Before continuing on your discovery of the 13 steps leading to life’s riches, fill out the following self-assessment.

It consists of 20 Always/Sometimes/Never questions.

There are no right or wrong answers.

Only you will see them, so answer as honestly as possible.

Following this assessment, you will receive instructions on how to score yourself.






1) I feel that I know what I want out of life

2) I am sure about the exact amount of money I want to have.

3) Instead of goals I have obsessions.

4) I am certain of which people and philosophies I believe in.

5) My goals are consistent with my beliefs.

6) My actions are consistent with my beliefs.

7) I believe that I will turn my current financial dreams into future financial reality.

8) I make only positive statements to myself about the kind of person I am and the kind of goals I’ve set.

9) I take time out of every day to offer my subconscious mind positive thoughts about myself.

10) I feel my storehouse of varied generalized knowledge is less important in my pursuit of riches than the relatively few areas in which my knowledge is much more specialized.

11) I spend part of each day dreaming about what life

could be.

12) I devise several possible solutions to a single problem.

13) I bounce my ideas off a select group of trusted friends.

14) I try to discover what I can give to a company, instead of demanding the perfect job.

15) I make decisions quickly.

16) I am slow to revise or reverse a decision.

17) With a goal in mind, nothing steers me away from it.

18) I can re-channel energies created by sexual desire into activities more conducive to achieving my professional and financial goals.

19) I want highly colored emotions to reach my subconscious mind.

20) I operate successfully using hunches and intuition.


Give yourself 1 point for each Always you marked. ___________

Give yourself 2 points for each Sometimes you marked. ___________

Give yourself 3 points for each Never you marked. ___________

Add all of the points; this is your Final Score: ___________

Score results

If you scored 20 to 30 points:

Congratulations, you are well on your way to achieving all of the riches you desire. This program will reinforce practices and beliefs you have already been using. It will supply background information of which you might not currently be aware. Keep up the good work and prepare to attain everything you want.

If you scored 21 to 49 points:

The majority of people initially score in this range. Instinctively, you seem to be doing what’s necessary to achieve great success — at least sometimes. Now find out the details of what it takes and how to take advantage of these principles on a consistent basis by listening closely to this program.

If you scored 50 to 60:

You have your work cut out. But never fear. If you didn’t have a desire for success and great riches, you would not have purchased this program — and desire is the foundation on which financial success is based. It may take you a little longer to master the principles, but it can be done. And it will.

Now get to work!