9 Signs That Affirm The Law Of Attraction Is Working For You

How do you know if it's working for you or not?

Can you see the "law of attraction signs or symbols" easily?

Law of attraction students needs to become more aware of the signs..and about their point of attraction.

I’ve spoken to many people about their failure to attract what they want, and most of them are assuming the law of attraction may or not be working for them.

So let’s dispel a huge myth that many people are falling for.

If you have sometimes wondered whether the law of attraction is working in your life, wonder no more!

The law of attraction is ever at work in your life.

It is the unfailing, flawless manager that never takes a break or vacation.

All things in your life are drawn to you to maintain the principle of harmony and order that is a fundamental law of life. Like always attracts like.

So it isn’t a matter of doubting whether this law is working.

Rather it’s about learning to align yourself with the right frequency.

This will enable the law of attraction to bring to you exactly what you want.

Therefore our main aim in today’s lesson on the law of attraction is to help you shift your focus in the direction so you can be on the lookout for signs that help you know that this law is working positively in service to your dreams, not against them.

Even people with years of experience in manifesting agree that keeping the right attitude and during the process of birthing your dream is just as important as learning about the law of attraction. But the universal creative process through which manifestation occurs is so subtle you might miss it and begin to self-sabotage and entertain doubt.

Too many law attraction students continue to use effort and willpower to make their dreams manifest but they end up empty-handed and disillusioned because they have blinders on.

Hence, if you’re waiting for your dream to manifest, look out for the following nine common and reassuring signs that the universe heard you, answered your request is already delivering your desires to you.

1. Bodily sensations especially a ringing sensation in your ears:

One of the best signs from the universe, except for feeling wonderful, is a constant ringing sensation in your ears.

It will feel like a very distinct sound unlike any other you've sensed or at times, like the ocean waves.

Every Chakra in your spine has a special sound.

When you vibrate, there is a sound that’s produced.

When the universe reciprocates this transmission, you might pick it up as a sound ringing in your ears.

2. Animals that you naturally connect with visiting you or standing on your way:

Animals such as butterflies that are often very strongly tied to spiritual encounters will show up in the most unusual and magical way.

Or perhaps it will be your favorite pet or animal that seemingly does something out of the ordinary. How does your pet behave around you? What about the stray animal or a bird that lands right next to you and stares you right in the eye?

If animals are behaving overly sweet with you, it is a sign that you are in your highest vibration. The universe listens when you vibrate consistently at your best.

3. Seeing Rainbows

There are countless stories told by people from all over the world on the magic that showed up when a rainbow was spotted. From the meeting of soul mates, the manifestation of dream jobs and even healing miracles.

Regardless of your beliefs around rainbows, there’s no denying just looking at the beauty and “fairytale-like magic” always shifts something inside out. And that alone could be the one shift that tips the scale in your life that day to bring about your breakthrough.

So the next time you see a rainbow, know that the universe did it on purpose for you – to remind you that magic is with you now – just believe.

4. Thinking about someone and then seeing them or receiving a phone call from them:

It's a sign: The more powerful you get at aligning with your manifestations, the faster your thoughts turn into things. One of the best signs that affirm this for you is when you begin to notice that anytime you think about someone and emotionally get involved with the thought of them, they immediately show up either in person or via a call, text message, email and so on. This is just one of the ways you start to see how heightened your intuition is and how powerful manifester you are becoming.

Sometimes, the friend or person you bump into or speak to may end up saying something that is exactly what you needed that day.

5. Increased synchronicity with the numbers 111 or 11:11

Did you know that 111 or 11:11 are considered a major sign that you’re being heard?

According to numerology experts, 111, 1111 and 11:11 are called “Angel numbers” and they are said to indicate that all things are working in your favor. So if you keep noticing these digits, it is a sure sign that you are being beautifully lead into your perfect manifestation.

These numbers might show up in a variety of places such as when you check the clock, a grocery bill, the license plates of passing cars, a building number or a chapter and verse in a book you value – the ways are infinite. Just like the universe.

Regardless of how the show-up and where, know and trust that each time you become aware of them, in that moment, the universe is sending you a very strong signal that you are on the right path and all is well. It is an affirmative signal to you that the law of attraction is working positively in service to your desires.

6. Increased Synchronicity:

More commonly called “lucky coincidence”. One of the clearest signs that the law of attraction is working in service to your dream is an increase in synchronicity.

Understanding what synchronistic situations mean and also the divine intelligence that is at play in the background is a very exhilarating thing and I would certainly recommend reading Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book Synchrodestiny to learn more. It will help your intellect realize how coincidences are messages about the miraculous potential that the universe wants you to take advantage of. And they take form in various ways.

For example, you might meet just the right person who could be a big catalyst to whatever you’re seeking to manifest. And it might happen in the most unusual ways such as the person sitting next to you on the plane that happens to be reading a book you love. Or perhaps it might be a “stranger” that you stop to offer help to in some way who ends up introducing you to your soul mate. Or a friend might insist you join them for dinner on a night you would never consider going out and on that particular night, at that restaurant you end up meeting the one person who will change your life in a very significant way.

These are just a few of the infinite number of ways that universe might be looking to communicate with you so you can stay in your flow and make manifest your desire.

Stay awake, trust the opportunities that are currently around you and grab as many of them as you can with this new awareness.

7. Music – more specifically, your favorite song or a song that directly speaks about your current desire pops up on the radio:

You are a vibration being. Do you know that? Everything around you is vibration. Do you know that?

The law of attraction is secondary law, ever serving this primary law of vibration. It matches things, people, places, and experiences together based on the overall vibration frequencies held. Nothing else in the universe has the capacity to consciously change its vibrational frequency at will. But you do!

And as you choose your vibrational frequencies, all things that correspond to that come to play thanks to the unfailing law of attraction. So when we talk about music which is very much translated vibration, whatever you find yourself attracting is very much a direct indicator of your dominant vibration.

When you are vibrating at a high frequency and focused on the affirmative side of your desires, the universe will often bring you songs that reflect your emotional state.

Take notice of this, turn up the music when this happens and just bask in that joy and appreciation. It is a sure sign whatever you are signing and dancing to for those three minutes is already taking form.

8. Unexpected income and finding money:

You are a rich child of a rich universe. Your true nature is lavish abundance as I like to say and it is only through conditioned beliefs that you continue to block your prosperity.

The more you relax and trust, the more lavish abundance will begin to flow into your experience. When you are working on raising your money consciousness, an early sign from the universe that financial freedom is now at hand will oftentimes begin with small baby steps such as finding money in an old purse or wallet.

Finding money on the street or in the gym or some other unusual place. If your beliefs allow it, you can also start manifesting larger sums of money through lucky wins, inheritance, gifts and so on.

Whenever you come across any form of riches from now on, pause for a moment and take the time to acknowledge that it is your rich good beginning to take form. Emotionally connect with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation whether it’s a coin or a check because, in that state of recognizing and making an agreement with lavish abundance, you expand that vibration and the law of attractions takes that command and multiplies it.

9. Symbolic signs with a personal intimate meaning for you:

Symbols: The universe does not speak human language. But it does communicate with you all the time. The experiences, memories, and attachments you have gathered so far become your path of least resistance when it comes to your conscious communication with the universe.

This is why coaching, spiritual mind treatments, affirmations and other methods of reconditioning your mind to carry positive experiences is so important.


Because in your daily experience are symbols that means a lot to you. The universe will definitely use the symbolic signs you hold dear as the means of letting you know whether or not you are on track. Messages from the Universe come through experiences and it is up to you to recognize them. So do your best to surround yourself with symbols that actually have a positive attachment to them.

Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a particular color, a saint, a brand or something more sophisticated. It doesn’t really matter as long as you find these things, learn to recognize them as they are presented to you on a day-to-day basis and use them to fuel your belief in the reality of your dream.

When you feel like you need support, ask for experiences that you can’t miss to affirm that you are being heard and that the law of attraction is working positively for you.

Then watch for them and be open-minded as to how they come. They will if you EXPECT and recognize them symbols depicting the presence of the law at work for you.

I want you to experience your own thrill, as you become a powerful manifester so share with me how many signs you have been given by the universe lately.

Now that know more about the signs and symbols of the law of attraction, the big question becomes, how do you practice the law of attraction?

What signs and symbols help you know that the law of attraction is working for you?