The Strategic Partner Formula

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Petri Maatta

Petri MaattaPetri is a business coach, certified LOA (Law of Attraction Techniques) Practitioner, and certified business processes instructor

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After struggling for 7 years, Petri was mentored by J. Abraham in the “Law of Attraction Method’, and made NOK 1,400,000 in just 4 months. He increased his income by 30x within those 4 months. Petri's passion is helping entrepreneurs and freelancers to make great money by making a difference in the world, and by doing what they absolutely love.


Checkpoint 1: Train Station
Welcome Message
Goal Of The Adventure
Were Pleased To Meet Ya
Enjoy The Ride
Gather Round The Campfire
Checkpoint 2: Arrival and departure boards
Building Your Business Is Like Building a Train
Adventure Map
The Secret Power of Focus
Customer Avatar Worksheet
How To Create A Clear Plan For Your Business
Checkpoint 3: Fast Train
Introduction to Partnering
Getting people interested in working with you
4 Partnerships Models
Strategic Partners Scanner
Automatic Trust Builder
Pre suasion
Checkpoint 4: Dark tunnels
Money Attraction And Repelling
Fear vs Gratitude
Whatever You Focus On You Get More Of
Learn To Attract The Right Customers
Checkpoint 5: Bringing it all together
4 Most Effective Ways of Getting Long Term Partners
How To Build A Lifestyle Business
Best Way To Get Loyal Clients

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