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Open the Heart meditation

Spiritual practices open the heart and compassion and develop the connectedness of all things.

This message and meditation were channelled from Jesus on 05/07/2022

Hello everybody, this is Jesus. I was here on your planet not so long ago, actually not so long ago, it may seem like a long time to you, but in the scheme of things, it’s not that long. Now we’re talking today about what it means to open the heart and what it means to develop compassion.

Finally, we’ll talk about how to get a sense of the interrelatedness of the connectedness of all phenomena.

So, what we will do today is we will give one basic meditation, which is a very foundational instruction on how to meditate to open your heart. That’s the basic practice, secondly will give you a meditation on how to develop compassion because compassion and love are not the same. We will go in-depth on how to develop love and compassion.

Finally, I’ll discuss what it means to be interconnected and how one can perceive the interrelated phenomena of all things. 

So, before we begin, let me say one thing – you need to understand this: Love meditations are transformative.

If you practice love, if you actually generate love and stop just thinking about your wishes and instead start to think about what others need, what others feel, how others react and start to focus on others, it undoes the conditioning of the mind.

This conditioning is self-addiction.

We’re addicted to the “I”, the sense of “I”, and because we’re addicted to “I”, we miss so much. What is happening with the human mind is we put ourselves first in all things, in almost all things. Sometimes we may put ourselves second, but rarely would we do more than that.

Now the problem is that when you put yourself first all the time, you start to let go of others, you start to stop thinking about others, and it gives a kind of inward-focused mind; your mind becomes insular, and it’s not open, it’s not relaxed.

Here is a truth that not all people understand – focusing on yourself causes pain and suffering; it does. 

So, what I’m trying to say is this – even though you think you’re looking after yourself by thinking about yourself, not really. If you focus on others, start to help others, and start to react to others’ needs, your own needs naturally start to get taken care of.

Basically, you start to feel good, you start to enjoy yourself, and also, you start to relate to others well. Opening the heart allows you to relate to others, so social situations, meeting people, talking to people, going to parties, all these things get better and better and better.

Opening the heart improves your life, and it doesn’t take anything – it just gives. 

Ok, so the first thing we’ll do today is giving you a basic foundational practice or meditation on heart-opening. Now, what it is we’re trying to let ourselves just feel is that others need happiness too.

That others want things too that others suffer too.

So, as we focus on others, we imagine we’re helping them.

This practice is a visualisation and a recitation that will allow you to genuinely open your heart. 

Heart Opening Meditation

So, let’s begin the meditation. Here it goes, the meditation: Relax and take three nice deep breaths, 1, 2, 3. Now I want you to feel a sense of letting go of everything you’re thinking about. Imagine letting go of what you’re thinking about what happened yesterday and what’s going to happen tomorrow. Let go of all those things and relax in the present moment. Feel yourself being present for a few seconds, and then we’ll begin.

Ok, here’s the meditation: First of all, I want you to do is completely surrender to the needs of others. What does this mean? It means you stop thinking about your own needs and focus only on others. When you finish the meditation, you can start to think about yourself, but for the duration of this meditation, just completely surrender to the needs of others. Okay, here’s the meditation: I want you to have a sense. Just visualise your heart as like a golden sun, a golden sun. Your heart is a beautiful, shining, glowing sun. Now you can see your heart is a sun. I now want you to think of one person for who you feel love. One person you feel affection for is someone who’s good to be around. Visualise that person in front of you and imagine the sun of your heart sends a sunbeam into their heart, and you say “I love you”, or you can say “I wish you well.” Say something good to this person. Just keep feeling the love sent to this person and imagine you’re sending love into their heart, making them feel good. Do this for three or four minutes. 

Good. Now the next step is this: I want you to consider someone you’re less fond of, someone between likes and dislikes. Someone in the neutral category, maybe someone you don’t pay much attention to, and now do the same process. Imagine sending love to this person, and you can do it. It’s not that difficult. Just spend a couple of minutes doing this. Good, now all I want you to do, is think of someone you dislike. It doesn’t have to be someone terrible, not the worst person, just someone you’re not particularly fond of. Now try to send love to this person too. If you can send love to someone you don’t like, your heart will be completely open. 

Ok, so this is the meditation on love, and if you do this every day, you will start to feel happy, you will start to feel relaxed, and you will start to feel like you love yourself. Because when you send love to others, you get to love yourself. It happens like that, and if you can send love to others every day, your life will start to flow. Things that were once difficult won’t seem difficult, and it’s a transformative, powerful practice.

Meditation On Compassion

Ok, now we have to talk a little bit about developing compassion. Compassion is helping someone suffering, and it’s not just sending love. It’s helping someone who is suffering. So, you can use the same practice, but this time think of someone suffering, someone with some painful, unwanted situation. Now, instead of saying “I love you,” you say “I feel compassion for you,” and you imagine sending compassion. You imagine as you send compassion, that person’s pain is lessened. That’s the practice. So just do the same practice as when meditating on love, but this time you develop compassion.

Developing Interconnectedness of All Things

Ok, that’s very good. So now we have done one practice on love and one on compassion, and if you do these two practises every day, your life will transform completely. It’s extraordinarily powerful, and it’s not a small thing not in any way. 

Finally, we want to talk about what it means to be interconnected. Because this powerful practice helps you feel connected to others, the interrelatedness of all things means that what you do affects another and what another does affects you. There is no stopping this reality that we’re all affected by each other, and no one is completely protected from feeling the pain or the suffering of others. Even someone who has no feelings is still impacted by what happens around them. 

I just want to talk a little bit about how things are interrelated. There is like an etheric field that connects all phenomena. Even though it looks like we’re all solid, discrete, individual entities, that’s not true. We’re all part of the same, and you could say, energy makeup or field of life. You could say a field of life, we are all part of the same field, and in that way, things that happened 100,000 km away will have a big impact on someone right here. Something that happens light-years away can have an impact on you. Now that maybe you can believe or don’t believe, it’s true, and it’s not an easy concept to grasp how all things are related. Basically, how do you get to understand the relatedness of all things? Meditation, meditation, meditation, meditation. 

Ok, so today, we’ve done an extraordinarily life-changing meditation. Do this practice every day. Set aside about 5 minutes or 10 minutes of your day and sit down and meditate on love, and you will start to feel much better. Things that we’re difficult will cease to be difficult. 

Thank you, my friends, I’m Jesus, and if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer. You can contact me through this channel. Goodbye for now.

Author Bio

Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regular channels for clients. He also runs a blog regularly updated with posts on all matters spirituality. Stephan’s passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, empower and bless others. 


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