The 60-Minute Extreme Life Makeover

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The 9-Question Roadmap For Creating an Extreme LIfe Makeover In 60-Minutes That Turns Ice-Cold Prospects Into Buyers & Promoters of Your Business

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Petri Maatta

Petri MaattaPetri is a business coach, certified LOA (Law of Attraction Techniques) Practitioner, and certified business processes instructor

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Petri Maatta is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and a law of attraction business coach. He is the founder of DreamMaker, whose mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed and grow, while keeping their business easy to manage. He’s also the creator of My life hack, 21 Day Client Attraction Formula, author of “Magnetism of Money,” and “100 Job Getting Advice In Your Pocket” and founder of Page1Clients


Checkpoint 1: Start Here
The Life Makeover IQ test
Message from the Author
Understand the Objective
Your Core Identity
Checkpoint 2: How to Create A Life Makeover in 60 Minutes
Question 1: Where would you Live?
Question 2: What would your house look like?
Question 3: What time would you wake up?
Question 4: How does your perfect day look like?
Question 5: What would your friends be like?
Question 6: Bigger stuff?
Question 7: The really big stuff?
Question 8: What would you do at night?
Question 9: Winding down?
Checkpoint 3: Examples
Checkpoint 4: Downloads / Templates
Checkpoint 5: Give Us Your Feedback
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