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I remember chatting with my mentor on Skype. He was staying at a beautiful 5 Star Hotel in Barcelona, for about 3 months.

I told him, it’s so amazing that you are manifesting this beautiful lifestyle.

His answer surprised me.

He said, “what you are seeing is simply the manifestation of the video I have playing in my mind”.

And then he continued…

Your life is a perfect reflection of the movie that is playing in your mind.

I knew he was right.

So, my question to you is…

1. What story are you telling yourself about your life and what you want in it?

2. Are you living as if that story is true, or do you find yourself sabotaging your own efforts to achieve your goals?

3. How can you change the story you’re telling yourself to one that’s more supportive and positive?

4. What can you do each day to act out the new story and bring it closer to reality?”

Start by telling the story of what you don’t want, so you can get clear on what you do want.

The story of my life before I met my teacher was one of struggle and lack. I was always struggling to make ends meet, and I never felt like I had enough.

After I met him, things started to change. He showed me that I could have anything I wanted if I was willing to change “my movies” running in the back of my mind.

Start by writing down what you don’t want.

First of all, I know what it is that I don’t want.

1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

Good, then we have taken care of that part.

Now, the most important question is:

What is it that I do want?

Do you know what you want?

I will get into that shortly but first,

I talk to 10’s of people everyday and their financial goals are inconsistent with what they want!

They are not in sync.


A broke person without a job or a business has the goal to earn $100 Million dollars in 2 weeks.

Come on!?

There are 2 things to consider in regards these type of goals:

1 – That’s a fear based goal. Risk* – because it’s a fear based goal you may actually become a negative magnet and repel it rather than attract it.

…but there’s something even worse

2 – To actually try to achieve that goal during your lifetime.

You may have to cancel all your other activities in life to JUST EARN MONEY.

Is it worth it?

It’s up to you at the end of the day.


So, about what you really want:

Start by writing down what you really want:

1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

After you’ve written down your goals…

You have to become aware of your focus…

In the past your habit may have been to say:

I hate this ugly, old, unreliable car.

Now you know what you want so keep repeating

I want a pretty, new, reliable car.

In the past your habit may have been to say:

I’m fat.

Now you know what you want so keep repeating

I want to be thin.

In the past your habit may have been to say:

My business doesn’t grow.

Now you know what you want so keep repeating

I want to my business to grow fast.

Most people who are unaware of the power of the law of attraction may protest. How can a simple rewording of a sentence make a fancy new car appear in your driveway. or change your fat body to one that is thin one, or to make your business grow —but they would be wrong.

Let me repeat that – they would be wrong!

The power lies in your focus.

Whatever you’re focusing on you attract more of that.

petri maatta, CEO
Petri Maatta

Petri Maatta is a photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner who has been working for over 20 years in the creative industry. Fascinated by manifesting for business reasons, Petri was determined to find out what it took to create success. He started his career with seven years of business failures before he found success by learning about manifesting from a mentor with a Fortune 500 company. Today Petri shares his knowledge through DreamMaker courses designed to help people change their businesses and lives while living on their terms.

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