7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes


7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

In this execution plan, you’ll learn the seven most common mistakes people make when using the law of attraction to manifest their desires.

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What Is ‘The 7 Common Law of attraction mistakes’?

In 2007, I discover the movie ‘The Secret’!

I’m determined to learn how to use the law but I quickly realize that I can’t “get it”, so I watch the movie 60x times.

Not only do I not understand how to visualize, how to feel to manifest, I’m also not able to “fake it till I make it”.

I watch the movie so many times that I become confused, and am unable to make any daily manifesting rituals, as the process is described in the movie.

I am a mess.

So I try YouTube videos, get myself into Facebook groups, start applying what I learn, and guess what happens in the next 2 years.

You guessed it.

I become even more CONFUSED!

How do I know I’m confused?

Because my business is going down, I’m barely surviving, I can’t even pay for the basics, like my rent.

My girlfriend is disappointed with me, she keeps nagging me to pay half the rent, which I can’t afford…

The pressure is on…

  • I give up.
  • I’m done.
  • I hope this struggle will come to an end.

Since I can’t go any lower and things can’t become any worse, there is a certain calmness that enters my life.

I just go with the flow for a while.

On 2 December 2009, Something Interesting Happened

I’m talking to a client in his office, and he shares with me how he’s been using “Secret” principles to create his business with 45 employees.

Principles that only a few selected people know about.

And when he explains what it is, it just sounds crazy to me…

I realize the mistakes I have been making up until this point.

He looks at me and says, “Petri, how much do you earn per year?

I say, “Not enough to live off.

He then says that your “beliefs make up your reality.

And asks me, ‘Have you seen that movie “The SECRET“?

I angrily respond, “I’ve watched that movie 60 days in a row, and that stuff doesn’t work!”

I’m trembling with anger!

He calmly says, “It does work… and I want to show it to you.

Because you have helped me with my business, I have decided to give you something great in return.

Then he drops the Atombomb on me.

Would you like to learn how to become rich?”

I get goosebumps.

I wonder whether he is serious.

I reply, “Yes, I do want to learn.”

He tells me, “You have to give me one year, and I’ll teach you how to use the Law of Attraction.

I’m ready.

40x Income Increase In 120 Days!

And I’m shocked!

I’m the exact same person as I was four month ago – how is this possible that I’m now “manifesting clients and money from thin air“?

A couple of friends doing similar business asks me, “How did you do that?” so I share with them what my system is, and they start to get results very quickly as well.

And finally, I create a system, and now I want to show it to you.

The best part: I did it all from my kitchen table, without having a website or a phone.

Only my old laptop and a free Skype account.


7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

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Do You Make These Mistakes With The Law of Attraction?

The best part is that I have now taken everything I’ve learned about manifesting and put the 7 Common Law of attraction mistakes into a simple Question/Answer system that you can use right now to improve your manifesting in as little as 15 minutes per day…

all from your kitchen table, and the best part is that I guarantee it will work for you.

And you can learn my fundamental mistakes system from the comfort of your home, in my new course, “7 Common Law of attraction Mistakes”.

In this mistakes series, I’m going to show you:

Mistake 1: How to choose the right goal to manifest in 90 days without having the risk of giving up focusing on it long before it manifests.

Mistake 2: Exactly what manifesting goals to set so that it fits your values… so you avoid setting too big goals and failing

Mistake 3: A simple mindset shift to avoid repelling your manifestations that literally keeps attraction “on” all day, and it’s not hard to do

Mistake 4: How to get rid of the “need for motivation” and access your inner power of allowing to manifest naturally

Mistake 5: Learn how to set a clear direction for your life instead of getting frustrated and trying to manifest everything possible at once

Mistake 6: How to step out of your comfort zone and take action on your dream and achieve the results you’ve wanted to have for a long time

Mistake 7: Exactly how to wrap your affirmations in a system that the subconscious can believe in… and literally works all day and is easy to do

But how can you correct the mistakes in just 15 minutes per day?

By following the step-by-step process included in the 7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes…

That’s how.

What’s Inside The 7 Common Law of attraction mistakes?

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7 Mistakes Explained

The Process

Video Presentation

Change Your Approach, Change Your Results

    • Learn the “Big 7 mistakes” that prevent you from manifesting what you want (in 15 minutes or less!) that improves your manifesting right away and keeps you on the right track through to Manifesting what you want.
    • Find the perfect answer to your manifesting challenges by leveraging the “Big 7 mistakes” to figure out why you haven’t manifested what you want, but still retain the persuasive elements that make your intentions manifest.

      Eliminate The Issues, One Quick & Easy Step At a Time

      • We walk you through the how-to process of identifying your mistake and correcting it and how to put it all together to make it work for you.
      • The one page fill-in-the-blank “1-Page Template Worksheet” that maps out your mistakes in minutes, not hours…and certainly not days.

      Get the Right “Answer” To Your Challenges

        • Discover how to seamlessly move from “why” is not working to “ahaa”, now I got it through the entire challenge from what you want to end result (HINT: the Mistakes are blocking your progress)
        • The secret to being able to find the right answer to your challenges AND how to turn it around all in 15 minutes? CORRECTING THE MISTAKES. In this Execution Plan, you’ll learn brand new strategies for manifesting your goals into results.


          Module 1 Start here
          Lesson 1 Understanding the objective
          Module 2 The 7 common law of attraction mistakes
          Lesson 1 Mistake 1: Non sticktoitiveness
          Lesson 2 Mistake 2: Forced Manifestation
          Lesson 3 Mistake 3: Negative Magnet
          Lesson 4 Mistake 4: Getting Sidetracked
          Lesson 5 Mistake 5: Too Many Directions
          Lesson 6 Mistake 6: No Embodiment
          Lesson 7 Mistake 7: Writing Affirmations

          This stuff just works…see what our customers have to say!


          After hearing about my plans to go to England for better work opportunity, Petri offered me some pieces of advice. Petri was convinced that money is in my consciousness, not necessarily in ‘another country’. For some strange reason, he managed to convince me to stay in my country, Bulgaria, the poorest country in Europe. My Freelance Income Increased By a 700% by believing in what he believed.

          Georgi Todorov, Bulgaria

          Freelancer Writer


          Armed with 20 years of sales experience, I started a WordPress web development company. I sent more than 100 offers to targeted clients for a period of 7 months without any results. I was desperate. I met Petri during July when he stayed at our house. He explained the two “parameters” of Law of Attraction to me. From 1 July 2015- 1 October 2015 I had a magical turnaround resulting in an increase in my income from startup to €12.000 per month. It really worked.

          Timi Lindemann, Sweden

          Business owner

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            • DreamMaker’s one page fill-in-the-blank “1-Page Template Worksheet”
            • The “Big 7 mistakes” that prevent you from manifesting what you want.
            • The seven high-end-manifesting processes you won’t hear about in FB.
            • The 2-Step QA secret to being able to find the right answer to your challenges AND turning your manifesting around, all in 15 minutes