What happens to your business when you don't like sales & marketing is that you get to do a lot more of the things you didn't sign up for.

If you’re trying to grow an online business and you have to spend most of your day marketing and selling… Instead of doing the work you LOVE to do, such as...

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Web development

  • Graphic design

  • Creative work

  • Writing

There's 3 things ––– THREE THINGS ––– that are going to take you from:

  • Feeling stressed out because you do everything in your biz

  • Feeling like you're income is on a roller coaster

  • Someone takes advantage of you (Jesus, how many free logos I’ve made in my career :-)


  • Feeling in control of your life and biz

  • Create more consistent long-term INCOME

  • Choosing who you work with, how long and at a fair price


Working with my clients I've noticed:

Most people struggle in the same areas, but they can't see it...

If you're doing any of these things you need to reach out and let's get it fixed.

[1] Trying to do everything yourself

Trying to divide your day into 3 core tasks that need to completed.

  1. Sales...
  2. Marketing...
  3. Creative work you need to do...
  4. Meetings
  5. Invoicing/accounting

This is a typical symptom a so called poverty mindset.⠀


Share the wealth with someone who can do what you can’t do.

Such as doing a partnership with a sales company.

Such as make your accountant send the invoices or automate it.

[2] Not creating legal agreements that are for long-term

I never get these guys who spend the whole day writing a custom contract that is for one time project due in 14 days.

First of all, it's not very productive nor does it make financial sense to not sign up clients for as long as you can. (while you got them on the hook, right?)


Create a 6 month goal with the client. Charge them on a monthly basis. This will not only create income but something much more than than. It will create a relationship. Relationships last 4-ever?

[3] COMPETING ON PHYSICAL POWER (“I can work longer, harder and smarter than YOU Mr competition”!)

As Abraham-hicks mentioned. 17 Seconds of uninterrupted thinking equals 2000 hours of doing.

Why did you agree to work yourself to death?

I know one SEO guy who works day and night. Always wondering where the next income is going to come from.

17 seconds is all it takes to change the direction.


Instead of fighting the invisible enemy, your competition. Call them and start working with them instead. My best paying, long-term clients all come from my worst enemies my ”competitors”.


I spent 15 years working and talking with so many SEO’s, web-developers, graphics designers, writers and other creatives.

Who arrive at the weekend worn out and burned out. Because they worked harder instead of smarter.

Trying to spend the few hours of free time they have a week with their families while running on fumes.

From the time you wake up to the time you lay down every day you should be in the FLOW. Your mindset needs to be on target and your team needs to support you.

*You can’t do it all alone. *

If you're tired of the same old stuff, we need to talk. Let's see if I can help...and if I can't, at least I can guide you in the right direction.