, all you do is make yourself more miserable. And when misery is your constant state of thinking, you perpetuate the miserable circumstances that you encounter in life.

What is the Cause of Bad Circumstances

The fact that good or bad things happen in your life is due to the law of attraction. Your thoughts are a manifestation of your reality, which is developed through not only your thoughts but also your actions.

The “good” tend to be timid and meek - believing that they will receive what is meant for them when it is the right time. But when is the right time?

The good tend to deny ambition because they believe it is a bad quality to have. Ambition is seen as being greedy - ungrateful for what you do have in your life.

But isn't a “wait and see” mindset just as bad a quality? Instead of actively going after what they desire, the good wait for their desires to just appear in their life.

Opportunity doesn't just appear, it has to be pursued with a undeterred focus. If you don't position yourself to receive good fortune, then it will never occur in your life.

You will notice that the good tend to shun the pleasure of abundance in public, but in private, they secretly desire for their life to be filled with abundance. These conflicting thoughts repel the ability for good things to occur in your life. This is because your confused thoughts create confused energy, and confused energy attracts negativity rather than positivity.

You might see someone who you believe is bad, and they always seem to be moving forward in life - enjoying all the pleasures the world has to offer.

Why are they given so much while you are given so little?

First you must understand that what you believe to be good and bad may not necessarily be the truth. We are all made up of both good and bad qualities. How we function in society is based off of our experiences and environment that shaped our thought processes. Some people may have had to do things you consider to be bad in order to survive. Life places us all in different circumstances that require us to perform in a certain manner in order to ensure that we make it through the day, week, month, or year. The judgment of good or bad should be held until you completely understand someone's experience within life.

Now on to the question that was posed, why are bad people given so much, while good people are given so little?

Life is all about positioning.

If you don't understand how to think and act to attract good energy that transforms to good circumstances, then you will never be able to experience a good life on a consistent basis.

It is not a bad thing to be aggressive, bold, and confident. These qualities are how you enable good to come into your life.

It is like the statement, a closed mouth doesn't get fed.

Well a silent person gets overlooked for good opportunities.

Life is a Cycle of Good and Bad

Life never operates as a constant cycle. We all experience both good and bad periods within our life. Some experience more good or bad thanks others. What matters is how you react when dealing with either good or bad experiences. If you look at life being a state of momentary experiences, then you will continually work to ensure that your experiences are more good thanks bad.

People make the mistake of being content in life - believing that their life as is will remain constant. For people experiencing bad circumstances, this will remain so because they aren't doing anything to change their life around. For people who are experiencing good in life, their favored position may change because they don't believe positioning is any longer required for their life - they have made it.

Life will throw you through the fire when least expected, and bring you down while bringing someone else up. Nothing in life is guaranteed, so never make the mistake of assuming otherwise.

Handling the Bad

When you are experiencing bad circumstances the best thing to do is keep pressing forward.

When you dwell in negativity you extend its stay in your life.

Beyond thinking positive, you have to implement positive behavior that attracts positive energy.


Just being a good person is not enough.

You can be a good person to the outside world but still think negatively, producing bad situations in your life.

Ultimately, misery dwells where it is welcomed.

You are the cause of any effect that occurs in your life.