7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

This remarkable analysis has enabled 100’s of people to correct their mistakes with the law of attraction. Only 15 minutes required to improve your attraction and manifesting

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What is 'The 7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes'?

A Secret Strategy for Removing Common Mistakes In Your Manifesting...All In 15 Minutes

  • Use this proven, step-by-step plan to help you quickly remove the most common mistakes that prevent you from manifesting what you want and get those aha moments by leveraging a powerful combination of analysis and removal techniques
  • Let's face it: Manifesting is hard work. So, it's important to correct those small but important errors in something that works-proven manifesting principles. By wrapping your manifesting in proven methods, you'll make it 100% more likely to manifest what you want.

7 Quick Steps To Removing Blocks, Super Charging Your Manifesting, and Becoming A Better Manifester

  • Discover these simple tweaks for removing mistakes that actually GETS YOU MONEY (HINT: Mistake + _____ + Quick Fix = Money)
  • Complete with real-life examples of how fixing mistakes have not only attracted 200k but have completely SIMPLIFIED manifesting as well, we break down why these mistakes are blocking your progress and how you can model yourself off these real-life examples.

A Proven Method For Becoming A Positive Magnet That Attracts What You Want When You Want It

  • Use the "Positive Magnet Principle" to leverage the power of attraction in your manifestation rituals to become a magnet that attracts instead of repelling what you want..
  • This Execution Plan shows you how to implement the positive magnet principle in your own style (even if you’ve failed with "attraction" or "manifesting") and still build attraction and manifest what you want.
7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes
7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes – DreamMaker

Do You Make These Mistakes With The Law of Attraction?

Do you want to know a secret?

A lot of people make mistakes. According to a study by John Assaraf, The Secret, 94% are having a hard time manifesting what they want.

And he says, it's the reason why so many people say that the "Law of attraction doesn’t work". It’s easy to say that because there’s a lot of "misinformation" out there...Just because you have an opinion about how the law of attraction works, doesn’t mean that you’re an expert at manifesting.

Do you want to hear another secret?

The subconscious mind knows what you really want. It can sense a mixed up or confused vibration from a mile away, which is why it's so important to wrap your manifesting in something that the subconscious can believe in...

Correcting mistakes.

Mistake 1:
Choosing a goal that you want to manifest but give up focusing on it long before it manifests.

Mistake 2:
Setting too big manifestation goals without having ever manifested anything. Example would be earning $760 million dollars in 24 hours.

Mistake 3:
You are in a hurry to manifest more money. Do you know that you actually repel the attraction by hurrying?

Mistake 4:
Setting goals based on an inspiring video on Youtube. Always get inspired by something new. Keep changing your goal or manifesting ritual daily or weekly.

Mistake 5:
Making plans to manifest everything possible at once. This leads to stagnant results if any. Because there is no real direction.

Mistake 6:
Wanting and wishing for many things. Always afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take action on your dream.

Mistake 7:
Writing your affirmations in the morning. Spending the rest of the day in fear and worry, which makes the affirmation useless.

After all, we all make mistakes, we’re not perfect, but we are here to learn how to become better at manifesting.

But how can you correct the mistakes in just 15 minutes?

By following the step-by-step process included in the 7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes...

That is how.

What's Inside 7 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes?

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Change Your Approach, Change Your Results

Change Your Approach, Change Your Results

  • Learn the "Big 7" mistakes that prevent you from manifesting what you want (in 15 minutes or less!) that improves your manifesting right away and keeps you on the right track through to Manifesting what you want.
  • Find the perfect answer to your manifesting challenges by leveraging the "Big 7" to figure out why you haven’t manifested what you want, but still retain the persuasive elements that make your intentions manifest.
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Eliminate The Issues, One Quick & Easy Step At a Time

Eliminate The Issues, One Quick & Easy Step At a Time

  • We walk you through the how-to process of identifying your mistake and correcting it and how to put it all together to make it work for you.
  • The one page fill-in-the-blank "1-Page Template Worksheet" that maps out your mistakes in minutes, not hours...and certainly not days.
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Get the Perfect

Get the Perfect "Answer" To Your Challenges

  • Discover how to seamlessly move from “why” is not working to “ahaa”, now I got it through the entire challenge from what you want to end result (HINT: the Mistakes are blocking your progress)
  • The secret to being able to find the right answer to your challenges AND how to turn it around all in 15 minutes? CORRECTING THE MISTAKES. In this Execution Plan, you'll learn brand new strategies for manifesting from your goals to your results.
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  • Georgi Todorov, Shumen, Bulgaria

    After hearing about my plans to go to England for better work opportunity, Petri offered me some pieces of advice. Petri was convinced that money is in my consciousness, not necessarily in 'another country'. For some strange reason, he managed to convince me to stay in my country, Bulgaria, the poorest country in Europe. My Freelance Income Increased By a 700% by believing in what he believed.

    Georgi Todorov, Shumen, Bulgaria Freelancer Writer
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    Armed with 20 years of sales experience, I started a WordPress web development company. I sent more than 100 offers to targeted clients for a period of 7 months without any results. I was desperate. I met Petri during July when he stayed at our house. He explained the two "parameters" of Law of Attraction to me. From 1 July 2015- 1 October 2015 I had a magical turnaround resulting in an increase in my income from startup to €12.000 per month. It really worked.

    Timi Lindemann, Mölndal, Sweden Entrepreneur and CEO of Kaliberonline

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