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How To Use A Vision Board To Activate The Law of Attraction

How to use a Vision Board to activate the Law of Attraction.

A lot has been said yet nothing done as to how one should visualize their goals by means of a Vision Board.

To activate the Law of Attraction, Vision Board is the medium to connect with your goals and aspirations.

The Visualization Board has been talked about in the movie The Secret, implemented in the popular TV series, Two Broke Girls and has been seen in many other movies and shows.

Visualization is basically a portrayal of a scenario, desire, object, image or information on a board or chart paper. It is a centralized technique in the context of the Law of Attraction.

Vision Board example

Of course, the method of Visualization takes time and needs to be applied in the day to day life. Only when you tend to visualize even the minutest goals, you tend to make it a habit and learn to manifest what you want in your life. One may wisely utilize the Vision Board Printables, Vision Board Softwares, PDF files of Vision Boards, Vision Board Apps and images which we mostly come across in WhatsApp messages.

The idea of Visualization Board has become an immensely popular tool and it proves success to the beginners and the dreamers who believe in creating a mental image of their aspirations and making it big, yet starting off with a small step of putting it up on the Visualization Board. This helps you in a creating a Visual copy of your dreams.

In this post, I will explain how to develop a Visualization Board which can be used in numerous ways to achieve success through the Law of Attraction.
Before I begin with the making, let's have a look at what exactly is a Visualization Board.

What is a visualization board

A Visualization Board is a tool, a layout of how your dreams would look like once they materialize. One can simply visualize their dreams in their mind but here's an easier and a defined way of doing it. Visualization Board possesses clarity and highlights the goals in an interactive manner. It is a timeline of a future you believe in making yours.

It aids your goals by making them clearly visible and for you to know what it exactly looks like.

For instance, if you are planning to live a healthier and spiritually inclined life, the Visualization Board will act as a mirror of your future self, reflecting what exactly it must feel like to be in that situation.

It will:

  1. Define through pictures what it exactly feels like,
  2. And what it means to attain a healthy and spiritual well-being.

The board ensures to turn your dreams into reality and that one does not lose focus on their dreams, no matter what difficulties life brings to you. It allows you to live your dream.

How to create a visualization board

Your Visualization Board is just a few simple steps away. Here's what you need to do for a perfect Visualization Board:

Write down what you want

The first and foremost step of creating a Visualization Board is to pen down what exactly you want from your life.

Here, make a rational choice. Go for what you want and not what you need because when you have the things you always wanted, the things you needed will automatically come within your reach.

Analyze your current situation and jot down things that would matter a few years from now.

Visualize your goals

Now that you have a list of things you want, start collecting pictures of them. Look for inspirational Visualization Quotes, WhatsApp forwards and images that motivate you. Go for the pictures that best represent your future self.

For example, your dream is to own a house.

All you need to do is gather pictures of your ideal home and place them on a board with captions and quotations that keep you fueled and encourage you to work towards your goal. With the internet, this step is a cake walk.

Place the board in your room where it is prominently visible to you so you end up looking at it every day. This step will remind you of your goal to own a house each and every day and inspire you to go for it even on the gloomiest days.

The Visualization Board is the source of all abundance you strive for and it is so powerful that you have to make it in order to believe it. This is the key to visualization.

Manifesting success using The Law of Attraction is the ultimate goal. It works like the Gravitational Pull.

The best part? Creating a Visualization Board is the least you can do to keep your dreams alive. The technique is so hassle-free that you wouldn't even have to procrastinate.

Do share a picture of your Visualization Board with us and let us know how it impacts your aims.

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