• Borislav Arapchev

    Hi guys. I´m Boris from IdeaStudio. We´re an SEO-agency founded in 2004 so we have a big and a long experience. We´re really good in SEO-services, and a big success for us is that we were awarded the Forbes awards.

    From Forbes they analyze the whole SEO-companies, how they work. Their work process, the results and they decided to give this SEO-agency award to our company, which is we´re very happy with this.
    And, but the paradox is we´re really good in SEO, but we hadn´t enough of clients.
    And then I met Petri from Dreammaker and we started working with him. This guy do something that in a four months, with his help, we received about 30 clients, good clients.

    So I´m really amazed by his work.
    He´s like, he´s a salesman but he´s like a magician.
    He´s (work?) something and brings you a lot of good clients with good budgets, so you are really happy and you can grow.

    The result: Now we work with better clients with better budgets, have more time to work efficiently and also we have more time to spend with our families.

    Personally to spend my time with our daughter in the park, play etcetera.

    So I totally recommend Petri.

    He´s really good and will help you.

    You and your business to grow and to became big and successful.

    He´s doing that that say ”work smart, not hard”.

    So Petri: Thank for all the your help and the results you bring us.


    Borislav Arapchev IdeaStudio