Client attraction for introverts

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Are you trying to attract more clients to your online business, but you don’t like selling or marketing?

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Video,Question and Answer,Audio,Quiz

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360 Days

Petri Maatta

Petri MaattaPetri is a business coach, certified LOA (Law of Attraction Techniques) Practitioner, and certified business processes instructor

Your Instructor

Petri Maatta is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and a law of attraction business coach. He is the founder of DreamMaker, whose mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed and grow, while keeping their business easy to manage. He’s also the creator of My life hack, 21 Day Client Attraction Formula, author of “Magnetism of Money,” and “100 Job Getting Advice In Your Pocket” and founder of Page1Clients

Timi Lindemann, Mölndal, Sweden

Timi Lindemann, Mölndal, Sweden"Petri, to my biggest surprise! It worked! Within the first month I had a magical turnaround resulting in an increase in my income from startup to $12.000 per month. By far the best program I have been a part of. Highly recommended!"


Checkpoint 1: Adventure starts here
Quick tour
Checkpoint 2: Basecamp
Exploring your adventure map
Using your journal
Schedule your success
Daily rituals
Overcoming the fear
quiz 2
Checkpoint 3: Black Pyramide
Streamline your inner game for friction-free focus
Clearing off your mental desk
Completing loose ends
Getting out of the grey zone
Eliminating energy robbers
Habit patterns
Checkpoint 4: Life Vest Required
Your personal transformation with money
Checkpoint 5: Onboarding New Clients
Where to find clients
How to contact them
What makes them interested
How to close them
Test project
What if
Checkpoint 6: The Bottleneck
The Inner butterfly effect
Creating your personal success ritual
Making success a habit
Checkpoint 7: The Magic Cave
21 Days
Checkpoint 8: Effortless Strokes
Einsteins theory of relativity
Checkpoint 9: Rapid Stream
The 5 dangers of a rapid stream
1 - State of wanting
2 - The science of thinking
3 - Why everybody wants to be happy
4 - Reaction to events
5 - Day to day focus
Checkpoint 10: Peaceful River
The abundance mindset
Checkpoint 11: The Dead Sea
On the dead sea
The captains 10 percent rule
How to identify a cause you care about
How to systematize the captains rule
Checkpoint 12: Infinite Fish Pond
In the zone
Time estimate
Experience journal
Georgi Todorov, Shumen, Bulgaria

Georgi Todorov, Shumen, Bulgaria"My Freelance Income Increased By a 700% by believing in what he believed."

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