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Have you ever wondered what a lightworker is?

Have you ever questioned whether you might be a lightworker?

Many old sacred texts have predicted that the era of illumination would return to earth during our times.

Since the Age of Reason, we’ve been preparing for the Age of Light.

The term “lightworker” is gaining in popularity, yet what exactly is a lightworker, and where do they stand in society?

You’ve heard the word “lightworker” if you read online wellness, spirituality, or consciousness-raising publications.

You may not be sure what a lightworker is or how to recognize one, even if you hear it mentioned.

And while no research can prove what a lightworker is, more and more individuals from our community are becoming interested in learning more about these driven people.

So, let’s start with the background.

So, what is a lightworker?


Simply put, a lightworker is someone who has been called to assist with the transformation of darkness into light.

Lightworker is a new term that Michael Mirdad coined in the early 1980s. Doreen Virtue released The Lightworkers Way in 1997, after which the phrase lightworker became more well-known.

Lightworkers are people who have a strong desire to assist others:

  • Indigos
  • Crystal children
  • Earth angels
  • Star seeds

Are other names for these spiritual beings that volunteer to be a global light and devote their lives to providing humanity.

They demonstrated more empathy and compassion for others since they were young, as there’s a high possibility that they’ve saved numerous animals and other living creatures from distress at an early age.

The two major types of individuals with a high sensitivity to light are Lightworkers and Darkworkers.

These people are susceptible, and as a result, they feel sadness and worry about the problems in the world.

This is why they are frequently found in professions that allow them to utilize their empathetic qualities to assist people in need, such as:

  • Nursing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy
  • Veterinary services
  • Caregiving
  • Research
  • Healing
  • Teaching

Intuition plays a significant role in how Lightworkers communicate with one another.

They can sense and respond to other people’s emotions and demands, allowing them to use their therapeutic skills for those who need them.

They believe that to end or chase away negative ideas.

They should collaborate as groups to use their positive energies and healing abilities.

Lightworkers who have not yet recognized their spiritual calling can be challenging to understand. While some star seeds may sense that their role on earth is to raise the global consciousness of humanity.

Also, many lightworkers can only feel a desire to serve and empathy in their hearts. Moreover, they enjoy assisting others through challenging circumstances.

To recognize that their purpose on earth is to make a positive impact in any manner possible. And individuals must first develop and discover themselves.

Given that they are subject to the same limitations and hindrances as other people.

More so, a lightworker’s spiritual awakening and tuning oneself to their inner light might take years.

How can I tell if I’m a lightworker?


If you’ve studied lightworkers and questioned whether you might be one, only introspection will tell if you’re a lightworker.

Lightworkers are motivated by a heartfelt desire to serve others.

They have natural skills and inner guidance that allow them to detect energy fluctuations.

More so, experiences of pain and suffering in other people.

They must remember that the planet is a living being and the most outstanding teacher for us. They are also aware of all living beings and earth, yet they feel alienated because they look at the world from outside.

If you relate to these core qualities, there’s a burning desire inside your heart. This is to serve people and the world, then you might be a lightworker in nature.

Clear qualities that you’re a lightworker

1.     You have the sense that you’re squandering your time

One of the fascinating qualities of a lightworker is that you have an inexplicable sense that you’re wasting your time. You were most likely aware of it since you were young, and it made you feel anxious or sad.

You’ve always known you were capable of amazing things, yet when you were younger, you didn’t know what it was or were scared to begin.

It’s not pleasant to feel as though you’re wasting time.

It may consume you to the point that satisfaction is unattainable until you act on it. And this is why you have it – it reminds you that you’re here for a reason.

This sensation does not allow you to relax and coast through life with ease.

Unfortunately, not all lightworkers have started to respond to their inner call. I’ve met a lot of lightworkers who are addicted (to alcohol or drugs) but haven’t allowed themselves to follow the call.

As a consequence, they began putting down that voice with addictions.

2.     Even if you don’t know your life purpose, you can feel it

This learning is associated with the previous sign.

You’ve always had a calling to use your light.

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why you’re here and what your life’s mission is.

Perhaps you’ve read many articles or books on the subject.

And ever since you first knew, you’ve played with the idea.

To the point of obsession at times.

The reason is the same as before – the universe wants you to wake up so that you can act on your life’s purpose.

You can do much more if you become a conscious co-creator with the universe. You access your limitless potential, and the only barrier is your self-imposed limitation – how bright you allow yourself to be.

3.     You feel like a visitor from another planet

I haven’t met a lightworker who doesn’t say that they feel like they don’t belong in this world. Their families, in particular, may not have accepted them, and neither had they had many genuine friends while growing up.

The world saddens lightworkers since we’re here to bust down outdated systems and build a new society based on more freedom and love.

It’s difficult for a lightworker to fit in, and this feeling persists throughout adulthood. Some lightworkers are judged asocial or strange because of it. They’re misunderstood when all they need is for people to realize that their power comes from their bond with their soul and heart.

They must spend a lot of time alone when they connect with their higher selves and download knowledge (and rules for the next steps) to do so.

4.     You want to help prevent the planet from being destroyed

Everyone seems to believe they’ve come here to save the planet. They’re tired of how the world works and can’t stand seeing people suffer, and they want to change.

You want to preserve your family, friends, and the whole planet as a lightworker.

Doesn’t this appear to be an impossible task? It seems so.

The ego is a large part of it (but that would be another issue). Another aspect contributes to the sense of optimism. Like many families of lightworkers, we may improve the world by turning our lights on.

5.     You have a lot of “troubled stuff” going on

The fundamental function of a lightworker is to convert dark into light. You’ve had a lot of darkness in your life as a result of that. You’ve been through difficult situations, and you’ve hit rock bottom both emotional and spiritual.

Most lightworkers, like anybody else, desire a loving family and a simple life.

The majority of them haven’t had that chance because they’ve been brainwashed since early on to identify all forms of darkness and how to transform it into light.

It’s not unusual for some lightworkers to have come here to resolve their family karma.

Also, frees whole generations from harmful family patterns.

This is not something you should be concerned about. Concentrate on getting better first. And that alone should be enough to assist your family members. They aren’t yet ready to accept your light, but you provide the opportunity for them when they can receive it.

6.     You’re a strong manifestor

You might even notice that you’ve already gotten what you wanted in life. At the very least, to some extent. And, without you putting more effort or adhering to any Law of Attraction principles.

Yet, there is a caution with this.

You are stronger than you think.

As a result, you must be more conscientious in utilizing your energy.

7.     You’re an empath

Not every lightworker is an empath, as some might think. But I’d dare to say that every lightworker has at least some empathy.

An empath is someone who can feel both pleasure and pain, as well as everything between, from other people. They may reason that what they feel is their own before empaths discover this ability. They’ve only acquired the energy of someone else.

8.     You’re interested in ancient history and philosophy

Lightworkers are on a mission to restore the lost wisdom and contribute more knowledge that we’ve accumulated throughout millennia in a world immersed in darkness.

As a lightworker, you have a natural inclination to delve into ancient writings as if you’re looking for crucial information that may alter the course of your life.

Just bear in mind that when this becomes an addiction, you will be drifting out of your life, which is not beneficial to anyone. You must learn how to maintain a level head and stay present at the moment.

If you’re having difficulty understanding what most people are talking about, don’t be alarmed; it’s not unique to you. Many lightworkers are out there, and the more you turn your light on, the easier it is for others to locate you.

9.     A “lightworker’ is a term that has been encrypted

Because the word lightworker is based on the Language of Light, it helps you recall who you are. If you desire to use this term for any reason, it’s an excellent indicator that you’re a lightworker.

Words that have been only developed to arouse deep recollection in us are called necromantic words. When people see this term, they feel something fresh is emerging within them.

10. To assist others, make a broad appeal

You have always felt the desire to help others, which is another characteristic that distinguishes you as a lightworker. It’s usually way more substantial than you are, and you can’t control yourself.

You’ve wanted to assist others since you were a kid.

You instinctively want to do something nice when you witness someone unhappy or having a tough time.

11. Belief in a higher power

You’ve always felt connected to a higher power of your faith, no matter how dire your circumstances have been. It might or may not be God, the universe, or the Light.

You’ve always known that the universe was created for something greater than us living here one life and then dying. Moreover, no matter how often your petitions have not been fulfilled. You’ve never doubted that there is more to it than we can comprehend, and you feel compelled to be a part of it.

12. You’ve had a challenging childhood

Because of their difficult childhoods, many Lightworkers feel isolated and misunderstood.

You may have suffered from:

  • mental
  • physical
  • emotional abuse

You could have developed your money habits due to your parents’ financial difficulties. You didn’t understand your classmates, and you questioned if you’d be able to survive in the world.

13. People with difficulties tend to find you

Another typical feature of a lightworker is attracting individuals who have issues. When you take a closer look at your friends, you’ll find that many of them have difficulties and gripe frequently.

You also attract narcists, energy vampires, and individuals who don’t give you much in return.

You may be caught in a vicious cycle since those people seem to keep finding you everywhere you go.

14. A significant spiritual change

You’ve experienced a profound spiritual change at some point in your life, even if you’ve been interested in spirituality for a long time.

Perhaps your spiritual enlightenment was very powerful, and your life fall apart.

If you’re in this part of the cycle, you may be wondering why it is so painful and whether you’ll be able to handle it.

Although it might appear as if your limits have been reached, trust that a greater power is repairing your life’s energy along with your most significant potential.

15. You know how to get through the dark rooms

A lightworker’s second most important quality is the ability to move through the dark. The darkness may manifest itself in various ways, such as sadness, anxiety, self-doubt, or unfavorable external events.

It might take you longer than usual sometimes.

When it comes to topics close to your heart, this is especially true. Everyone has one or more incapacitating difficulties that keep us in the dark for the longest time.

Yet, you can find your way out of the remaining issues. You are prompted to read specific spiritual works or seek help from a healer or coach.

16. Emotional ups & downs

Your mood is always in a state of flux. When you’re happy, you feel connected to God, and everything in your life seems to go swimmingly.

But all of a sudden, your disposition might shift, and you may become melancholy.

Your thoughts are linked to your feelings, and you can get caught up in suspicious thought patterns for days or even weeks at a time.

17. Strange dreams

You are a lightworker, yet many people do not recall their dreams.

This isn’t true for you.

The following sign of a lightworker is that you have peculiar ideas that others might find odd. Perhaps you can control your dreams and have lucid dreaming.

Or, during the night, you go to the astral plane or across space.

You may also see the future, past, or things from other people’s lives that they had never told you.

During the night in the dream state, you might go to a spiritual school where you’re educated on using your psychic abilities.

18. What is my purpose on this earth?

“Who am I? What is my purpose in life?” have been the two questions that have run through your mind since you can remember.

You’ve considered the meaning of life and your role since you were little.

You’ve always sensed that there was a larger goal for you as a lightworker, and you’ve yearned to recall it.

You’ve also felt that once you figure out who you are and why you’re here, everything will fall into place.

The many types of lightworkers


One or more areas of service may be vital in Lightworkers.

You can use intuition to figure out your unique talents and whether you’re a lightworker. The following are some examples of ways to discover where your inner calling lies:

1.     Spiritual advisors and healers

Lightworkers focused on healing people and animals using mental, physical, emotional. Also, spiritual means would be described as Lightworkers. They have a solid ability to sense emotions and feelings in others. Moreover, they can relieve pain and suffer within minutes spent with individuals or animals.

Many people are susceptible to pain and become exhausted or overwhelmed when exposed to it for prolonged periods. This characteristic is evident in nurses, caregivers, psychologists, physicians, and others.

2.     Psychics and seers

Lightworkers may use their heightened consciousness and clairvoyant talents to perceive beyond the physical state and deception by developing psychic sight. They may, as a result, expect future events and concentrate their efforts on promoting good outcomes to promote global peace and harmony.

3.     Gatekeeping and grid working

A “grid” is a device that allows all awakened hearts and sacred sites on earth to communicate via terrestrial cables. Grid employees and gatekeepers are advanced lightworkers specializing in clearing assignments and opening inter-dimensional grid lines to allow light and love to flow through.

The Gatekeepers are public servants, diplomats, or mediators, such as yoga instructors. They promote peace, goodwill, positive energy, and equity throughout their life.

4.     Manifestors

Manifestors are lightworkers specializing in channelling their natural energy to bring about what they want.

Their aim of improving the world and making it a more peaceful place allows them to manifest awakened collective consciousness for humanity.

5.     Messengers and guides

Some lightworkers have a specific gift for getting important messages out to the world. They focus their efforts in areas where their inner light and magnetic presence can affect others by delivering messages of love, spiritual awareness, peace, and enlightenment.

6.     Transmuters

Neutralizers are lightworkers who specialize in dispelling negativity and restoring neutrality and balance in the world. Neutralizers may either improve the general collective consciousness. Else, help individuals remove or heal negative karma from their family lines.

Messengers are people who work to better the world through their words, behaviors, or job. They can be referred to as motivational speakers, bloggers, artists, instructors, writers, life coaches, etc. They may be classified as messengers if they strive to serve humanity by teaching messages or acting.

7.     Dreamers and travelers

The difference between a Lightworker and an Earthling is that each is motivated by their own set of beliefs. On the other hand, lightworkers will never accept the status quo and are always seeking new solutions and thrills. They can achieve limitless horizons in life through explorers, innovators, and pioneers who may be recognized as dreamers and travelers during dreamwork.

8.     Ascension guides and adventurers

Adventurers are on the lookout for new possibilities, driven by the faith that better things await them if they only look past the surface.

They pursue more excellent inter-dimensional opportunities.

Also, broaden humanity’s vision for the future in tandem with ascension manuals

9.     Soulpreneurs

A Soulpreneur is a one-of-a-kind individual who uses their job to express their higher self.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, healers, artists, and coaches are a few examples.

But more than what a solo entrepreneur does — even if that’s all they do — is how they do it.

Their attitude towards both work and life sets them apart from other professionals.


A lightworker is someone who has chosen to come into this world now to help raise the vibration of humanity.

They may have various purposes, but all revolve around helping others.

Don’t hesitate to answer that call if you feel like you are called to be a lightworker.

There are many ways to serve, and everyone has something unique to offer.

What do you think your purpose as a lightworker might be?

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