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This is a complete guide to the spiritual energy of money.

In this quick guide you’ll learn:

  • What the energy of money is
  • How to recognize the energy of money in your life
  • How to attract more of it
  • Lots more

So if you’re ready to go “all in” on the energy of money, this guide is for you.

Let’s dive right in.

The majority of us desire more wealth. When our bills are due, we wish we had more money to pay them.

We believe a raise or winning the lottery would fix the problem.

However, strangely, the more we seek moneythe less we have in our wallets.

That’s because we’re fixated on obtaining cash at all costs.

Money is merely one way to express the Infinite energy of plenty.

Money has the power to stimulate and heal, providing all that we need to meet our financial obligations with plenty of room for growth.

This ever-present energy manifests as ideas, direction, and attraction.

When I’m concerned about not having enough money, the flow usually diminishes.

However, as soon as I concentrate my attention on the Infinite Source of all plenty and believe that all of my requirements will be fulfilled, money starts to appear in my life.

The concept of having enough money generates a mold in our minds. When we have faith, the Universal energy pours into the mold and creates a firm form called money.

The form is flexible and malleable, which means it can be molded. It’s the consequence of a concept in mind and the effect of a cause set in motion. We block energy flow into the mold when we concentrate on our product, money, or other aspects of our lives, so funds begin to leave our lives.

We don’t have to worry about how or where money will come from as long as we feel like the Divine Energy is omnipotent in our lives.

We’ll attract the circumstances, people, and opportunities we need to reap the Universe’s blessings. It’s the difference between watching only a small portion of the dirt road as you walk and looking towards the distant horizon with its vast blue sky.

Open up the Universe’s floodgates by diverting your attention from money to money’s energy.

What is the energy of money?

Money is a form of energy that we use to sustain our existence.

The awareness and internal knowledge of thoughts, emotions, and experiences are known as consciousness.

When money is earned, spent, saved, and given consciously, it reflects what we treasure the most.

Ways to Recognize the Energy of Money

  • Money Is Energy

An essential thing to recognize about money is simply another form of energy. It’s nothing more than another aspect of your consciousness!

We’re all part of the same fabric: the Universe’s fabric! When you think about it in this light, money drops from a pedestal and becomes closer to home.

It’s also critical to understand that while money is a form of energy, it is neutral. Money continues to be associated with negativity in many people’s minds. There can be no doubt that money may be used for good and evil.

Money magnifies the power of the person who possesses it. It only adds to what’s already there.

Otherwise, it’s boring.

So putting additional money in your hands will enhance the excellent qualities you already possess! (Interesting to note!)

  • Money Wants To Be Used

When doesn’t have money, it might be easy to hold on to it and cling when you do have it. However, keep in mind that cash is simply another form of energy.

Because it has a natural tendency to flow and ebb, it’s at its peak performance when out in the world doing its job!

Remember that every dollar you spend has value.

You are choosing who to love and bless with your money, whether it’s to charity, filling up the pantry at Costco, or purchasing fashionable new shoes.

Money is more than happy to fulfill its purpose: to make you happy and get things done.

If you’re afraid of using it, it just proves that you aren’t as invested in your capacity to earn that money back! But the issue isn’t about not spending money.

The real issue is mistrust in yourself to receive more of it! So if you’re having difficulties putting what you have (within reason, obviously!), then it’s time to look at your attitude and mindset around money a little further.

  • Fear Not the Money Demands Respect

Money, believe it or not, wants to be your friend! Else, are you making it easy for money to be your friend?

We all live in fear of money, even if we are not aware of it. Your actions are screaming loud if you avoid looking at your bank account or opening your bills! Your attitude is clearly showing signs of fear.

Know that no matter how dire you believe your circumstances to be, you will never get out from under them if you continue to ignore the issue!

Even if you’re in debt, thank it for what it’s brought into your life (whether it’s student loans or designer shoes). You spent that money on something important to you at the time!

Consider this: What would your life be like if you had not taken that action?

There’s nothing worse than owing money. We’ve all been there — feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or alone while our debts mount up.

No one is proud of their debt, but keep in mind that your debt does not make you stupid or helpless.

There was a purpose to your actions at the time! So please accept yourself for meeting those demands, whatever they were.

Also, recall that you may start a new financial narrative right now.

The Energy of Money’s Key Takeaways

An analysis of a spiritual book exposes money-related behaviors and fosters an energetic understanding of money management.

The Energy of Money: Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment is a guided spiritual path for anyone seeking to grasp the money flow from a spiritual perspective.

It was first published in 1997.

The soul frequently influences money decisions; therefore, understanding how money may be an energetic sign might shed light on our actions.

When we better understand why we make financial decisions, we can direct how money flows from us and to us on an energetic level, creating money mastery on a physical level.

Then you may observe outcomes in the material world once you’ve mastered it here.

You and Money, The Energy of Money is a book version of a course that will teach you how to use money in your life more effectively.

This book is jam-packed with self-reflective exercises – both empowering and eye-opening.

Do you think you’ll read this book? I’d say it’s a no-brainer, especially if you’re interested in getting some guidance on your finances.

The following are a few of the Energy of Money’s most significant aspects:

  • It’s crucial to distinguish goals from activities on your financial journey.

Many of us have aims that we want to achieve, and when they are completed, we will feel euphoric.

These are everyday activities.

The life objectives make up the other half of our aspirations. These are things that will make us happy when they come true.

Their promise generates a feeling of anticipation in me.

The first is that your desires should be personal. Goals help you live better and happier lives.

While goals are important, it’s crucial to remember that reaching them takes money – what may seem like an easy goal for one person might require a lot of effort. Identify your objectives: something you’ll be proud of when you’ve achieved it. Make a list of your main goals.

The author advises picking two aims to concentrate on and committing to achieving them in the current year.

Goals are intended to be enjoyable and provide a purpose for living.

Choose two goals that require money to complete this year.

All else is up to you.

We always have many life objectives, but the author clarifies that you shouldn’t try to saturate yourself.

It’s possible to focus on only two things at once.

You don’t want all of your pleasure in one year and then nothing the rest of the time. It’s OK to set goals apart from one another.

  • Determine your standards of honesty.

To assist money flow, you’ll need a set of standards that you agree with. It increases our optimism in how we handle money.

Purchasing according to guidelines also strengthens the purchases energetically, giving us greater satisfaction when money is spent – confidence is built.

Imagine you’re on your deathbed and recalling a set of standards to which you adhere, referred to as the Standards of Integrity.

A tiny number of everyone you cherish in this life is present.

These are your most influential individuals.

Everyone you care about is alive, and they’re about to speak on your behalf in specific ways. Consider the first five people who have ever meant anything to you. Visualize a phrase or two of what they’d say regarding what they admired in you. It will include a descriptive or clarifier word.

Keep track of everything you’ve written down so far.

Then relax and see what descriptive words jump out at you.

These are your Values of Integrity.

These are characteristics that you want to be remembered for in this life.

Make a mental note of them. Before engaging in any trade, consider which Standard of Integrity this purchase or payment reflects.

Consider keeping an index card with this list of characteristics in your wallet or on your desk to keep it accessible.

The keys to greater financial satisfaction and security can be found in your spiritual life.

Entering sync with personal financial decisions that are congruent with standards provides a sense of contentment and safety when it comes to money, as well as a deeper connection to money’s purpose in your life.

This allows more energy to flow more readily. You can generally expand a solid energy flow after you’ve established one.

  • Make a promise, then keep it.

When you make a promise, it creates an energy imbalance until the vow is fulfilled. When someone commits to you, it puts you in the same position.

Unfulfilled promises are a type of energy imbalance that everyone can feel. Part of the method is getting used to completing energetic cycles – in this case, by keeping promises – as part of aligning with money as an energy that flows.

Money, in essence, is a type of energy. It must be balanced to feel at ease with this energy, or else it will seem unpleasant. So start learning to balance energy by making small promises and then later progress to more considerable money obligations.

Commit to following through on any promise you make from now onwards, no matter how little.

This improves your ability to maintain energy scales and increases attention to how it feels when energies are balanced. After that, once you’re asked to balance your money world by plugging leaks and keeping track of the flow, this balancing of energy occurs.

Keeping commitments, even modest ones, is a method to offer security, which is similar to money.

It will get simpler to keep your commitment in financial arrangements and maintain the balance with time.

  • Find out where you’re losing energy.

Money, according to Dr. Maria Nemeth in Money Madness: A Woman’s Guide to Breaking the Affirmations and Affirmative Thoughts that Keep You Stuck, is a source of absolute terror for everyone.

Everyone has a domain in life where they go insane over money.

They wastefully purchase space, worry needlessly, or obsess unnecessarily over it.

You may become off-kilter when it comes to money. Examine your past behaviors and categorize them, then avoid them in the future. Even accept it.

Embracing the dark side of your current state of mind regarding money might assist you in clearing out the closet full of past monetary concerns, as well as help you avoid falling into similar quicksand in the future.

Learn about your dragons so you can avoid the leaks, mistakes, and insane expenditures that result from them.

You may drip cash.

Did you know that if you buy something without thinking twice every day for a year, you’ll lose $5,000?

Another strategy for finding your leaks is to balance your checkbook once a month. If you find your leaks, see if they match a Standard of Integrity or a Goal you’re aiming for this year.

If they don’t, consider simplifying things.

Before you make a future purchase to ensure a leak-free route to money, think about the purpose your spending or acquisition fulfills, as well as the standard of honesty with which it is done.

If you can’t come up with one, your purchase may be a whim; and whims are an obstacle to achievement in the book.

You don’t want to make impulse purchases.

Do you have two primary objectives for this year that will both need money? Do you recall your lifetime integrities?

Which one of these features best describes your purchase? Before each purchase, you should ask yourself the following three questions: prevent energy leaks, maintain the flow of money as it comes in, stay with you, or pass through you.

Spending money on whims generates shame or guilt, or disorganization energy. This is where it comes in handy.

What’s the next step after you’ve determined your life goals, held to commitments, and fallen prey to money?

Take action now to bring you closer to your objectives. Pay a bill and consider how it contributes to one of your values. Create a budget for an area where you’re personally crazy with money.

Purchase something that is goal-related or start a vision board to clarify your objectives.

Money is an energy currency, according to the energy of money. You may channel it in such a way that it flows in perfect order for you by streamlining the process, identifying your blockages or leaks, and aligning them with your life’s integrities and objectives.

This book was very beneficial to establishing a new relationship with money. My favorite part of the book was identifying my Standards of Integrity.

Another major takeaway for me after reading was realizing that every interaction we have where we exchange energy, whether physical or non-physical, is a kind of trade.

Going into all money-related connections with a higher level of precision, as the book teaches you to do, is sure to alter the energy flow in any life.


The Energy of Money is a fascinating book that discusses the energy and power around money and how we can use it to our advantage.

All this talk about energy isn’t just empty words; there are many ways in which you can use your understanding of psychology to increase wealth.

You will learn what externalities are, why they matter for generating income, and examples of how to utilize them. It’s time to start figuring things out of the box to earn more money!

Read this book today if you want greater financial freedom tomorrow!

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Petri Maatta

Petri Maatta is a photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner who has been working for over 20 years in the creative industry. Fascinated by manifesting for business reasons, Petri was determined to find out what it took to create success. He started his career with seven years of business failures before he found success by learning about manifesting from a mentor with a Fortune 500 company. Today Petri shares his knowledge through DreamMaker courses designed to help people change their businesses and lives while living on their terms.

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