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It’s true that people radiate energy.

Both negative, positive and neutral thoughts.

Did youalso know that you absorb other people’s energy during your interaction?

The energy is invisible, but you can feel it almost instantly when you interact with a person.

If you feel a sudden connection with someone or dislike without any explanation, it is the “vibe” that is flowing between you two.

Would you agree?


However, you are most attracted to the kind of energy you are emitting.

Law Of Attraction Negative Thoughts

If you are in bad mood and releasing negative energy, you are most likely going to attract people who share similar energy.

Just like the positive, the negative energy needs to feed and it does so by consuming your light.

Like attracts like.


If you are not protected from this negativity, it is going to consume all your happiness resulting in several negative effects such as depression, anxiety, and mental problems. These issues make you lose the meaning of life and the only way to change that is by finding ways to clear the negative energy and starting over with a clean slate.

How Do You Get Rid Of This And Move Forward?

The only way to move forward in life is by clearing both the physical and mental places where the negative energy is concentrated.

Physically, the negative energy resides in places where you spend most of your time and these include your workplace and home.
Your words, thoughts, and actions have a great impact on the type of energy that you emit.

For a successful mission to get rid of negative energy, you need to first clear all the negative thoughts that are stuck in your mind.

You can use the following measures to discard the negative energy and thoughts.

Step #1 – Declutter your life


Start by Decluttering your home

Cleaning up not only helps get rid of dirt and dust but it is also a way of restoring order. The state of your home and working space not only shows the type of energy you are emitting but also reflects your inner state. If your emotions are in turmoil, your house will be a mess and most likely stuffy. The moment you declutter your house, you let in more fresh air and light which result in a high frequency of positive energy.

Remember to add a “but” at that sentence

You can clean up your minds by focusing on the positive side of everything. For instance, you need to keep telling yourself that you can. But in case your thoughts trip and you say something negative, remember to add a “but” at that sentence. For example, I can’t afford to take you to the concert but we can buy a movie and watch at the comfort of our house”. The “but” in this case helps neutralize the negativity on the first part of the sentence. However, never use the word “but” in a positive sentence as it will lose its positivity.

Let in Fresh Air and Let Sunshine “Kiss” your Face

After cleaning up, open the windows and let in fresh air into your house. If the weather allows, step out of the house and let the sunbeams shine on your face and the cool wind to blow through your hair. The feeling you get is nature trying to make you feel anew and this feeling leads to the development of more positive energy.

Also, make sure you inhale the fresh air, which will, in turn, cleanse your lungs and exhale all the negative feelings and thoughts you are harboring inside your body.

Step #2 – Make Loud Noises

If you are observant, you have noted how fresh and light everything looks after a thunderstorm. That is exactly what happens after you make noise and later calm down. You can either clap your hands, use pans to make noise or play loud music that your mind and ears will be aware of. The loud noise acts as a distraction to racing thoughts and when you switch off the noise, you will feel free of any negative thoughts that might have captured your mind.

Step #3 – Smudge

Smudging involves burning a rolled stick of sage and then setting your mind on what you want to cleanse. It can be your body, house, or an object. After lighting the stick, open the window and let the fan to blow the sage throughout the house letting the negativity out of the open windows.

Step #4 – Manifest Love through Meditation

If you meditate love, you are going to be filled with love which you will radiate to anyone you come in contact with. When your home, workplace, and mind is filled with love, there will be no room for negativity.

Step #5 – Maintain a Smiling Face

Staying happy and smiling often help improve your mood which in turn improves your overall psychology. When your moods are raised, your vibration increases as well attracting only good things and no amount of negativity can change that.

Step #6 – Make your Space Look Lively by Adding Living Plants

Plants help freshen the air and hence the need to have indoor plants in your house. If they start dying or withering, replace them immediately otherwise they are going to spoil your mood. When possible, spend time outside and get a moment to enjoy nature this will help you breathe fresh air and loosen up any form of tension you may have.

Step #7 – Keep off Negative People

The people you associate with radiate energy and you tend to absorb that energy whether positive or negative. If you spend too much time with people who are always complaining, drama queens, energy suckers, and those who are never satisfied with anything, you end up being like them. Instead of losing your positivity, make any possible excuse you can think of to distance yourself from such people. You should instead make sure your inner circle is made of positive minded people.

Being with such people ensures you motivate each other instead of pulling each other down.

Step #8 – Develop a Thankful Heart

Being thankful humbles you and you develop a heart that appreciates what you have and also minds others. Failing to be thankful makes the world look like it is all about you which gives you the notion that you deserve what you have. You also develop an attitude that wants to make you the center of attention whereby everyone around you is supposed to cater to your needs and wants.


With this kind of mindset, you start developing unrealistic expectations which when not met, make you emit a negative energy.

In the end, you turn into an energy vampire who always finds ways to benefit from situations.

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